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The discovery thread!

  1. HungryPanda
    I have the NX7 plugged into my Lotoo Paw 5000 mk2 and they sound great, no, terrific.
  2. mbwilson111
    Are you on the train?
  3. HungryPanda
    Yes I am just passed Sidcup
  4. peter123
    courierdriver and DBaldock9 like this.
  5. mbwilson111
    Lol...some people might be happy to know that the NX7 can be enjoyed on the train:). But of course I just wanted to know when he will be home:)
  6. peter123
    Ha ha, I figured :)
  7. Otto Motor
    Is Lotoo Paw something rude?
    DBaldock9 likes this.
  8. HungryPanda
    No just a great sounding dap
  9. slowpickr
    I thought you meant the hype train LOL
  10. activatorfly
    In my opinion the proposed Cage Match between TRN V90 & NX7 should totally include (the cooler): Kbear Hi7!

    ...and re-name it: “Stage Match” haha! :)
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
    zachmal, DBaldock9 and HungryPanda like this.
  11. mbwilson111
    LOL... nope... the Real Train... on his way home from a 12 hour shift with the NX7 in his ears:)
  12. DBaldock9
    Lord Sidcup (ref: P. G. Wodehouse)
  13. activatorfly
    NX7th Earl of Sidcup - often known as "Spode" or "Lord Sidcup."
    Toastybob, DBaldock9 and HungryPanda like this.
  14. jant71
    Yeah ditch M6 and substitute Hi7 or Terminator instead. :)
    activatorfly likes this.
  15. earplug
    Oh, I was looking for some balanced cables for the NX7 on Aliexpress. I thought that I should be searching for cables with a QDC connection. If QDC is not compatible, then is standard 2-pin the only option?

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