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FlipEars is a brand from the Philippines. They are quite popular in Asian countries.

Artha is in the house. Its an all-BA, with 8 drivers per side. Solid performer and even more impressive bass for an all BA iem. The switches on it give quite different flavors. With both switches on, the bass quantity is high, and there is more openness to the sound. Artha has a very good resolution and throws in a good amount of detail. The midrange is forward and very clean. The treble is smooth, with a good amount of detail and extension. Technically, Artha is quite solid. I need to give it more time and will share detailed impressions in a few days.

I have created a thread for FlipEars here. Link Would be great to see more discussions around these iems.

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X-posting from the Dita Project-M thread....still forming a view on how these sound, but my word are they beautiful...




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Playing with a prototype Plunge Audio Codenamed "Arena" I call it the Ying Yang Beast. A musical Hydrid from Plunge there will be a new driver and +3/4 db more bass bit as it is now could be End Game for many Under 1K.


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Resistance is futile, you have been assimilated.

Xenns Mangird Up.jpg

The UP are magnificent.
Only the price stopped me from pressing them.


KiwiEars Singolo on “burn-in” rack (an excuse for me to procrastinate on this IEM, tbh).

@DynamicEars you can see the exposed LCP driver and the bass tube.

This IEM is a nightmare to fit. I’m not sure I have the confidence to review, since I’m fairly certain that whatever I hear, few readers would hear the same. Something like Magic One is very simple: you fit it deep to lock against the concha, you get the manufacturer’s intended sound. This Singolo IEM refuses to seal with deeper fit, and has piercing sibilant ( I suspect 5kHz) if it does not fit deeply. Certainly not a beginner IEM.

On the positive side, I find the bass to be interesting. It’s detached from the mid, but it sounds fun. Toe tapping fun. Might be because it is not bloated so every bass attack is clean.

I found the seal only with long TIPs.
I used the OKAVANGO ones.
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Sunday's night listening session with three different lovely sounding IEMs

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My favorite IEM is a single BA: The Aful MagicOne. Terrific tuning for my preferences. :)
That one is on my wish list! I have the Westone AM Pro X10 which is a single BA, very nice tuning but a bit light in the bass.
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nice ! do you think this might become available for purchase sometime this year or we will have to wait for 2025 ?
This year Simon is just picking the final version of the driver. The Unity Mini is up first I believe. Once the final driver is chosen and I get a chance to listen I will update. But this one is close.
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(L) Dunu S&S for me on the Singolo. Nice fit and seal. Can wear them all day.
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IMHO, nothing, really. Everyone is doing a good job in their own ways.

Big ones coming up:
  • Symphonium Titan
  • Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim
  • AFUL 14BA flagship is finally coming
  • AuR audio just released a quadbrid (DD+BA+EST+Sonion bone conduction) for around 1k USD.
  • HiBy is launching a $2xx Android DAP with 4 ESS DACs and class A amp. They are also going to release a single DD collaboration with FAudio.

Not so new news:
  • NiceHck has two good IEMs: F1 Pro (planar) and Himalaya (single DD)
  • Hidizs has a good planar IEM (MP145)
  • Letshuoer has Cadenza 4, which seems to be very good mid-fi entry.
Thank you! :)

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