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The FiiO X1 Discussion and Help and Support Thread |192K/24B|100mW | LO | inline remote

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamesfiio, Nov 20, 2013.
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  1. kalibur
    I cancelled my pre-order with Treoo, but I got a DX90 instead. They refunded back to my credit card. Otherwise its a S$30 charge for cancellation?
  2. bruce1967

  3. Textfeud
    Will the Fiio X1 be good with Grado RS1i? Anybody knows already [​IMG]
  4. fleasbaby

    I used one of the tour units with my vintage SR80 pinks and my Magnum X build...sound was great. The "fun" in the X1 signature is nicely balanced against the brightness of the Grado/Matnum sound. Only downside is that both the headphones and the X1 have a "closer" sound...so if aggression isn't your thing....that said, you own a pair of RS1, you should be fine :D
  5. Textfeud
    I do use G-cushions to get a little less aggressive sound with a bigger soundstage, but should be good. And the price is killer. Don't want to pay too much for a DAP that I won't use on regular basis. Probably only in bed from time to time and when reading in the garden or something. 
  6. Audiophilliac
    This thread is littered with a release date of 20th September for the Fiio X-1, but I went to favorite audiophile shop in Hong Kong last night and they said that the X-1 wouldn't be available for at least another 8 weeks and I'm off on holiday in November  and would like an X1 to go with - so my question is where exactly s it being released on 20th September?
  7. Audiophilliac
    If you like basic - go Colorfly C3 - It doesn't get more basic than that :)
  8. clee290
    Hm, a shop in Canada estimates that it'll be released at the end of September or early October. Maybe your shop isn't an authorized reseller, so when FiiO ships out the X1 to stores, the authorized resellers get priority. 
  9. caudex
    Managed to get myself a X3 for $150 new, Just wondering how would the X1 SQ compare with the X3?
  10. Audiophilliac
    Thanks; I'll keep my eye on Taobao then - everything ends up there eventually (sooner rather than later)
  11. clee290
    According to the FiiO website, MP4 Nation is one of the authorized resellers based in HK, so you can keep an eye on their site as well. 
  12. adrianclw
    Emailed to MP4Nation, they said no information yet for X1. Hope soon they will have it. Guess need to wait further.
  13. wijnands

    Which makes sense.The old rule of dollars  = euros when it comes to electronics (Despite the exchange rate). Who sells these in our country for that price?
  14. thrones
    seems the price difference isnt too much, i might opt for an X3 as well.
    where are these bloody reviews from the worl d uttor
  15. thaistylez
    Hi there,
    Any thought about the comparison between X1 and Colorfly C3?
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