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The discovery thread!

  1. jant71
    You like their cables...so how about an ISN earphone?!?!

    4 drivers hybrid earphone, United States’s Knowles 30095 and custom composite Balanced Armature and 9.2mm dynamic driver, $169


    Brand:ISN Audio
    Model: H40
    Drive Unit:3 Balanced Armature+1 Dynamic driver
    Sensitivity :110dB mW
    Frequency response :10-30khz
    Impedance :20ohm
    Connector: MMCX
    Plug: 3.5mm
    Cable length: 1.2M
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
  2. nraymond
    Yeah standard 2-pin is the way to go. NX7, TFZ, BLON BL-03, and Auglamour RT-3 all use this short, raised, rectangular (non-rounded) connector platform. Haven’t seen any third party cables with a shroud that fits over that yet.
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  3. tomscy2000
    The Radioso seems significantly more attractive an option.
  4. jant71
    Jim has some new cables kinda ISN-like...
  5. Ziggomatic
    If you're interested, check your email if you're on Penon's list. They're running a $50-off promotion (with code) through October.
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  6. courierdriver
    I just love my NX7 too, plugged into my Fiio Q1MK2, with a Nicehck 8 core copper balanced cable, and a set of Newbee foams. With the music I'm listening to most often lately (Motley Crue, Krokus, Bob Marley, Rihanna, Robert Palmer), and a bunch of other random downloaded Spotify albums; I'm totally luvin this set. I just discovered something about the NX7 that I also like...I can listen to em at lower volume levels, yet not miss out on anything. Isolation with the foams is great. Really happy I got these.
  7. courierdriver
    I knew immediately what you meant...Lol! But nice way to suggest what some call the "hype train"...even if it wasn't intended that way.
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  8. courierdriver
    C16-3 looks awesome, but already have ISN C16, so I don't think I need another. C16-1...I only have an 8 core Nicehck balanced that looks like it, which I'm currently using on my TFZ NO.3. And I like it alot. It has breathed new life into a rather bassy and dark sounding iem, that I wasn't liking too much. I wish I could find a good pure silver cable for around $45-50, with 2 pin and 2.5mm balanced connector. I'd love to see if that would help bring up the mids and treble, and tighten up the bass a bit more.
  9. courierdriver
    Agreed! I put a Nicehck SPC 2pin balanced cable on my NO.3 and it sounds alot better than with the standard cable. It works fine and fit of the cable to iem connector ends is pretty decent. Just be careful with your set and don't snag your cable on anything and you should be fine.
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  10. zachmal
    In case you folks are eyeing the TRN V90 and want to pull trigger on low price / sale:


    AK Audio Store has them on offer for 39 USD during the sale right now !

    The usual approach is to "Buy Now", then switch to "Other Payment", "Place Order" but then don't finalize just yet

    sending the store a message to adjust the prize.

    After that the new price applies during payment.
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  11. audio123
    Given the popularity of ISN Audio with their cables, they have released their debut IEM in the H40 and it sure packs a punch. When I first listened to the H40, colour me impressed given its asking price. Smooth yet engaging sound. Vocals are forward and there is a punchy bass expression. Treble is extended well with an airy presentation. Highly Recommended. :)
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  12. crabdog
  13. zachmal
  14. peter123
    Thanks to @FastAndClean I'm finally able to hear what the fuzz is all about :wink:


    Thanks again man!
  15. Dcell7

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