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The Eclipse TD-M1 IN STOCK!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by todd, Mar 31, 2014.
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  1. Todd Contributor
    Hi All,
    We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the Eclipse TD-M1 near field speakers. $1300 delivered to you front door! And for those seriously interested we are offering a loaner program. Email todd@ttvjaudio.com to get on the loaner list. The loaners will start on their journey next Monday - be the first on the loaner list or order a pair today!!!
    Enrich your listening experience with immediacy, musicality and accuracy, unmatched by stereo systems costing many multiples more...
    At A Glance
    * Wireless music playback
    * Simple installation
    * Stereo soundstage allows you to locate all of the musicians in your favorite band
    * Complete stereo sound system in a neat package, no need for extra amplifiers, cables or bulky accessories
    * AirPlay delivers wireless or wired music playback at high resolution (up to 24/192) from any computer or smart phone.
    * Enjoy quiet music in your office while you work in high-definition resolution. Even as low as 65dB, the music is still full and satisfying sounding, allowing one to take phone calls or chat with a colleague, without having to reach for the volume control.
    * Nearfield listening experience, just like the recording engineers who made your favorite album. The listening room's acoustics are pretty much dialed out of the equation.
    * The headphone experience without the headphones
    Eclipse TD is a joint venture between Fujitsu and Toyota to deliver the most accurate & technologically advanced speaker systems ever to have been produced in Japan. Many Grammy award winning recording engineers swear by the remarkable resolution of the flagship TD-712z MK II monitors. (More info here ) Over a decade of R&D in Time Domain technology has resulted in the debut of the TD-M1, the first active speaker system from Eclipse TD.

    Key Features
    World-class, accurate sound with impeccable timing and utmost simplicity of operation translates to high-end musical enjoyment. Electronics are built in to the base, with a 24/192kHz USB interface, an ultra low distortion, non-oversampling Digital Analog Converter (NOS-DAC), and a high efficiency Class D amp, all in a compact package.
    * Airplay both with and without Wi-Fi
    * Smart operation with touch sensors and LED indicators
    * One-touch speaker angle adjustment
    * Dedicated iPhone App for remote control
    * Two USB inputs, one analog input (1/8" mini RCA) & wireless Airplay over WiFi
    The USB driver download can be found here:
    TD-M1 manual
    TTVJ Stay updated on TTVJ at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  2. phara0hseye
    How does one go about getting plugged into the loaner program?
    Disregard that question. I sunk so quickly into the narrative on the product I missed the email address.
  3. HeyWaj10
    READ....and you shall learn!
  4. originalsnuffy
    This looks like an impressive product.
  5. njo2288
    Wow,i hope in the future Toyota will use this speaker in their car hehe.
  6. AHorseNamedJeff
    Emailed! Woo
  7. customcoco
    E-mailed too !
  8. Todd Contributor
    Hi All,
    Thank you for your interest in the Eclipse TD-M1 speakers!
    Here are the Eclipse TD-M1 loaner program rules:
    We have 2 pair of the speakers available for loan. We will be sending 1 white and 1 black speaker so you can see what they look like. You will receive the speakers along with a music sampler memory stick for use for 1 week.  So 7 days after you receive the Eclipse TD-M1 speakers you will be required to pack them as they arrived to you along with the memory stick (feel  free to copy the music) to the next loaner recipient. That shipping is at your cost. You will also be required to write a short review on your experience with the speakers. I am really expecting you to do this!
    We will need you to email us at todd@ttvjaudio.com your Name, address, phone number, and Head-Fi  user name.
    You will be notified when it is your turn to receive them. We have a rather long list of those wanting to participate and we will do everything we can to insure you all get a chance to listen to them as quickly as possible.

    TTVJ Stay updated on TTVJ at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  9. dcfac73
    They look cool, do they come in lime green?
  10. customcoco
    Dumb question alert :
    Is that loaner program open to international participants ?
  11. AHorseNamedJeff
    Mine seem fine...

    So any recommendations from Todd or anyone as to how to power these suckers? I have a wide enough variety of options of hooking these bad boys up.
  12. ULUL
    The claim that this will match something multiples of $ more is intriguing.
    I am interested but wondering about the 70hz and up frequency range. I don't know of anything $2600 (just two multiples) that has bass extension only to 70hz. Anyone tried to integrate these with a subwoofer - how does one go about it as these are active speakers?  
    70hz is really insufficient low frequency extension for me but with a good sub, would work. 
    I do assume that these have very high resolution. 
    Anyways, interested but have not taken up the offer to test yet.  Asking questions to get a sense of what these will do. 
  13. miceblue
    This looks really interesting. I'm pretty much a complete newbie when it comes to speakers, let alone "near-field" speakers, but I hope to get into them eventually when speakers are more of an option for me. Are participants required to write a review or anything? Is there a preferred shipping method? i.e. 100% insurance, Fedex vs USPS, etc.

    Oh wait, never mind. I didn't see this post.

  14. ULUL
    Question: Does the 1/8th inch jack input BYPASS the internal DAC?  Or does it still go through the DAC like the KEF X300?  
    The KEF X300 is very articulate and has high resolution. As both are either single driver or concident drivers, it would be interesting to compare this to the KEF.
  15. AHorseNamedJeff
    I have a similar question. Is there a way to use them as passive loudspeakers, ie, hook them up to my receiver? Or do they only function as powered near-fields.

    I'm sure that the 1/8 inch jack bypasses the DAC, as that's an analog input. The only question is how well it'll play with various external DACs.

    Edit, oh pooey, looks like they don't play with android over wireless, that's a shame. It looks like all wireless tests will be with my super old 3GS, or girlfriends 4S...
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