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The DITA Twins: Fealty and Fidelity

  1. flinkenick
    hero image-01.png

    Following a limited run of the 'Dream', dynamic driver specialists DITA Audio recently launched their two new IEMs, the Fidelity and Fealty. Building forth on their acquired know-how from the Dream, the twins are designed with an evolution of the Dream's dynamic driver, and a more ergonomic cable. The 'Awesome' plug with changeable connectors has remained, providing flexibility to switch between sources.


    The twins take a fairly unique position in the higher-end market. There are still relatively few high-end dynamic drivers. And in contrast to Campfire's Atlas and Vega for instance, they provide a neutral bass quantity that favors the midrange and lower treble. As a result, both the twins provide an especially clear sound, as well as a bodied midrange.

    The twins offer a variation of a similar signature. While both have a neutral bass and neutral tonality with a touch of sparkle, the Fealty offers more body in its midrange, resulting in greater vocal power. The Fidelity's lower midrange is a bit more laid-back, creating more space as well as neutral note size for classical instruments.


    Full review coming soon.
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  2. flinkenick
  3. zipski
    7C2FE5AE-40A9-4F1B-A7EC-33223081C338.jpeg Absolutely step above um mason v1
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  4. WCDchee
  5. Bosk
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  6. flinkenick
    Thanks :pray:

    Personally I prefer the Fealty, as its midrange is more to my liking for vocals, and accordingly, rock music. For techno specifically on the other hand the Fidelity might actually be better, so I guess it might depend on which you listen to more often?
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  7. Bosk
    It sounds like the Fealty would suit me better, thanks again for a great review Nic.

    Its a shame these earphones don't seem to be getting more attention. In the TOTL space DD's in general appear out of favor compared with multi-BAs and hybrids. Perhaps its because they more commonly seem to be tuned for bass impact which could polarize many people.
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  8. Mimouille
    Great, very interested. I was impressed by the Dream bass definition, and the overall clarity, but could not do with the thin mids. So these could be perfect. However I own the IE800s so I wonder it is is worth it.
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  9. SeeSax
    I'm generalizing here, but if someone (me) owns the Dream and wants something a little warmer in the mids and more musical, would it be the Fealty? @flinkenick would you say Fealty for me? You know my preferences :)

    Thank you!

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  10. Mimouille
    @flinkenick don't just like my, post I need an advice here man :D
  11. flinkenick
    I wouldn't say the Twins are warmer than the Dream, because they have an upper treble peak which improves their clarity and makes them a bit brighter. The Dream has an articulate lower treble, but the overall tone is not so bright, where the Twins have a more even clarity throughout their signature. The Twins have more body to their midrange however, but I wouldn't call them warmer.
    Lol I thought you were just pondering out loud, and I could get off easy :D

    In the end IE800s is pretty different than the Twins, because they offer more body to their midrange and have a slightly brighter tone. If you like dynamic drivers in general, then they will def be interesting. However, it is not an 'improved Dream' with a better midrange, because their bass is noticeably tighter in quantity, and does not have a similar texture. So yes, the mids are less thin, but the Dream's bass is higher in quality and quantity. In the end it's a pretty different package altogether, although they share some characteristics.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2018
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  12. WCDchee
    Totally I hear the three ditas on a spectrum, with the fealty being the richest and the fidelity being somewhere between the dream and the fealty.

    Despite having all three, I personally love the fealty. It’s not the same technical beast the dream is, but it just sounds right on so many levels.
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  13. Ultrainferno
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  14. rockfan4ever
    Please don't buy any Dita product guys. Durability and After sale service are crap. My dita truth last around 1 year then the right piece went dead. I contact them and they says pay 500$ to exchange to a new pair. What a joke.
  15. WCDchee
    Look what we have here.

    My answer is almost 5 years old, daily use for the first 3, no issues.

    Many people I know have no issues with theirs either. Of course there are a couple of people with issues with theirs, but what product doesn’t spoil?

    What’s truly remarkable is the expectation that the company will replace a product out of the warranty period with no charge. If they do, it is out of goodwill. But if you expect that they continue to replace it out of the warranty period I don’t think you understand what a warranty period is.

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