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The discovery thread!

  1. paulwasabii
    Somewhere on here is a thread about fake mh755 that do not sound like authentic pairs. I'd stay away from the $3 versions unless you have some confidence they are authentic.

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  2. SciOC
    Fake $7 IEMs. It's a crazy world we live in....
  3. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    The Sony MH755 are ok. They have roll off both highs and lows, so it's a very smooth sound signature. I think it's a great earphone for those people who don't like anything prominent at all, with very polite treble and very non-intrusive bass (I'd describe them as bass light). Now do they have a very "mature" sound that's creamy smooth and detailed? Sure. Yeah. Do they excel in any one place or many places? Nope.
  4. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    There is a trusted seller on ebay and i believe amazon that sells authentic MH755. He sells authentic everything Sony. I've bought three different Sony earphone's from him, and they've all been authentic.
  5. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
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  6. SciOC
    Thanks! Appreciate it whenever someone cuts down my research time for a good seller on stuff like this!

    For $8 they're worth a listen, I guess. My expectations are very low for them.
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  7. MrDelicious
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  8. progdvd
    I bought mine MH755 from ebay not the seller above for approx same money. And I think they sound too nice to be faked in my case, little bass heavy but overall very pleasant. To hell with it after all it's a 2 beers money
  9. Otto Motor
    The Sonys do excel in their tonal balance and tonal accuracy...they have a tastefully tuned upper midrange that is just right...not too much and not too little. Orchestral pieces sound amazingly natural with them. For EDM or rock, they are not that outstanding as their soundstage could be bigger. No rolloff on either end, though...both are well extended: https://crinacle.com/graphs/sony-mh755/
  10. mbwilson111
    It looks like he does not want to sell it through the aliexpress store.

    You need to go directly to the VE site. They will take paypal. I just ordered one this afternoon. Choose the first option. Also be prepared to pay for shipping. Use e-packet.

    I see three more have sold since I bought mine a few hours ago.

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  11. Tonymac136
    Not really. Bigger market size and a user base that is either less discerning, or are discerning but have set expectations low because $7. If mine are fake when they get here, I may never even know (or care).
  12. Dsnuts Contributor

    A tale of 2 phones. So I figured the sound of these two have settled to the point where I can get a much better understanding of the sound they are going for.

    1st is the Queen of Audios new product the Pink lady...MSRP of $120.
    Out of the box for these were interesting. I have yet to hear something so bad in my life. I kid you not. They sounded off to the point where I thought there was something wrong with them. I have had a few phones in the past that sounded terrible to sound decent after some running in and the sound has improved a lot since first hearing them out of the box. With this being said. I find the sound tuning to be very strange.

    I can say with certainty these are not ready for prime time. They are perhaps the most dull and plasticy sounding earphones I have ever heard. The nozzle incorporates 2 bores. One from the dynamic and one hole from the 2 BAs which take care of mids to treble. Here is what is very odd about these. Sound coherency is out the door on these. I can clearly figure out what is the mids and treble and what is the bass. They are not even remotely in the same level as far as coherency goes. Vocals have zero distinction from instruments meaning they come from the same plane of sound as the rest of the mids. The treble sound thin and splashy with a very artificial sounding splashiness that has nothing to do with a natural timbre when it comes to the highs. - Then we get to the bass. You can forget any type of quality while the quantity is bigger and fuller than the rest of the sound.

    These sound bad.. really bad like the worst I have heard this year bad... yes my friends I am gonna ship em back to where I got them from.. They are getting the boot.

    Then there is the $20 DB3. So I can easily switch the MSRP from the DB3 to the Pink lady and visa versa and that is how I would easily assess the DB3. Full bodied. Musical, smooth, It is a bit in the mid bassy side of sound but the full on mids and treble are actually done well on this phone. In fact vocals and instruments sounds natural vs the very artificial sounding Pink lady. It is a stark contrast of sounds here. DB3 would actually be perfect for being outdoors due to is full bodied bassy nature. It has a type of sound you can listen to just to enjoy a tune for what it is..Guys that thought the NX7 lacked some bass will not find the bass end lacking on the DB3. In fact these are kinda like the opposite of the NX7 sound tuning. Much less in the way of analytical but more in the way of musical. It is an easy sound to like. That is if you like your bass in your tunes.

    So this example goes to show. Just because a phone is more expensive does not mean it is a better sound... Pink Lady getting the boot. You guys that were initially attracted to the looks and whom these are marketing to. Unless you want to get the sour face from your girlfriend or significant other.. Some flowers and a decent dinner would go much farther.. The worst sounding earphone I have heard in a long time and the worst sounding $100ish earphone I have heard to date.
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  13. courierdriver
    Thanks for this info @Dsnuts. They DB3 was on my radar when you first mentioned them. Now that I have read your final impressions (and after reading a few other posts from others who have already got them), they are now in my Ali cart. Will definitely pull the plug on these either beginning of next month, or maybe wait till 11/11 sale. I'm guessing that the 8 core SPC Nicehck cable you recd for the NX7 makes a good match? If it does, I'll order another; since it's now part of my TFZ NO.3 set. Like it alot for how it tightens up the bass without losing impact, and opens up the mids and highs on that set. That cable is a significant upgrade for the No.3 and I won't be taking it off, unless I end up springing the equivalent $ amount of the No.3 on a pure silver or pure silver copper coated litz balanced cable from Electro acoustic store on Ali. For about $14 CDN though, I think that the Nicehck SPC 8 core cable would work quite nice with the DB3. What do you think?
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  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    The cable I have on the NiceHCK DB3. It is NiceHCKs newest called the C16-1

    It cost double the DB3. I just threw on the SPC 8 core NiceHCK cable. It sound great using that cable. I tried a bunch of cables on the DB3 actually and it does better with anything silver on it. More the better. Pure silver tightens up the bass the most but an SPC works great on the DB3. Stock cable is the same cable that came with the NX7.
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  15. audio123
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