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The Fiio A5 thread: an upgrade of E12A, MUSES02+LME49600, 800mW, 19Vp-p, 12 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by holypal, Sep 10, 2016.
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  1. JWolf
    I would have snagged one had I seen the listing.
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  2. Tetonpowskier
    When using my A5 with a HE-400, I have to use the High Gain setting to get any volume change. When using the low gain, it doesnt sound any different from my phone.

    Is this normal? I just got it.
  3. artnoi
    with DT880 250Ohm, max vol on low gain is still louder than max vol on my iPhone.
    Max vol on iPod classic is as loud as 10-11 o'clock volume position on low gain. Just approximation tho.

    Low gain on A5 doesn't add gain to the signal so the signal is just the same as your source, but with increased power as the volume goes up.
    High gain however amplifies signal like the way you add gain to a track on audio editting software. The sound becomes louder and that's why it's louder than it is on low gain at the same volume, and since the signal has been amplified, it is more prone to clipping if you add gain to the already loud track and the resulting signal is beyond your amp's limit

  4. Tetonpowskier
    Is this normal? Should I have to put the amp to High gain to bring out the punch in my Orthodynamics?

    I dont remember my old E12 being that way..
  5. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    How do you collect the A5 with your player? You are talking about the sound level or the sound quality?

    Best regards
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  6. artnoi
    Actually low and high gain settings shouldn't sound different if the volume is properly matched, and high gain has somehow greater distortion that you may or may not detect. (This has been expressed in A5's measurements on Fiio.net , I believe)
    This is why you'd stick to the lowest gain possible unless it ain't loud enough.
  7. Pedro Oliveira
    As anyone had both the original e12 and the a5 at the same time?

    Is it worth the upgrade (sidegrade)? Right now i havê the e12 to power my hd600s and since i can get a a5 for 40 euros i would like to know if this trade is worth the bother....
  8. ceemsc
    Yes & Yes.

    This is a subjective view & reliant on not just my own experience but on the experimentation of others who came up with the MUSES02 combination.
  9. Pedro Oliveira
    Ok.... but why is it better? What makes it worth enough to sell a perfectly fine e12 and get a a5? :)
  10. Dobrescu George
    The tonality is different.

    A5 might be a tad more revealing, detalied, it is considerably smoother and the background is blacker.

    I don't necessarily recommend A5 over E12 because I like the energetic top end of E12, but many people, or most people like A5 a bit better, and E12 was a bit hissy in direct comparison, A5 is dead silent to those ears.
  11. ceemsc
    I didn't sell my E12, it is a good amp & it became part of my mobile watching YouTube while performing chores rig.

    Comparatively the A5's soundstage is wider, there is no low volume hiss & no buzzing when using while charging making it a true upgrade in practical terms.
  12. Pedro Oliveira
    The build is better on the e12 or the a5? Battery life? I dont think there is much sense in keeping both.... my idea was to sell the e12 and get the a5 since i can get a mint a5 for 40 euros wich is pretty cheap. I think i can easilly sell my e12 for 40 euros or more as well so if its really worh it, why not? :)

    I will mostly use it to power my hd600s and maybe a hd650 soon.... wich would be better for this 2 headphones?
    I know they deserve better amps but i am not much of na amp spending guy and usually i like mobile stuff....
  13. Dobrescu George
    Build quality is excellent on both, and the battery life is good on both - I don't know where it is better.

    I'm not sure what to advice, they have different tonalities, it'd be best to test if you can. HD650 is kinda smooth already, E12 gives it some energy, A5 will further make it smoother.
  14. Pedro Oliveira
    Drive the hd600 or 650 from a e12 is too much wasted potential....? Still debating if i should buy or not the hd650.... Havê a pending deal for my 2.0 momentum right now (not that i dont like them bit for portable i mostly use my hd25s and lately i barely use headphones outsider the house) 150 euros is a nice entry to buy a hd650 but at the same time i dont know if its worth it since i already havê the hd600 and the Fidélio x2....

    Wich do you like more George? Wich would you recomend for Simeone who mostly listens to metal, indie rock, prog and trance?

    Wich do you think is the best all rounder PF the 2 senns?
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
  15. Dobrescu George
    Well, it is different for everybody. I prefer HD600 by a large margin :smile_phones:

    For 150 Eur, HD650 is a very good deal though

    Also, I don't think that it is wasted potential, A5 and E12 can make HD650 shine pretty well! Not exactly at the same level as iDSD BL for example, but I like how E12 combines with HD600 quite a bit, and do recommend the pairing if you're on a budget!
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