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The discovery thread!

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor


    James is a grand wizard?!?!?!
  2. Selenium
    I'm sure even the KKK has audiophiles amongst their ranks!
  3. Dsnuts Contributor


    It is not as bad. Everything on the Isaurrus is of better quality and built very well too. They even fit better for being the same type of design


  4. jelt2359 Contributor
    I was trying to go through your long previous thread. Any chance you can rank all the budget headphones so far? I'm new to this.  There's the MP, the JVC FXC51, the Xeport, the SHE3580, the Thermaltake...
    Maybe ranking by value, then absolute sound quality? Also some quick comments (for basshead, for detail lovers, etc) may be helpful...
    May be asking a lot, but I'm guessing it helps not just me :)
  5. gelocks


    Also, I usually never use IEMs but I think I can try those TTs and use them with my phone just for kicks! Is the mic any good with the phone? Or is that for PC only??

  6. gelocks
    Btw, you are talking about this one right?

  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    Well Its Christmas eve and I am showing zookeeper to my kids. I will work on a big breakdown as far as I see it in SQ and value of the iems that I have soon. Just trust me and get these 2 iems. I threw these on here before Christmas on purpose, and this is my way of giving to the community and huge props goes to Joe Bloggs for his find on the Philips. The SHE3580 was so mind blowing I had to get on that boat and suggest them for you guys to discover as well... Happy holidays everyone and enjoy your new iems.. Like the title suggest. Both these Iems are substantial..Keep tabs on this thread and you guys that purchase what I suggest will find out soon enough..
  8. jelt2359 Contributor
    OK, that's good enough for me. I just didn't know which to get. :)
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    sorry bout that guys I am trying to keep tabs on the thread while I am doing family stuff. Yes those are indeed the Isurus. Gelocks good to see you buddy. Yes these will work fine on your phone or it should.
    It works fantastic on my LG optimus.So for guys that have some tunes on your cell phones these are ideal as you can talk on them as well.
    Funny story. I burned in the Philips SHE3580 all day before listening. I listened to one tune and immediately ordered 2 more. I actually ordered 3 but Amazon has a limit on those to 2.
  10. gelocks
    Hey Dsnuts!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer during the holiday! Merry Christmas!
    I just ordered it for like 15 bucks + shipping from an amazon seller. Hopefully it's the correct
    one ... Also ordered a book as it seems I'm reading more lately! ;-p

    Hopefully these will sound better than the 'cheap' Sony's I have....
    we'll see :wink:


  11. vlenbo
    DSNUTS, I am going to sue you for making me spend even more money on an "AT" earphone a900x copy. DANG YOU!!!! I am also looking into those phillips, why do I KEEP COMING BACK HERE?! wallet is going to die soon. (Still using the damn headphone, so good thanks again for that impression of them.)
  12. Dsnuts Contributor


    Wow thats a great price indeed

    How you liking your A900X.. Nice cans..Hey I merely suggest what I consider items of interest.. For every discovery you wont believe how many duds I go through. Lol. If anything I am saving you money.
  13. vlenbo


    I am loving them all thanks to you, very nice as they're opening, the bass is definately growing strong and tighter. The instruments are starting to sound still thin, but respectable "analytical" thin, and also..I know, sorry about that man. I am actually grateful, it was a horrible joke =P. I had a feeling something big was going to come, good job for finding these iems for us, if only most people could take their time and swallow your words calmly. These iems could be the next purchase for me, thanks again! Hopefully everyone that DID buy these would give their impressions and prove this guy right! Just curious, how many duds did you go through to find these gems?
  14. jelt2359 Contributor
    What is the AT900x copy?
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Well I tried just about all the earphones on the MP web site before I found the Mp 8320. The Isurus was out of need as I wanted to get a headphone for gaming of all things. Never knew what these could be, it was actually recently that I discovered that these have the Audio Techinica sound signature. It never dawned on me until I read Jokers review on the CKM99 that he was describing what I was hearing on the Isurus.  If you end up getting the Isurus you will know what I am talking about.
    The sound signature is very similar. The highs have great extension and definition the smooth mids and the full dynamic bass..That was when I knew I had to reveal these to everyone. But it took me over a year before I realized this.. That is after I got 4 Audio Technica headphones. They all have that sound signature. The M50s, AD700 A700,AD900, A900 ect ect. Again you can disguise what a phone can look like in a rebrand and hide the specs but you can't hide that unmistakeable AT house sound.
    The Philips SHE 3580 was a suggestion from JupiterKnight who after following my thread on the Mp 8320 also was looking at other possibilities and found Joes thread about the SHE3580.  Believe me I know how difficult it is to convince a bunch of headfiers that there might be more to budget fi than what was once considered. If a budget fi product sounded good then it was good but not great. It is never great. Never touching the high marks of a high end IEM or headphone.
    You know what. That is why these will blow the collective minds of those who take a serious listen. .These are seriously going to compete with your other headphones for head time. I don't know what is gonna impress more.. A rebrand of an existing higher end AT phone that cost so much more or a lowly cheapo that one will assume there is not much to it.. These might sound good like we are suggesting..Sure that is a gamble and one that is easier than spending a whole lot to find out.  Wait till you guys hear these. I have been seriously trying to find a part of this sound that is missing or not correct. Trying as much as I have been I can't find a damn thing wrong or out of bounds on the sound signature on these Philips. Every single tune I have sounds proper on them and that includes TIs entire album where if sub bass is not correct and clean it just don't sound right. I don't know which phone I actually like over the other on vocals. It is a nice problem to have.
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