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Is Spirit Torino Twin Puls Beryllium enough bullet style? It's a pretty one, too :wink:
I had it, sold recently. It is bullet shaped, but the fit is a hit or miss. Not very comfy for long listening sessions, atleast for me.
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So I'm sitting here with three really great IEM' is an unexpected one.

The Tansio Mirai 10th X. Clean, clear and using with bass unusual offering from TM....nearly a bass cannon. With the balanced switches on fantastic for classical, orchestral and violins. I ❤️it.

The Penon 10th Anniversary. A musical Leprechaun must have tuned this with magic powder....a magical Penon offering that moves me every time I listen to it.

What IEM joins this illustrious company.....The Simgot EA500LM, single Mg/Li DD driver. a $90 wonder. A work of Art/Science that brings left and right brain together to make Zen. Oh how I ❤️music with these three great IEMs. Are we lucky, or are we lucky?

For all of these, a cheap but very good, musical die for:-
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Final Audio B3_obradjeno_smanjeno.jpg

Hmm...I just couldn't resist and tried one from their IEM series.
Since I am a massive fan of D8000 (probably the best headphones, in my opinion (not humble :wink: )

And...I was completely not disappointed; quite the contrary...I am delighted!
I was hesitant, but now I know what the next step is: Final...

The acoustic music with B3, instruments, and guitars are sublime, and the vocals are amazing.
Metal sounds amazing!

Even though it can handle everything... it is better not to use them for electronic music.
I prefer the newest discovery, NiceHCK F1 (sounds better without Pro :) )

What can I say...I am a big fan of Final Audio :)

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(Edit: This is for the ibasso 3T-154 since I just realized I only mentioned it midway though my rambling)

The vocals have this weight to them and are generally pretty forward and center. Generally it has a decently thin image with quick attack and decay. Personally after listening to it more I would say its a unholy union between the general agrassiveness of the fiio FD5 but has the smoothess of the Final A50000. While it cant move air as fast as the the A5000 its one of the faster single DDs on the market that isnt pure Be.

Ok back to vocals the main focus of the vocals is on the body with decent enough extension to sound realistic. Not the best at vocal texture due to its particuar querk of slightly smoothing things over but there is enough texture to enjoy the music. While it has the side effect of being able to blast the music at loud volumes it now reminds me of how the air gap in speakers generally affect the texture and I think that was what they were going for. Vocals form REOL's earlier works like "No Title" I found that the 3T was able to keep up and unlike alot of iems that makes her autotuned voice extra thick and suffocating its able to keep up with her voice.

The only issue with blasting the music is that it showcases badly masted music along with all its glorious unintended sibilance.

Ok back to the good points. It saperates different images/voices with clear precision. Makes chamber and folk music so fun to listen to.

TBH the more I listen to it the more I wonder why they arent charging double the price. My only guess is that it isnt detailed enough.

Oh yeah the sound is gnerally quite enveloping with near 0 dark space unless its true audiophile grade recording like nana accoustic online. This gives quite the live venue feeling which is enhanced by its moderate V tuning.

Well its still the honeymoon phase but I turely believe that this iem will have staying power assuming they market it. Although I can see the biggest issue is that it might be too dry for some even with the smoothness due to the lack off added decay.

One last thing before I end my rambling. The 3T scales nicely and plays well with tubes if you want that extra smooth experience.
Thanks bro for your very informative and helpful impressions,

The shells looks bigger in size , are these comfortable for long time session and or these easy to drive or want some extra juice to shine ,
i think watching movies also will be a joy with this iem 😊
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Something that comes up in this thread, especially in reviews that makes me wonder.

What does all-rounder mean? And before you tell me that it works with all genres, think for a minute.

If you were buying a studio monitor wouldn't you want it to be faithful to the recording of all genres? To clarify, if you are listening to reggae or hip hop with lots of pumped up bass shouldn't a good set reproduce this? And if you were listening to great female vocals wouldn't a good set do well on this type music as well? Or if you are listening to some bright AF K-pop or other idioms, wouldn't you want it to show their character?

Or maybe I am missing something, is an all-rounder about coloring the music in a way that it changes many genres into a homogenized character? One that strips the genre of those characteristics, making them more palatable and perhaps making them more mundane?

And would an antithesis be an IEM that is not described as an all-rounder be flawed in many ways? Eg. in that it cannot reproduce some genres or recordings faithfully.
For me. All-rounder set is about the naturalness and a life-like timbre of instruments and vocals. Instruments have its own distinctive colouration of its tonal quality. I also noticed that the supposedly all-rounder sets have more focus on musicality and a slight warmth on their tuning.
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Speaking of all rounders, 7th Acoustic Supernova is one of the best out there, Yanyin Canon II is also to be considered on the segment in under US$500.
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Broheim, using a notoriously compressed and noise war track like Scar Tissue and RHCP's Rick Rubin era production to test track new IEM's is like trying to use a rooster to test relaxating tones. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the song and the album, but that is not a track you start off with to test any IEM. Try something with more dynamic range and better production values?
Let's just say that whole tracks of Californication album were badly recorded due to that compression and awful dynamics. Same as with Metallica's Death Magnetic, where the hell are the dynamics.
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May I ask if anyone here have Simgot ea500, ea1000 and ea500lm? I'd really appreciate comparison for these three. It'd be even amazing if ea2000 is in hand also or maybe smb at least had a chance to hear ane can recall sth.

Ea500 is still impressive for me. I read the reviews usually between ea500 vs ea1000 reading that ea1000 has more tendency towards being analytical and more tendency to be brighter in crowded tracks. Later ea500lm came out and some claimed that it's even better than ea1000.

I focus on how good imaging and soundstage. I really like the holographic soundstage of ea500 being slightly intimate comparing to the other IEMs in my collection.

Among those, which one really stands out? I know it might ne harder as they're more less carry the same characteristics. I'm thinking id I should sell ea500 and get another. The question if it's really worth doing so?
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I was having a problem with the flat 2 pins on my utws5. Due to not being groove(or recessed however you call) utws5 wasn't fitting securely with iems like ea500.

Here you can see that the pins barely sits in place leaving a gap with ea500. Ea500 has recessed female sockets and a curved body. That was creating the trouble.


All you need is a converter like this:


I wonder if they could be even shorter and comparing their price into a regular cable, I believe they're a little pricier. I understand the demand is low and it's a niche market.

Because ea500 has rather small size luckily it's not a big issue and I get a very secure fit now.


Ea500 wasn't the only one in the collection causing such issue of course. I can use many other IEMs which doesn't demand much power with utws5 as well. Gk100 is also another iem with recessed pin and curved body.


It's good to have such little solutions in the market.

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ha ha F off! 1000 dollars?!

You can always check out the thread in my signature. There's not a whole lot of discussion but I do maintain the list to be fairly up-to-date.

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