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The discovery thread!

  1. wackoip
    From a little shop in Hong Kong. They are now available in Taobao. Not sure whether they are in Aliexpress yet
  2. progdvd
    I have B400, well In short
    - Neutral-ish tuning, it can sound boring, Bass and treble light, needs EQ to sound great. And it does sound really great with some adjustments.
    - Fragile build. Nosle very thin and prone to breaking.
    - Very bad stock cables. Loose mmcx connectors can create cutouts. Very hard cable cannot be straighten out.

    - Very light and comfortable, I can wear them all day with no fatigue whatsoever.

    It does needs better aftermarket cable and some EQ to shine, and it rewards you with beautiful sound and stellar comfort.
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  3. snip3r77
  4. cqtek
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  5. Ziggomatic
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  6. PhonoPhi
    Humbly, I could not find any expected disclosure of how reviewed IEMs were acquired to process such a glorious review.
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  7. Ziggomatic
    I assume this is not the "bass enhanced" version? I ask because that's the version I ordered, but the bass on the one I got does not sound overly emphasized (it sounds exactly as you described in your review), but the same lower box is checked on the packaging as pictured in your post (can anyone read the Chinese next to the check boxes on the box?). In any event, I'm happy with whatever version I got.
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  8. Ziggomatic
  9. peter123
    First time ever I've heard neutral (-ish) being mentioned as a negative thing, YMMV I'd guess.

    Most older reviewers in here will probably have the most of the Brainwavz IEM's ever made.

    Brainwavz was one of the first Asian companies to deliver great bang for the buck IEM's with an actual warranty and aftermarket service. For a while they were caught up by all the flooding of no name Chinese companies but then they managed to take the next step with the B400 which is still a great contender in its price range. The build was quite bad on the first batches of the B400 but after my first pair broke I missed their signature enough to get a second pair and I was happy to see that finishing, MMCX, and overall built quality was way better now than when they was first released. This is the first time ever I've missed something in this price range enough to push me over the edge to buy a second pair....
  10. cqtek
    When they sent it to me, they told me it was the Bass Enhanced version. But I haven't found anything in the box that refers to it (in english). Anyway, I think the lower zone is at its right point, in relation to the sound of the NS3. And although I like more emphasis on that zone, I wouldn't change anything.
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  11. progdvd
    That's exactly how good they are, for someone to buy second pair in the sea of other great offerings in the price range.
    Like I said it was just my preference to EQ every phones I got to date, that doesn't mean that they are bad unEQ'd. We'll see what happens with S8F and Spring1 once I get them.
    I have to admit I'm tempted by this new model :)
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  12. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    One store selling on Ali and SOLD OUT. So until more start carrying it or more stock comes in..not gonna be able to get one.
  13. SciOC
    Ok, I'm pulling my hair out here, can someone send me a link to somewhere I can buy a set of Sony mh755? I can't find them.....

    Also, anyone have any hard opinions on what the best bqeyz product is in their current line (outside of the spring1)? They seem catered to bassheads and I'm trying to fill my plate up with budget basshead sets.
  14. paulwasabii

    That is where I bought mine

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  15. SciOC
    Thanks. It all makes sense now. I thought I was dealing with a pair of $25-$100 sets, not a $3-8 pair. I saw that on Ali for $3 and didn't believe it was what people were talking about... Silly me.

    The ones I thought it were, were the mh750 and mdr-xb75ap. Sony has WAY too many sets. Don't really want to spend $220 on the ex800st though.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
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