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The discovery thread!

  1. baskingshark
    I'm not sure about these audio company contracts, but don't they usually have some form of anticompetition clause? Like u can't set up a company selling similar products within a few months of leaving?
    But whatever the case, I'm definitely looking forward to it. More competition is always good for us consumers on the bottom of the food chain!
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  2. courierdriver
    I'd be interested too. After just ordering and receiving a ES100 (and having to return it due to a defective 2.5mm output jack) from Amazon, I'd be very interested in this item. Only other option that I've seen is the E1DA 9038S, but this unit doesn't fit my needs for a portable solution. I'd have to purchase a power bank and then still affix it to my smartphone. I'm trying to free my phone up from extra large and heavy devices...in other words, I don't want to have to run a stack. This unit sounds like another better option. Hopefully, it will be better constructed than the ES 100 with a better quality build. In the brief time I had the ES 100, I wasn't a big fan of the plasticky build.
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  3. eclein
    Deciding between these two sets of iems. The price is virtually identical, but the specs differ....I’m trying to find out which sound better?
    The “Audiosense T800 and NiceHCK FR12, has anyone heard both? I rarely have this much extra cash and old age is creeping in so I wanna get the best “Sound”......
    T800 has 8 Knowles BA’s and Jim’s FR12 has 12 BA’s...
    Thoughts on which one set has the most amazing sound?
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  4. LMka
    FR12 has very pronounced sibilance region. In fact I must say that I have not heard any other iem which is so sibilance concentrated.
    T800 are V sound type, mostly bass + Treble oriented, female vocals also sound nice, but it lacks weight a little bit in lower mids.
    Jim also has NK10 which are harman target variation with smoothed out response, they sound like Fearless S6RUI but without that peak in high mids region.
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  5. peter123
    The E1DA is an excellent product (better sounding than the ES100 imo) but as you say also very different from the ES100. The IEM version of the E1DA will probably be a better option when it's released but Bluetooth is still the best option when on the move for me.

    Fwiw my ES100 is still going strong after 1,5 years. I use it pretty much every day and it's been with me on a lot of traveling all over the world world. The only problem was that the clip broke after about a year but otherwise its been holding up surprisingly well.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  6. peter123
    Let's see if they sound as beautiful as they look :wink:

    Tri I4 & Kbear Hi7:
    20190906_143852.jpg 20190906_143841.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  7. Otto Motor
    A few photos of the fabulous JVC HA-FDX1 on the grey blog.

  8. lgcubana
    If you have 'em, could you compare the HA-FDX1 to something with respectable low end. e.g. Kanas, Kanas Pro, TFZ No.3, SemKarch CNT1 or even anything KZ
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  9. Otto Motor
    Much more balanced and "substantial" sound than the Kanas Pro with their thin mids...considering the price difference between the two, I'd buy two JVCs. I was given the Kanas Pro for free and gave them away. I forked out $250 for the JVCs (after testing them). Nuff said.
    Considering the JVC's timbre, the KZs sound like plastic toys. My last JVC was the AS10 a good year ago, I gave up on KZ thereafter...the NiceHCK NX7 is a KZ but nah...no comparison.

    The rest of your models I don't know.

    The FDX1 beat all my single DDs hands down: iBasso IT01, Sennheiser IE40 PRO...oh, and it massacres the $600 Sennheier IE500 PRO.

    You may as well shoot yourself if you missed this one.
  10. lgcubana
    mDrop still has 201 units left

    What I'm concerned about is sub bass, with the JVCs. I'm probably in a less than even mindset right now, after wasting my time with the Tin P1; after all of the reviews tuoting their ability to respond to the full spectrum.
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Sub bass on a JVC earphone? I wouldnt worry. Never had a JVC earphone with weak rolled off bass. In any case you make a compelling argument Otto. I am in for a pair. I figure a great sounding dynamic is never a bad thing to own for the collecton.

    From what I am seeing the bass end will be nice but not bass heavy so keep that in mind.
  12. FastAndClean
    DLC and Carbon nanotube drivers can take a ton of bass EQ, if it is not enough you can bump up the bass and they will take it without problems
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  13. Otto Motor
    Bass is gigantic yet not overbearing. They found the right dosage...but, rest assured, the bottom end is biiiig.
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  14. assassin10000

    Are they easy to drive?
  15. nraymond
    How does the bass compare to TFZ’s best single DDs?
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