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The FiiO X1 Discussion and Help and Support Thread |192K/24B|100mW | LO | inline remote

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamesfiio, Nov 20, 2013.
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  1. Wokei
    Can't wait for it to hit me place....goodbye Zip Clip.....hello X1
  2. twister6 Contributor
    It will drive it in terms of adequate power, but not with a same sound enhancement as E11k.  The details and sondstage will improve driving Havi from X1/LO with E11k vs direct connection to X1/HO.  Regarding NX1, I'm waiting for that one to arrive.  Will do my comparison once I get it, but I'm more than sure E11k will be better.
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  3. Wokei
    That is the comparison me been waiting NX1 vs E11K .....cheers ....my bet is on NX1...hahaaaaa
  4. kalibur
    Anyone have both the X3 and X1? Would like to know if anyone has compared these two?
  5. jaxz
    Hi. My Havi is coming in and I take a preorder for the X1 at a local FiiO sales agent. I read that NX1 deliver 100 mW@32 ohms. The X1, 70 mW@32 ohms. So, the little difference in power really make an audible improvement for NX1, over the X1, for the Havi. I want to keep my portable rig as simply as I can.
  6. DisCHORDDubstep
    no not as powerful from what I've heard. The X1 is weaker than both the X5 and X3 according to other people. It still is fairly powerful though.
  7. RedTwilight

    I'll try to do that comparison when my demo unit arrives. Really eager to listen to the X1+E11k vs X3 as well.
  8. kalibur
    Pre-ordered a X1 as well, I am wondering if I should cancel it and go with a DX90 now. Wanted to give the X1 to the other half, but if it sounds better than my X3, might keep it instead [​IMG]
  9. rgr555
    just get a DX90 imo
  10. MelloWatic
    Does X1 have a Voice Recorder function?
  11. Cotnijoe
    No its meant to be a dedicated audio player
  12. Cotnijoe
    If you have the money to spare for the DX90, I'd totally go for it. Its a wonderful player and a fantastic DAC for line out use
  13. JamesFiiO Contributor
    it is most depend on the sound signature but not the power output when taling about Havi.
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  14. bruce1967

    If it's not as powerful I think I'll stick with my X3 as I don't need and external amp at least not for my IEMs. The X1 looks like a very nice DAP but I don't want less power.
  15. jaxz

    I see. Power related only, the X1 is capable for driving the Havi. Thanks!I have the X5/E12 combo but i don't use it for daily commutes, a Clip Zip do that for me but will be replaced por the X1.
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