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The discovery thread!

  1. Coyro
    I'd say with v40 it's not bad either.

    I second that. They tend to doing well on a lower volume. Losing some "fun" factor, undoubtedly, but the clarity remains and the details still persists.
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  2. cqtek

    I had the honor to be chosen by NiceHCK to evaluate a pre-release of the DB3. And I must say that its tuning is very different from that of the NX7. Its FR is more typical and similar to the Harman curve.
    At first, and not knowing the price, I compared them with IEMs over $100. So, my first opinion was to extend the highs a little more, but not in gain, without peaks, but to raise the 6-8kHz zone a little more to give it a touch of brightness and a little more above to give it air.
    But when I asked the price for which it was going to be sold I was pleasantly surprised. Then I said: Don't touch the tuning! For that price it's great. It clearly competes with the Revonext QT2 and in my opinion improves it. And it comes close to my beloved BQEYZ K1 (without surpassing it).
    But now that it has come out I have seen its FR and it has been tuned by the same engineer as the one who tuned the NX7s...And I can no longer guarantee that it sounds the same...But that peak that appears between 7-9kHz scares me a lot...

    Compare yourselves:

    NiceHCK 3Drivers.png
    NiceHCK DB3.png
    NiceHCK 3Drivers vs Revonext QT2.png
    NiceHCK 3Drivers vs BQEYZ K1.png NiceHCK M6 vs NiceHCK 3Drivers.png
    NiceHCK 3Drivers vs Moondrop Kanas Pro.png

    After my incident with NiceHCK I will not evaluate this product for them, although I must say that the pre-release of the DB3 I have I like very much.
    To Caesar what is Caesar's.

    However, it may also be possible for the treble of my graphics to be more attenuated.
    You should know that the distance between the mouthpiece of the IEM and the edge of the microphone influences this sense. If the distance were smaller, the highs would have more gain. But, to maintain consistency, I always measure the IEMs with the same tips and at the same distance.

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
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  3. lgcubana
    If by incident, you mean their not valuing your opinion over their internal influence. What’s the harm in doing a review between the beta and the final product ?

    Might end up with a V2, that more resembles the beta.
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  4. cqtek
    There's no harm. It is only a matter of free time. It is ending my vacation and I already have reviews to write. So writing a review of a product that I don't know if it's production or not, for now it makes no sense.
    That doesn't mean that I can't give my opinion, which, in this case, and based on the unity I have, is very positive.
    What has a common profile? Yes, and it's true that within my collection this type of curve already makes me repetitive, but of course... not everyone can be like the Fiio FH7...
  5. Coyro
    It would be neat to see your opinion on a final version. From the vantage point of experience with the preview unit.
  6. cqtek
    Sorry, now I've understood the first part of your message. My incident with NiceHCK has nothing to do with my opinion and advice about DB3. That incident happened after that collaboration.
    In any case, whatever they did with my advice, I don't care too much, I don't consider myself an audio guru, just another audio enthusiast.

    And possibly they had other collaborators and put all the opinions in the cocktail shaker and then tuned the DB3.
    But in reality, this is talk for talk, since I don't have the final product to comment on it.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    I should be getting a retial version of the DB3. I do have my beta version as well. My input to them was that they sounded good for the price. With the NX7 already being more analytical in tuning I figured a more bassier take is not a bad thing for a cheaper phone.

    I will be able to tell if they had any sound tweaks for the newer version. Will post about it when I get the retail version.
  8. mbwilson111
    I ordered the DB3 today. I was not going to but could not resist. Too curious.
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  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I did get word that the DB3 retail version is infact retuned from the prototype I heard since May of this year.. So it seems Jim and crew are taking the more balanced approach to tuning vs bass first. Which is the best way to tune a phone at any level imo.

    This will be interesting once I get the retail version. I am also getting the new C-16 series cables that NiceHCK just introduced. Will let you all know how they are.

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  10. DBaldock9
    Is the DB3 above or below the NX7 in the NiceHCK product line?
  11. Dcell7
    If price reflects the product line it is below the NX7.
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  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Most definitely below but for a $20 spot it has its own sound. It wont be as detailed as the NX7 and bass dynamic they are using is a graphene vs carbon nanotube that is on the NX7. Graphenes has little to no difference in their ability to do bass end vs Carbon Nanotube as far as I have heard so it will more or less come down to the tuning.

    My prototype sounded more of your traditional consumer variant with much bass and decent amount of balance from mids to treble but I got word they retuned it to be more balanced overall meaning the lessened the bass a bit possibly upped the treble a touch in the process.
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    I find it interesting that these are tuned with the dynamics doing the core of the sound from bass to mids and the treble duties utilized by the single BA. The NX7 was done pretty much the same way. I am most definitley looking forward to hearing the final product. Even the prototype had much potential and now I heard they retuned them to be even better. Cant wait to hear them.
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  14. Otto Motor
    KB EAR HI7: have not listened to them yet. What's evident is that smooth matte feel of the metal earpieces that popped up first in the TRN V90. Must be the latest trend. And the eartips is also the same as in quite a few similar priced recent multis...all of them from the same factory?

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  15. chinmie
    if I'm not mistaken, this kind of finish has been going on in yester-years on higher priced iems. maybe the cost of making them has come low enough that they can produce them on the cheaper iems? i rather like this finish, a bjt tougher to scratches and less of a finger print magnet
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