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The discovery thread!

  1. Nabillion_786
    Oh yes, been waiting for this type of impression before pulling the trigger. I also had the it01 before and am looking for an upgrade over that. How do the vocals and soundstage compare to the dm6? because I just did not like the it01s vocals because it sounded recessed and thin to me. Also need a big soundstage for movies.
  2. eggnogg
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Aha you beat me to it. I will be getting a review sample of the M6. It looks like it is made by the same OEM that did the DMG. The graph posted on the site looks identical to the DMG tuning as well. I will most definitely know if that is any different. FW6 I have no idea about. Will ask Jim about those.
  4. eggnogg
    waiting comparison ^^

    on the other news, TFZ my love III



  5. papa_mia
    I might have to unsubscribe from this thread, I mean same s**t with the same configurations made by different brands pops up every day.
    Every day.
    This is bad for my health, and my wallet.
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    This M6 was out of the blue. This is a bit strange to me. The shells the configuration is identical as is the graph. It is a bit odd that NiceHCK has their own version of the same earphone.

    But in hind sight. BGVP sidy seems to be a generic name for the OEM that makes these earphones. DM5, DS1 both have generic versions of them which are sold by different names. Don't know if the generic versions are all the same earphone but with different badging.

    I know that Jim probably frequents this thread. From what I understand Chinese OEMs will sell the designs to companies as long as they are willing to buy. Rules of design infringement or copied designs are thrown out the window in China.

    So in other words. What we got here is a NiceHCK version of the DMGs. There are subtle design changes I noticed on the shell but it is the same housing with different colors. Don't know if the BAs or the dynamic is the same.

    The only way we will know is when I get a hold of them and hear them. I will be able to tell if it is the same phone.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    FW6 I don't think it has anything to do with the DM6. DM6 has 5 BAs the FW6 has 6. Seems to be a new design for NiceHCK and not an alternate version.
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  8. aspire5550
    Information that I got from a friend who had a chat with someone who is familiar with the chinese factories.

    In a summary, there are plenty of factories making earphone in china. Since the whole Chifi scene is super competitive, they can't really sell their own earphone done by their own R&D because they are not a popular brand.

    So what happens is they will see which other popular brand wants their design and the factory manufacture it but slap on popular brand.

    Which in this case, probably NIceHCK approached these factories and came out with something niceHCK branded but similar with other company.

    Which also explains why there's a common design but with multiple brands and with slight differences in the chifi market. One good example is the KZ EDR1 shell which happens to have many many different brands selling something which looked like the same thing in aliexpress,amazon and ebay.
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  9. facethemusic88
    Its all about the no. of BAs and/or DDs in a shell of a earphone. Lets see how these sound.

    trn audio has a new one out. i am not sure if someone here has mentioned it earlier. its TRN IM1 if i recall correctly. Single BA DD
  10. zeppu08
    I guess they do now.. try contact penon..

    AC7F61F9-37D1-428E-9A45-688C09264307.jpeg D45552DA-8432-485C-A926-F37CA4CAC452.jpeg
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  11. FastAndClean
    oh no
  12. thefallenangelx
    Tried the Symbio W M size instead of L: even if the fit is much better, bass is much more recessed now...
  13. papa_mia
    There's no way that you get a better fit but worse bass response. These two thing should come hand in hand.
    Are you sure the fit is actually better?
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  14. josesol07
    DM6 vocals are more leveled than on IT01; DM6 is not mid centered, but vocals don´t sound thin to me. But that´s me, with my old 60 years old ears and hearing limited to 12,5 Khz
    Currently I am having a hard time finding a tip that does not stay in my ear canal when retiring the IEM. The stem is ridiculously short.
    Regarding soundstage DM6 has more depth and portraits ambience better, and more 3D if I could say so.

    Now, "big soundstage for movies".. As a movie lover, I have spent years looking for a satisfactory solution for a headphone-based surround sound system, and after trying several systems (not too many available actually) I finally found it, Smyth Research Realizer. Here we are talking about soundstage of several feet . A room filled with sounds using headphones.... Just magical. Best purchase ever by far...
    Sorry for sidetracking this thread
  15. thefallenangelx
    Just understood the M size fits perfect on me with DM6. But still, i need to carefully listen to them. Finschi today is better vs DM6, for me.
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