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The discovery thread!

  1. Wiljen
    I think the OH10 is boosted a bit more and the plateau is a bit wider at that point as well,
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  2. courierdriver
    So, I put the NX7 aside for a couple of days and I'm playing with my TFZ No.3 instead. So far, these iems have been my least favorite of all I currently own. They have sounded rather dark and unrevealing to me. Tonight, I swapped out the stock 3.5mm cable, for one of my new cables... a Nicehck SPC balanced 2.5mm cable that @Dsnuts recd to me for the NX7. I ended up buying a pure copper version of that cable to use with the NX7, as well as this one he recd for it. I'm using the pure copper version on the NX7, and I installed the SPC version tonight on the No.3. I also swapped out the Spinfits CP145 large, for a set of Newbee large foams. Now we're talking! Sound has improved significantly. The cable swap has helped tighten up the bass, and has increased the mids and highs...so this iem no longer sounds as dark as before. The Newbee foams are a huge improvement to the Spinfits. The seal is way better. With the Spinfits, the mids and treble were too hot, and the bass only came out when I clenched my teeth. Listening to Bob Marley...Live at the Roxy at the moment. Bass is all I could ask for, and mids and highs detail is a huge improvement from before. Stage is not super wide, but depth is great. I can see this set as a great step up to something like a KZ ZS7. I was ready to give up on the No.3. Glad I stuck it out with them. They are really coming onto their own.
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  3. courierdriver
  4. courierdriver
    Sorry, I'm trying to upload photos but I don't think it's working
  5. courierdriver
  6. courierdriver
    I'm liking the TFZ NO.3 alot right now...but I still like a more detailed sound than what the No.3 is providing. Cable and tips swap has definitely improved overall sound...but I still like the KPE, ZS10 PRO, and NX7 more. Love the bass, but still find the mids and highs too subdued for my liking. This set was hyped as being a more bassy alternative to the Moondrop KPE, but imho, the reason it may sound more bassy, is cause it's mids and highs are more recessed compared to the KPE, and the other iems I currently have. Still, with a cable and tip swap, it's a quality set of phones.
  7. megapowa
    Yesterday I got the nx7.

    Anyone else find that stuff like cymbal is like next to you and the rest of the music is in the next room?

    Also many female voices is like "ssssssss" when they are singing loud.

    I'm using it with an asus Zenfone 5z.b

    Any way to reduce these poorly described things?
  8. superuser1
    I heard the NX7 briefly and i thought the upper mids and highs were a bit metallic and splashy ...
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  9. FastAndClean

    Change your tips, cable, dac, amp. Kill your cat and move to another house, after that the sound will be smooth with amazing details
  10. Coyro
    If I remember correctly some guys had the issues with the high Impedance phones on a zenfone 5z so I'd try to drive them with some dedicated DAC/DAP. Just for a test.
    And to change the record format is a must. But as a person that's allergic to cats I sincerely upvote your solution .

    PS l'm on a vacation and my nx7 are waiting for me at the post office.
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Try more than one source. Lol.
  12. Otto Motor
    Coming to a blog near you and to Head-Fi, soon. The brand new TRN V90. The boxes are being printed as we speak. Yet another crazy priced 4+1 at below/around (but not above) $50. Goes on worldwide sale on Monday. I presume it is intended as competition to the similarly priced KZ ZS10 PRO...and TRN obviously tries to outdo KZ with the build. And I heard from a reliable (independent) source that the V90s are tuned well.

    Let's look back: TRN had hits and misses in the past. The TRN V80 had a really crunchy, well layered bass (the Head-Fi showcase page has a rather unbelievable 54 K views), I didn't fancy the bassy, muffled TRN V60. Personally, I am more a single dynamic-driver guy in the lower price categories and skeptical towards large numbers of (cheap) drivers. Let's see what the V90s can do in terms of timbre.

    As to comparisons: unfortunately (in this context), I don't know (and am not interested in) the KZ ZS10 as I had given up on KZ in the summer of 2018 after having lost the overview over their models and brand derivatives with always the same disease: recessed mids and screaming upper midrange...while simultaneously modding single DDs such as the totally unknown Japan-only Alpex HSE-2000 (there are other forums; its a big big world). But I have the NiceHCK NX7 and M6 to play with, both probably high bars for the V90.

    The question will be: another leap forward in the multi-driver budget segment or trying too hard? All I can say for now: photo on box makes them look appealing.

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  13. activatorfly
  14. megapowa
    Hmm I only have this phone and some other older phones and a laptop. :/
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    You can snap up something like this for cheap that will amplify your source. Even from a phone or even your laptop.

    Fiio A3. I own one of these and this little amp is excellent for the price. See if you can track one down online or even in our sales forum. Recently seen a used Fiio A5 being sold for $60 on our sales forum. That is a steal of a deal on something like that.

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