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The discovery thread!

  1. baskingshark
    Thanks for the reviews. U have just singlehandely increased the sales of the TRI I3 today!!!

    What source are u using for it? I am of the opinion planars are quite power hungry in general, so it would probably need amping to do the sound some justice?

    Hey u are one of the lucky dudes here that at least your wife is into the same audio hobby. That's a true keeper IMHO haha. At least she can appreciate the gear and maybe she is also a big contributor to getting more gear haha.
    But I guess if u give one of the sets u ordered to her, it will smooth things over haha.

    My wife can't appreciate audio gear. For many years, a beats earphone or apple stock bud was the same to her as a TOTL set. Only recently have I managed to drum into her that there is a difference in sound between those and she is coming to appreciate the differences in quality. Like most lay consumers, she seems very happy with wireless gear, though the audiophile in me cringes at the sound quality of wireless gear compared to wired gear.
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  2. 1clearhead
    Beg her for a second chance to do right! ...It worked with my wife so far!

  3. 1clearhead
    Yes, I'm afraid there's always worse...she'll throw you over a cliff! :ok_woman:

  4. Viajero
    Does anybody know anything about the BLON S1?
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  5. Bui Hai Anh
    My TRI I3 is also coming. KBEAR was very slow at shipping though.
    Hope that I can wrap up a year of indulging myself. Abstinence is going to the top of new year resolutions.
  6. Viajero
    Your contributions have helped a lot of people, though. So take some solace in that. I'm very tempted to get the TRI I3 too. I'll be looking forward to your impressions. Your other comments and impressions have seemed pretty dead on for my tastes.
  7. CopperFox
    Well, to be precise, that would be closer to impressions than a full review. A possible negative could be that there is more sub-bass than the harman curve would have, so people who prefer bass-light IEMs may not like that. For me it's the opposite, as I previously had low interest for planar magnetics for their low bass levels.

    The sources I tried so far are SMSL M500 dac/amp, Sennheiser Flex 5000 transmitter/receiver and Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone. The phone has less audio quality and far less volume than the other two of course. However, I'd imagine that many people would think the phone is ok for occasional use if you have no better source. I have preordered both a Zorloo Ztella usb-c dac cable and a Hiby R3 Pro for mobile use.

    The Sennheiser Flex 5000 is a wireless transmitter/receiver system with optical input, some sort of 2.4ghz wireless transmission system, support for up to 96khz/24bit PCM audio, >90dBA SNR, and a headphone jack on the receiver so you can wireless-ify any headphone/iem. It has a lot more volume and better audio quality than the phone. I haven't seen any reviews or measurements for it from an audiophile point of view - someone should do one.
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  8. njam
    IMHO they look very similar to P1 and even have the same crappy-weave cable...
    Graph looks also very neutral
    H227a425d8fc64ca0b2614c7730f57babR.jpg H69dfca475d0f49528559e3b8ffa490f6s.jpg H57ac7b2737d14aa7918621c620ad741fX.jpg
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  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Main difference. It also uses a 8mm dynamic I am certain for bass and a BA for treble. Should have the better bass and treble detail/extension vs P1.

    Since the main focus of the Planar is just for the mids. It should in theory have some rich roomy spacious mid band for everything music related. This is a great driver combo. If they tuned to the strength of each driver on these and made it sound cohesive. These are gonna be killer sounding.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
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  10. kukkurovaca
    So no crossover I guess? Anybody getting the Tri I3 also have the Obravo Cupid? That garnered a rather polarized response.
  11. peter123
    I've only got one planar IEM (MT100) so it might be different from full siza headphones but in headphones I find planars to be deliver the best bass. They do usually have a quite large driver siza though so that's probably the difference.

    I'd also like to add that I'm really really found of the MT100, they're the most reference sources IEM's that I own but does miss some slam in the bass presentation.
  12. SciOC
    I have the opposite experience. Over the ear planar sets offer accurate and fast bass but still lack impact and slam due to the excursion limitations of the diaphram. A 50mm DD is generally going to hit a lot harder than a much larger planar diaphram given how much more air it moves. It is inherently slower and less accurate though.

    I have been disappointed in the bass ability of all over the ear planar sets I've tried.... Not basshead approved. :triportsad:

    The RHA CL2 in ear actually has quite good slam, for a planar. It simply can't compete with the better DDs out there in quantity and slam though.
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  13. kukkurovaca
    Right, it depends on what aspect of bass performance you value. Planars have fast clean bass, but not usually in basshead quantities, although of course there's EQ. I have no complaints about the amount of bass I can get out of my Modhouse Argons, certainly, and the iSine 20 bass is decent in terms of physicality and you can crank it quite a bit in EQ.
  14. Otto Motor
    Careful! Fake!
  15. peter123
    Yeah, I hear you. I'm far from a basshead but still my modded (and humble) Fostex T50RP (at least one of my two pairs) gives me the best bass experience I've ever experienced. In overall signature though the HE560 are my go to "basshead" cans. I do have dynamic headphones that have more impact but the quality/quantity ratio on the HE560 is the best for me.

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