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The discovery thread!

  1. Folly
    He ordered the DZ12 counterpart from the banned store. Its also a 12BA iem
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  2. zikarus
    Why not say so then. HQ12 is not the same as DZ12..
  3. Kitechaser
    To all the people that have the DM6. For tips, try a defoamed symbio w.
    I kid you not, if it fits your ears right, will make you the happiest little iem gremlin on the face of the planet.
  4. rendyG
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  5. paulindss
    For you guys with short money. Reaching for the first +100$ iem and thinking of stretching yourselves to get dm6 instead of a more comfortable priced dmg, my take is. I have a DMG and a tehnz p4 pro, a cheaper sidegrade to dm6. So I have a v-shape and a flat iem that is very close to dm6 and a sidegrade if you looking only for flat signature without exceptioal bass and ability for eq. Even then when i enter here i want so much to get the dm6. The fact is that you can't avoid the hype. The "need" to get dm6 it is a trap of our emotions.

    BUT. every time i plug my DMG's or the othsr iem in my ear that consumist wish vanishes and i became more relaxed. If you are coming from a budget perspective they are THAT GOOD. You will be flattered every time you put them on.

    you will be MORE than satisfied with DMG'S. The "need" to get dm6 is irrealistic IF you are on a budget and don't exactly have the money for dm6. If you have money to spend, just go for the better and grav dm6...

    I can't imagine how "much" better the dm6 can be than my p4 pro. Even then i want them in the future, but i know the difference will be small and i have absolutely no rush to do that. Because i am more than satisfied, as you will be to.
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  6. jant71
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  7. archy121
    Symbio W defoamed ?

    Do you a link and picture please.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  8. geagle
  9. archy121
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  10. kova4a
    Or you might just get a whole bag full of cheap iems.

    On the other hand, I was super hardcore this year and didn't buy anything on 11.11. AE might revoke my platinum membership soon. Btw, joybuy had some very good deals too like sony zx300 for sub-$300, ak70 for 250 and such.

    edit: Turns out I'm not so hardcore
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
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  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh wow your a pioneer. First to get one of these. Looking forward to your take on them. I didn't check but did they have a discount for them yesterday?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
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  13. aspire5550
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  14. kova4a
    Schiit, now, I'm super curious too.
  15. Kitechaser
    Curiosity killed the cat you know

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