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The Ear Pads Thread

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  1. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Ok, decided to start up a thread dedicated to ear pads, a clearing house of information about ear pads and posting questions about ear pads.
    I'll try to update this first post with listings of headphones and what ear pads (exact model name and product ID number) are known to work with (fit) on to that given model of headphone.
  2. obobskivich
    Some input to help get you started:

    - All of the modern Grado earpads fit all of the modern Grado headphones
    - Denon AH-D2000 earpads will fit onto the Koss ESP/10 (they improve the sound too)
    - Behringer HPM-1000 earpads will fit onto the Sennheiser HD 580/600/etc (they damage the sound)
  3. streetdragon
    SRH840 pleather/SRH940 valour pads are interexchangable
  4. Tangster
    The Shure SRH840 and 940 pads fit on the Fostex T50RP.
    The Audio Technica M50 pads fit on the Koss DJ100
  5. tjohnusa
    Lookin for a compatible for AKG K81DJ......emailed AKG twice with no responce
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Try on eBay typing in "K81DJ" sometimes third party ear pads are list by headphone model number.
  7. tjohnusa
    Yep...I do that from time to time but no luck yet.....you may want to get a mod to lock the other thread in general discussion...although there are more posts there then here.
  8. TheJesusGuy
    Anyone know of any velour pads that fit the ATH-M50( without worsening the sound)?
  9. streetdragon
    normally pleather and valour earpads will effect the sound significantly, pleather for bettter bass and velour for better overall refinement
  10. TheJesusGuy
    Yes, but would they make it worse? For instance the SRH940 pads?
  11. streetdragon
    probably the switch from pleather to valour would result in some loss in bass punch while having a more refined treble and midrange
  12. zantaff
    I know that the Sennheiser HD280 pads work for the Sony MDR-V6, but just barely (and vice versa). You just have to stretch them a bit.
     I just did this and I like the stock pads for 280's better after I put them on the V6.
    BTW, what's the basic difference between Leather, Pleather, and Valour earpads? In terms of bass / treble differences, sound leakage / isolation and comfort.
  13. streetdragon
    normally pleather and leather provides better isolation and bass, valour normally provides the best overall sound quality and comfort
  14. zantaff
    Thanks! Also, do you know how valour is for sound leakage and isolation? I work in an office and can't have my earphones blasting all over the place. 
  15. streetdragon
    im not exactly sure, but i guess as long as its not an open back headphone it won't leak so bad unless pumped at very high volume.
    it should still isolate okay, not as good as pleather though i believe
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