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The discovery thread!

  1. gazzington
    Thanks, that's good to know. I have also considered Roland's and es12 but not sure anymore. I'd also thought about legend X but they are very expensive for bass fun
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Try matching up your DB3 with a different cable. I know Panda got some cables so you need to snake his nicer cables and try it on your DB3. Might surprise you.

    By the way that is the only thing that I will say is an absolute requirement on the DB3. Stock cable is a no no. Does absolutely nothing for the sound. Highly recommend anything with silver on it for the DB3.
  3. Carlsan
    The one thing about the Solaris, which I also own and love, is that they can be quite sensitive depending on the player.
    They are fine out of my Sony players, and my IBasso DX120, but hiss out of the IBasso220/Amp 9 (with Nutube Vacuum Tubes) .
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Higher end stuff is a bit tricky as they not only cost so much but what happens if your not happy with them?. In general you want something that has more balance and has great dynamics in all ranges of the sound and the Solaris does that. I have no idea about the other earphones I am sure they all sound great. They should for how much they cost but you have to really look at the type of tuning they all have. I would read up as much as possible on them all and go from there.
  5. peter123
    Seriously? Did he say that, please read again.....
  6. gazzington
    That's good advice. I think it's why I like buying cheaper ones as it's not a big hit if I don't like them!
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  7. Zerohour88
    I was being facetious and mildly joking. Please calm down.

    the "are these chifi really using the number of drivers they claim" issue has been around ever since the KZ ZS5, it being brought up again is really stupid.
  8. Mr Trev
    Absolutely. If I buy an iem that's advertising it uses 4 BA, 2 BA + 1 DD, 2 DD, etc. and later find out that some of the drivers do nothing but add window dressing, of course I'm not going to "enjoy" it
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  9. Mr Trev
    I also mentioned that I haven't been following the thread religiously.
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    It is easy to assume Chinese manufacturer is gonna cut corners. I mean it is more attractive to say your using 4 BAs instead of 3 or even 2 right? The honest truth is. There is simply too much competition among audio houses now a days to dupe anyone. Don't know if you guys have been keeping track of just how many new hybrids are out in the market now a days but hybrids are the new norm now you notice this? There are less and less single dynamics now a days. Can you guys imagine if there was such a thing as shutting down a few BAs to make it look like you have extra drivers. Lol. I wouldnt worry much about this.

    Chifi manufacturers arent out to dupe anyone. Sure they have copied some designs but what they learned from manufacturing these earphones are the movement we see today.

    They are getting better and better at it. And isn't this what we really want?
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  11. Zerohour88
    uh, I'm not sure if this is a joke or not, so I'll just say outright what my opinion is:

    people should pay for the sound+build+fit of IEMs, not the fancy marketing gimmicks they put out.

    It doesn't matter that an IEM have 20 drivers if it sounds like ass (or maybe it uses some fancy tech like those electret thing that seems to generate mostly a "meh" response from people who tested them)

    exactly. I mean, does people finding out after the fact that an IEM they thought had 4 drivers were really just 2 drivers somehow magically change the sound? yeah, its shitty on the part of company, but not much you can do about it

    plus, drivers are cheap, they can cram in as many as they want, its a matter of getting them to sound good that's the issue.
  12. CactusPete23
    Is it possible to paint IEMs (without vents) any color ? I may try this with some iems that have a poor finish on them...
    Think it's Great that you can be satisfied with the real Chi-Fi priced ones.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  13. Coyro
    I suppose the original point was that any fraud clearly affects your opinion on piece and seller. If your bride finds out her ring contains not a diamond but cubic zirconium - it will affect her opinion on the ring and you. Even if she can't see the difference herself.
    It's not about ring or sound, it's about lie and deceit.
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  14. Zerohour88
    hence my opinion, adjust your expectations on purchasing since we are talking in an audio forum, where sound is the main subject (and quite possibly the main thing people here would want to pay for)
  15. SciOC
    And then there is the translation problem to though. I always question tfz products because sometimes the English translation will say graphene one place and diamond in another or something else in another. The tfz no.3 says it's a diamond driver.... But who really knows?

    And now I'm seeing these carbon nanotube, berrylium, and "biological/cotton" (Tri i4 for instance) drivers that don't seem to have the right name either. That one elsewhere says it's Al/Mg....

    At least with BA drivers you can see that they are there on most builds.

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