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The discovery thread!

  1. archy121
    Sorry but i cant recall if you have got around to trying out the DM6 - If so can you make a comparison please ?
  2. mathi8vadhanan
    I normally use 'L' and like a shallow fit. But, with audbos P4, I had to go 'S' to get a comfy fit and proper seal. So, do try the 'S' as well.
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  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Nope never got the DM6. I was considering them a while ago but after my trip to Can Jam this year. I spent a boat load of money to get my Andromeda S and even more so to get my Solaris.

    I am sure the DM6 might be a nice step up from the P4 pros. But just how much of a step up I am not certain. Everyone seems to be happy with their DM6. For me the price of the P4 Pro on MD was a great deal. Glad I got a pair.
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  4. totte
    I dont know but from judging from this post by BGVP Thailand it should be possible. Google translate is a little sketchy with thai but it would seem like there is a full custom version for twice the price.

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  5. paulindss
    In my journey to convince myself to not get a dm6, i managed to get some people that own both to say that they are a side grade.

    The aquiles heel of p4pro is the bass. Hbb said to me one time if you DON'T care about the problem in eq they are most on par. He can change mind Anyway...
    Other user here that own both said he prefer tehnz p4 for the flatter bass, and after some time said they like both equaly.

    You guys in the us that can get tehnz for 79 have a steal in front of you. The earphone have been compared to +200$ iems a lot of times.

    Anyway, i still want a dm6 but it will have to wait a looong time lol.
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  7. ncristia
    I use the symbol w, large but with the foam removed on the Finschi and it works very well. Have the DM6 on hold for 11/11, hope it is as good as the Finschi but with a different sound. What say you@thefallenangelx between the DM6 and Finschi?
  8. archy121
    No worries mate. I pulled the trigger myself and now in for a long wait as they are coming from aliexpress.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
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  9. josesol07
    Just received BGVP DM6. Ordered clear blue shell and it looks beatiful. Using the tips that came installed, They fit like a glove, lucky me!!
    Very initial impresions using Caying N3 as source and Flac files: with less than 2 hours burn in, they don´t sound like crap to me. .
    Played some Jazz (Bele Bele in Havana, with extraordinare cuban pianist Chucho Valdez), Sheffield Lab's solo drums and some pop and rock tracks.
    Bass is textured and detailed and aligned to midrange level; love the smooth transition from bass to midrange; which I don´t find recessed at all (YMMV)
    Find midrange detailed and smooth and like the way ambience information is retrieved.
    Now the trebble, with some material I sense a rough edge, but also aligned to the rest of the spectrum.
    Did a quick comparison to Ibasso ITO1, it shows how elevated the bass in the latter is, and how much more detailed midrange is on DM6.
    Is DM6 a clear upgrade to IT01? At this stage I don´t know, too early to say.
    So far very happy with the purchase; placebo or not, they will go for weekend burn-in, and tip rolling to hopefully improve treble response
    Purchased from LSR-Direct via Amazon, took 3 weeks from China to forwarder in Miami, and 1 week for delivery to South America.
    Sorry guys, but not good putting in English words my impressions on DM6 (or any other for that matter)
    Again, thanks for DM6 recommendation from this community
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  10. paulindss
    Let's say that i am having a good afternoon...

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  11. paulindss
    This is a topping a30, it is running from a diy tda1305 cheap dac untill my d10 arrives.

    The amp have a huuuge output impedance on 3,5mm Jack. 30ohms, So i expected to iems sound like ****. It didn't happened. Tehnz p4 became boomier, Haven't hear the bgvp yet. Tin audio sounded good. Not at all really bad, more like.. different.

    I am gettinf a 6,35mm adapter to use the other output, with 10 ohm output impedance, far from ideal. But the plan is getting a voltage divider to reduce the output impedance. A device like IFI IEMmatch. So it will be perfect.
    I looked to a diy tutorial and looking for the parts on aliexpress. Once my topping d10 dac arrive and the voltage divider be ready. The setup will be perfect for me.

    My aim with this amp was full size headphones, a he4xx that is arriving soon, but with a voltage divider it will be a universal budget setup.

    The surprise was plugging my faaeal 64ohm earbud on the jack. They sounded BIG, awesome. I am using them for like an hour and could'nt take off. I had given up on earbuds but now i'll certainly be looking for a high impedance pair. Any recommendations ? It needs to be cheap.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  12. FastAndClean
    Let me put one pic as well
  13. FastAndClean
    i really like in ears, they are a lot more comfortable for me than a full size headphones, i have HE500 and the sound is fantastic but that schiit heavy, i am moving to in ears and i know that more expensive chi fi have a lot of potential, i will trow some paper on 11.11 to see what will happen
  14. loomisjohnson
    he 150--very good
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  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I found a great use for the Opera Factory OM1

    These are like THX speakers in the ears. They make splendid movie watching iems. Lol. Gaming is a blast with these too.

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