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  1. mourip
    What are you using for the cooking process?
  2. johnjen
    One of these,
    It ain't cheap but since the 'effect' wares off after about a year, a 24hr 'treatment' brings them back to full form, which is what I just did.

  3. johnjen
    Oh yeah, and last night I had a SuperDuperSuperGlue session and by the sounds of what I'm hearing tonight, it might be 5am, again, before I manage to tear my 800's off my head.

  4. mourip
    Sorry fat finger mistake. See next post...
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  5. mourip
    A couple of months ago I got a FryBaby2 cable burn-in device from Hagerman Audio Labs. It was recommended on Jim Days blog.
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  6. mourip
    Over on CA I found out about the LT3045 regulator board. It is ironic because I believe that RB2013 was talking about it here earlier this year before he left HF.

    This is a very small DC to DC fixed voltage regulator with very low noise. They are sold on EBay and you have a choice of the fixed output voltage. It also has a low dropout voltage of only about .7v and comes in .5 and 1.0 amp versions. Mine came today and I installed it in my Mutec 3+ USB which was already running off of an HDPlex LPS from it's 9v variable output which I had set to 6.3v. Switching from the SMPS to the LPS had made a nice change.

    Today I raised the output to 6.8v and installed the 6v@1A version of the LT3045 board. I also retained the modest sized electrolytic that I had been using for local bypassing of the DC input inside the chassis.I was hoping to at least break even for my effort but found that the improvement was really, really good. The noise floor must have dropped quite a bit because more details were brought out. I also found an improvement of perceived tonal "correctness".
  7. Muziqboy
    You should try chaining 2 of these LT3045 in series.
    I have been running a 9v Li-ion battery pack -> 7.1v@1A LT3045 -> 5v@1A LT3045 -> Mutec3 usb. And another same config to the other Mutec3 usb.
    Rob reported even lower noise than just running 1 LT3045 in his thread on USAM where he moved.

    Been enjoying the SQ benefits for awhile but have not posted the results here and since you noticed the improvement that it brings, I have to agree with you. Acoustic instruments specially Upright Bass sounds more well defined and fleshed out.
    I will be running the same set-up to power the Rednet3 when I receive the regulators next week and hopefully the 1A rating of the regulators is enough to power it.

    If you are running the Fiber Media Converters in your system, you have to try powering it with LT3045's in series also.
    As it is right now, my LiveClock is also powered by series LT3045's @.5A with batteries, and the RN3 will join the battery powered series LT3045's if the experiment I'll do next week succeeds.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  8. johnjen
    Ok so between the 2 of you, you've convinced me to try again.

    The first set of 'extra' regulators I purchased required over 2 volts of headroom (drop out voltage), which my LPS didn't have, since it's a 7Vac transformer.

    So if these regulators from LDOVR can effectively deal with ≈ 6Vdc input and knock it down to 5Vdc for the 2 Mutec 3+'s I have, this should satisfy my desire to mod them yet again.

    But I gotta say the SQ right now is better than I expected due to the last several tweaks which have settled in. Of course if another veil gets lifted it's all for the better.

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  9. Muziqboy
    All that we can do is to report what we have experienced in trying these.
    You still have to try it in your set-up and find out for yourself if it is worth it.
    But I still would suggest the dual regulators in series. After all, we are experimenters aren't we?
  10. johnjen
    So what do you notice as changes after using your FryBaby2?
    Just curious.

  11. johnjen
    Oh yeah I'll give it a go.
    These should work better, I hope.

  12. mourip
    To be honest I did not hear much of a difference however I was applying the treatment to cables that already had quite a few hours on them. Others had felt that it benefited cables that were already in use but I remain skeptical on that or at least could not hear it in my own system. What I really need to do is make up a new pair and try them before and after.

    I believe in the concept but have not found a good situation to test in yet :)
  13. johnjen
    Ah I see. For how long have you cooked your cable(s)?

    I noticed that your FryBaby applies less current and voltage than the cooker I use, so I would suspect it would take much more time to 'fully' cook your cables. Especially the larger gauge cables. My 9awg cables took 7 days to fully cook and that is with the greater voltage and current of my cooker.

    Even so I noticed changes, before I reached the cables being fully cooked.
    And the changes were rather obvious.

  14. mourip
    After seeing what the regulator did for my Mutec I ordered a 5v version for my D16. The issue was then to figure out a DC source that was just about 6 volts. I was already using the variable outputs of my 2 HDPlex LPSs and I did not feel like spending more money. The thought came to me that perhaps I could re-purpose my 5V Teradak by seeing if it had a large enough DC input and an adjustment pot. Luckily it does. The transformer is good for 9 volts AC and it does indeed have a blue adjustment pot. I set it for about 5.8 volts to account for the dropout voltage of the regulator. Waiting for the regulator now.

    Seeing how the Teradak could be tweaked made sense as I always thought that it ran very warm running the 5V and probably 1 amp that my D16 needed. It was probably throwing away 12.6(9*1.4) - 5v = ~7.6 volts as heat. Should be slightly cooler now. If this works I might try adding another 6V regulator is series and turn up the Teradak output further to 7V. Teradak has a little sticker on their supply stating that opening it will invalidate the warranty. I can understand this but I also bet that they do not want users to tweak the voltage themselves or know how easy it is. They should sell it as 5-9V adjustable and put the pot on the back of the case like HDPlex does...

    Fun stuff!
  15. Muziqboy
    Hearing the sound improvement in what those regulators did to the Mutec's and Liveclock, it solidified my belief at this point on the benefits of feeding the clocks with the best quality and lowest noise power that you can find. Too bad that my SR PERF10 10Mhz Rubidium clock can not use these as it requires a constant current feed of 1.5A @ 12v. but it is being powered by a Meiyan low noise LPS so it's alright.

    The 3 sets of 7.1v & 5v 1A LT3045's arrived today so I'll be running those to power the other Mutec's (non usb) and the RN3 in my set-up.

    Fun stuff indeed!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
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