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The FiiO X1 Discussion and Help and Support Thread |192K/24B|100mW | LO | inline remote

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamesfiio, Nov 20, 2013.
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  1. rgr555
    some of these amp setups with the X1 look terrible
    i hope there is a similar setup solution like the X5+E12+HS6 kit for the X1
  2. Joe Bloggs Contributor
  3. rgr555
    Will there be an amp that is flush/same-size as the X1? It would be awesome if they stacked like pancakes 
  4. TripBitShooter
    i would love that too :D but i bought my current choice, the E11k (which has a curved back), based on how it improves the sound coming out of the X1 and E10k desktop DAC and amp.
  5. Cotnijoe
    Hey, so scanning my library takes like an eternity. It basically halts at file 106 and from there... its like 40 minutes a song.
    Anyone else with this problem or know how to fix it?
  6. TripBitShooter
    i dont have my X1 yet as mine is part of a pre order special, but by scanning do u mean letting the X1 read the songs on the micro SD card?
  7. Nuke142
    Hello. When X1 will be in black colour?
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Hi Cotnijoe,

    Any wma files in your library by any chance? The first firmwares 0.16 and 0.17 were having problems with those. Did you try the new firmware 0.21 sent to you guys today?
  9. twister6 Contributor
    Link to fw 0.21, please?
  10. Ultrainferno

    Yes. Link please.
  11. jenia1
    Is there a presale agent in Germany?  
  12. ghost jammerz
    did you used EtBr or alike to stain your gel? then don't you mind your audio equipments got contaminated with some carcinogens? o.m.g. not a good practice.. 
  13. Cotnijoe
    Hi Joe,
    no wma files. Mostly just mp3, aac and alac files along with some flac. 
    I let it run overnight and it "finished". But i still only have artists only down to C. 
  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor


    There's a changelog include in the zip file.
    twister6 likes this.
  15. Cotnijoe
    Oh also I had this problem with the past 3 firmwares. I dont know if my unit has a problem or what... or maybe I'm just doing something wrong?
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