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The discovery thread!

  1. courierdriver
    Yes. I'm seriously looking at buying this thing, but I'm looking for some impressions from someone who owns it. I've got it in my Aliexpress cart now. It's even being offered with the USB-C splitter, so it looks like a nice combo, and rather inexpensive compared to something like an Audioquest Dragonfly. Only thing I'm on the fence about is: how much power will this draw from my smartphone's battery? If I have to recharge my phone after only a couple hours of use, then that might be a dealbreaker for me.
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  2. Ziggomatic
    Quick update: I don't really do reviews, but at this price I would easily recommend this set to someone looking for a nice tight W signature with good extension on both ends. It's just really easy to listen to, and it's comfortable, affordable, and comes with usable accessories. Checks a lot of boxes for me. (This is the "bass enhanced" version.)
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  3. Coyro
    Nugs rolling, yep.
    Pfff... this one is for fun sound. Pfff... this one - for analytical. pfff... pfff... pfff... o shi~~~ This stuff is only for seasoned audiophile, don't try this at home. :laughing:

    They looks marvelous.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  4. Baten
    There's an impressions review on reddit just now https://old.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/csg5cc/e1da_9038s_portable_goodness/
    And yea, the DragonFly cobalt with ESS9038 is a joke compared to this with the same chip. E1DA will be a popular balanced portable item for sure.
    It's a masterful 9038 implementation :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  5. CactusPete23
    Thought I read that many smartphones don't have the power to drive this? And you need splitter with battery pack...
  6. peter123
    It does indeed use a noticeable amount of battery from my phone. I don't think it would be possible to get this amount of power otherwise. For longer listening sessions I'd recommend a splitter and an external power bank.
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  7. peter123
    It works with my Galaxy S8 but as already mentioned the battery drain is definitely noticeable.
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  8. Lurk650
    The E1DA PowerDAC needs the splitter to run from the smartphone bc you need the phone charging at the same time.
  9. HungryPanda
    I need to find a splitter of some sort, I'll look on Amazon
  10. courierdriver
    Thanks for your response. I may need to re evaluate this then. If I have to add a power bank to my phone and this dongle, this new stack may actually be bigger than what I currently am using...which is not ideal, and defeats what I'm trying to accomplish...which is to free up the back camera, reduce the overall weight, and regain my phone's functionality as a smartphone, instead of a host for music playback. Guess I'm stuck again with trying to find a Dap that has the power and functionality I want for less than $700 Cdn. I'd love an M11, but even that is over $700 right now, and it's in short supply.
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  11. Light - Man
    It sounds like the Hiby R3 might be right up your street (safely hopefully).
  12. Light - Man
    Hey Peter, are you sure that there is not a bat inside your new toy, sucking the life out of your battery?

  13. tomscy2000
    TO2 Audio TD40 AT --- anyone have experience with it? No? I thought so.

    Anyhoo, here's a brief rundown:
    • 4 BA (an ED-sized tweeter, an ED-sized midrange driver, and two CI-sized woofers), 3-Way, with two dip switches for tone shaping
    • Uses UE/UM/QDC-style extruded 2-pin connectors
    • Looks nicely made; packaging seems complete, with enough polish
    • FR looks decent enough
    • Price converted from RMB looks to be between $310 (discounted price) and $360 (MSRP)
    • Closest known comparison seems to be the BGVP ArtMagic VG4


    Here's a YouTube video introduction to their company:

  14. courierdriver
    I have looked into that unit, but if I recall correctly, the output power from the balanced out is less than that of the balanced out on my Fiio Q1MK2 dac/amp. I'm looking for an upgrade in power as well as a UI that will be at least as good as that of my smartphone. But thanks for the suggestion.
  15. peter123
    Ha ha, one can never be sure enough. If it's in there it's small that's for sure :wink:

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