The Ear Pads Thread

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  1. RandomSanity
    Thanks for the replies folks. I should clarify that I'm trying to use the hm5 velour pads on the t1s not the hm5 pleather pads, though I did pick up a pair of each during the sale.

    Still no luck trying to stretch these.. They started to tear in a couple places so I had to stop trying... Still wasn't even within half an inch of fitting so I'm having difficulty believing anyone got these pads on without altering them beyond a simple stretch.

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  2. Vesperaudio
    Keep in mind that if you stretch pads hard material will be in unneded tension even if you succeed. So most commonly  you can experience drum-like effect, more microphonics and sound will be affected.
  3. Allanmarcus

    Don't stretch them before you put them on. Just gently stretch as need to pull the fabric over the lib. You have to hold the parts you already got on with one hand as you gentry pull the fabric around the lip.
  4. Vesperaudio
    I was trying to say that if pads are bit smaller than the headphones you can stretch it and still take them on, but...see my previous post.
  5. wigglepuff
    anyone know what the black soft fabric used behind the sony 1r series earpads is called? its not pleather, and not the same as the one on the driver cups either.
  6. wigglepuff
    Anyone know how to remove the stink off velour ear pads without completely washing the whole pad with detergent? my sweat is making the thing stink... [​IMG]
  7. Allanmarcus

    You could try Fabreeze.
    I fill my sink a few inches with warm water and a could drops if dish soap. I submerge my valor ear pads and gently squeeze multiple times to absorb the water. I then empty the sink, and fill again with clean water, submerge, and squeeze out the soapy water. I repeat a few times, then I let the pads dry.
  8. Lorspeaker
  9. GREQ
    Why not just completely wash it with detergent?
    I've put ear pads through the wash before with no issues.
  10. shuto77
    Deoderant on OP's ears? I'm not sure that will solve the problem, lol. Some people are in warmer climates, some people just sweat more, and some people in warmer climates also happen to sweat more than average. 
  11. wigglepuff
    I'm in the warm climate and sweat more category LOL, and heck no i wont spray deodorant with all those chemicals and putting them anywhere near my ear or the drivers for that matter.
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    It's actually anti-perspirant, which locks the pores that release sweat from the sweat glands. Your body releases sweat elsewhere. Basically, put this in your pits, and you sweat everywhere else on your torso and head. You'd stink less though since these don't breed bacteria as much as a dark, dank spot that doesn't get more airflow.
    That said, unless OP is bald, there's not way to use this effectively. If he was he can wipe it all around his earlobes where the earpads meet his skin, but if he's not, then practically all around the earlobes is hair that will get in the way of effective application.
    It's a stick and not a spray can actually, but like I said above, if it will even work, you'd need to be bald.
    I'd wash those pads now and install an A/C in the room where you use the headphones. Get a slit-type inverter A/C that way it's more quiet than having the compressor unit in the room or smack on the window, and mount the kompressor unit some distance away from the windows.
  13. shuto77
    I successfully washed my Shure Alcantara pads by hand, with a small amount of laundry detergent. I had to rinse a few times, but they came out. Then I left them in my bedroom (where it's super dry), and they dried out overnight. 
    This got me thinking. I'm trying to find a good pair of iems for the gym, but I have a very difficult time getting iems to fit. I know the typical response here is, "we'll if you are willing to spend $700 on headphones, you might as well give CIEMs a try." But I don't want anything more than $100-$150 tops for the gym, as they will eventually get destroyed.
    So here's my question: are there any ear pads that are designed to be hand-washed? This can open up more possibilities to me. For example, I'm leaning toward using my RBH-HP2 for the gym. They're super comfortable, and I enjoy their sound signature. I wonder how many times the pads can be hand-washed before they're ruined.
    Any suggestions? 
  14. Allanmarcus

    Fit is very dependent on the tips. Have you tried various Comply tips? 
  15. shuto77
    Yes, I've tried comply tips. I really don't like foam, especially in this instance, where I will be using the iems for the gym, and I'll be sweating.
    I've owned lots of iems, with lots of tips, and each time, I go online and make sure I'm inserting them correctly. 
    To give you an idea of how big my ear canals are, the first higher-end iems I ever owned were the UE Triple.Fi10. These fit me very well - which I understand was not the case for most people. 
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