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The discovery thread!

  1. Dcell7
    Got my DB3 yesterday and spent some short time with it. Had some more time today at the office for a longer session and they are quite good for the 16 euro i spent on it :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
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  2. HungryPanda
    You have to treat things sometime:

  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    How you liking that cable on the NX7 Panda? I got that last night will give it a go soon. By the way did the wife get the DB3 yet? Eager to read about her take on it.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  4. HungryPanda
    I really like the NX7 with this cable but I have to admit the V90 with a silver cable has taken up the last few days. She hasn't had much time to listen to the DB3 for any length of time yet
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  5. peter123
    That looks vaguely familiar :wink:

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  6. Broquen
    Don't know about the drivers, but the monitors body and the cable's slider and splitter are identical. HE100 has L plug and Plus MKII straight one, but I mentioned before that HE100 has some peak around 4k and it matches with I read about MKII too. BTW stock tip is the Semi-transparent dark one.

    Screenshot_2019-09-19-20-57-09-188_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg IMG_20190919_205256.jpg
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  7. jant71
    Got a bunch of $$$ to spend; $1,300 or so :) ...
    • World's first * multi-driver configuration / placement The world's first hybrid-type driver structure consists of a push-pull dynamic type and a balanced armature type developed and designed with our original configuration and layout (PAT.P). It is a combination.
      The hybrid type driver structure with dynamic type and balanced armature type is developed and designed with our original layout and configuration (PAT.P). Dynamic type driver adopts “DUAL PHASE PUSH-PULL DRIVERS” (Dual Phase Push Pull Driver) structure. It is composed of φ9.8mm and φ8.8mm drivers arranged face to face, and is firmly fixed with a brass stabilizer. φ9.8mm is designed as a dynamic driver for the full range, and φ8.8mm is designed as a passive radiator that enhances the sense of volume in the low range. Synchronizing the movements of the two diaphragms minimizes distortion and provides a playback sound that is faithful to the original sound.
      Two balanced armature type drivers are installed, contributing to the accurate reproduction of high frequencies as a super tweeter for super high frequencies.
      These drivers are formed in an ideal arrangement with the sound axes aligned in a straight line, creating a smooth sound connection as if it were being played by just one driver. You can listen to high purity and balanced sound across all bands.
      * As of September 2019, researched by Audio Technica.
    • Forged + cut full titanium body that combines ideal sound with excellent fit.
      Titanium is a rigid material that reduces unwanted vibrations and increases the purity of the sound. The body of ATH-IEX1 is made through five processes in order to make full use of this acoustic characteristic and to make it optimal for the human ear. It is cut and forged from solid titanium, precision machined, and then hand-polished one after another, and then anodized. The resulting titanium body is designed to fit naturally and comfortably with a high quality finish.
    • Detachable high-quality A2DC connector
      A2DC, a specially designed connector with excellent audio quality and durability. The connector tip is uniquely designed to eliminate sound interruptions and noise. Stable signals are transmitted for any movement, and sound information can be conveyed accurately. It can be used for a long time due to the durability that does not change even after repeated listening.
      A2DC: Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial
    • Ear hanger style with two detachable cables available • Adopts a wireless structure that fits the hanger part naturally to the ear by using the weight of the listening cable that is comfortable even for a long time in the ear hook style. Titanium housing is firmly fixed to the ear.
      ・ Choose two types of cables
      A 1.2m balanced cable (φ4.4mm 5-pole plug) and a 1.2m cord (φ3.5mm stereo mini plug) are included for use with Hi-Res audio players and balanced connection compatible headphone amplifiers. Provides a high-resolution sound with enhanced separation of left and right sounds.
      ・ Star quad stranded wire (φ3.5mm stereo mini plug)
      The high purity OFC (Oxygen Free Copper: Oxygen Free Copper) 1.2m cable that transmits accurate signals uses star quad stranded wires that are independent of L / Rch. Suppresses crosstalk on the left and right channels and reduces external noise.
      -Titanium plug sleeve that suppresses unnecessary vibrations Titanium is used not only for the housing but also for the sound outlet to increase the purity of the sound.
    • Customizable to your desired fit The two-stage adjustment mechanism of the earpiece and the Comply ™ foam earpiece provide the best fit. Improves comfort and sound quality over a long period of time, and provides a secure fit with little sound leakage.
      ・ Earpiece two-stage adjustment mechanism (two-position post)
      The sound outlet of the titanium housing is designed to hold the earpiece in two different positions. This makes it possible to adjust the depth of the earpiece that fits in the ear in two steps. You can choose the fit and sound quality to your liking.
      [​IMG] -Comes with Comply ™ foam earpiece for excellent sound insulation performance The material of the earpiece becomes soft at the body temperature of the person, and it adheres without pressing inside the ear. Improve sound quality. Three sizes (S, M, L) are available.
      ・ Includes 4 size (XS, S, M, L) silicone earpieces
    • Serial number is included. The serial number of each unit is laser-engraved on the product. Prove that there is only one headphone in the world.
    • Dedicated carrying case for carrying and storing Comes with a special case with excellent durability as a case to protect from scratches when carrying the headphones and as a storage that can be stored safely at home. All the accessories of this product can be stored.
    * We recommend this logo for products that conform to the high resolution definition of the Japan Audio Association. Logo is a registered trademark.
    Model Hybrid type
    driver φ9.8mm, φ8.8mm

    2 balanced armatures
    Output sound pressure level 102dB / mW
    Playback frequency band 5 to 50,000Hz
    Maximum input 3mW
    Impedance 5Ω
    Mass (excluding code) 19g
    Input terminal A2DC connector jack
    ● Accessories: Cord (detachable): 1.2m (φ3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug / L type)
    Balance cable (detachable): 1.2m (φ4.4mm gold-plated balance 5 pole / L type)
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  8. CactusPete23
    Wow, 5 ohm impedance is lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
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  9. CesarBR
    I can 100% relate to this! lol
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  10. CesarBR
    I agree with that.
    Listened to TFZ No3 of a friend a few days ago and still prefer my LZ A4... New gear isn't necessarily better gear...
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  11. CesarBR
    Is this the new C-16 nicehck cable?
  12. snip3r77
    Perhaps overview of your favs?
  13. Mr Trev
    So bear with me, I haven't been following the Chybrid scene much…

    How do these offering compare to the original Trinity Delta? It's the only hybrid I've owned or heard and I'm not sure if the Chybrid offerings are going to bring anything new/better to my ears.
    Do the multi-BA hybrids really make any meaningful improvement/difference?
    Finally, and this especially applies to the budget end of the spectrum, has anybody actually been able to confirm that these IEMs are actually using all the functional drivers that they claim to use? It'd kinda suck to buy a 4BA 1DD hybrid just to find out it only has a functional full range DD
  14. courierdriver
    Glad I could be of help. The No.3 have grown alot on me over the past couple months. It's taken a while...that single DD driver needs ALOT of break in, but once it does, it's really good. I still prefer the detail retrieval better on some of my other iems (like KPE and NX7), but the No.3 presents in a bit of a more warm, more soundstagey (if that's even a word...lol!), and bassy way. For certain kinds of music, it really ticks all the right boxes.
  15. courierdriver
    I have the NX7, and I luv em! Got the DB3 in cart now after reading some of these posts...along with 2 new Nicehck C16-1 SPC cables...one for this DB3 and one for my TFZ No.3. I will place my order on 11/11. For October, I'm getting a E1DA 9038S Gen 2 USB dac/amp and a power bank. Yeah, it makes my portable setup more complex...but I'm in this for the SQ.
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