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The discovery thread!

  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Already spend almost $300 today. Lol. Do I need another item?

    $56 on sale. Cheapest I have seen this little amp. Any word on the interwebs on this item?

    Wayne. I say go with either one. Though I think the RT1 will have the better isolation. I do notice the bass gets a bit muted out doors when using the DM5. The benefit of the DM5 is that you can use your new cables you can buy today with them being mmcx. The RT1 I will get soon but I have no idea which 2 pins will work on that earphone.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  2. dweaver
    LOL, I have been debating the DM5 vs RT1 as well anyone own both who can chime in? I like the looks of that RT1...

    So I placed an order for the RT1 with AG1-BT for the lower price and put in a comment asking if I was getting both units in the order.

    When I went to place the order it said it was frozen and now when I look at the order it says it is closed. Does this mean it worked or failed?
  3. jant71
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Thanks for the link. Ya today needs to end. I keep on clicking onto Aliexpress.

    For guys purchasing today. It is a good idea to make an account so you can look at your previous order. I notice that you can order stuff if you have Paypal on a lot of the items however if you don't have an aliexpress account there is no way to look at what you ordered or track anything they ship to you.

    I would message the vendor and see if they got your order.
  5. snip3r77
    RT1 I believe only a few dollars off as it's a NEW model. So perhaps getting else you may have better mileage
  6. doctorjazz
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    So there is little to no read on the rhythmos SD7 which is the hybrid version. But what is reassuring is there was a few Japanese buyers on Ali that threw in their one sentence comments. All positive, which is all I have to go by seems to be a good earphone that I am getting. Fingers crossed. I am very surprised there is zero exposure on them if they are decent. Not too many 5 driver hybrids that one can buy for $125. It is a shot in the dark but so was the DM5 for me. So I have hopes.

    I would call todays deals on ALi a good one. Managed to get some nice cables for not much money. In fact I am still pondering if I should get some more. One can never have too many cables.

    I think if I came across the SD7 last year I would have been more skeptical but with my experience with the DM5 has me wondering how good Chi fi can get. I am hoping the SD7 will be several steps up from the DM5 but will have to wait the 3 weeks to get my order to find out. I am also looking forward to the RT-1. From all indications it will be a solid iem to tinker with. Will have to wait till I get them to figure out what balanced cables I will need to try them in balanced.
  8. DShim
    Order placed for RT-1 and Svara Red, and now the waiting game begins.
  9. snip3r77
    What about the Super Audio 5 or 6?
  10. snip3r77
    You know you can buy a higher tier if you spend on ONE right ?
  11. DShim
    I prefer variety for now since I've having so much fun with my ZS6 after EQing the treble harshness of cos, plus i'm saving up and planning on getting my first planar magnetic for Xmas (very likely either the MrSpeakers ÆON Flow Open-Back or Audeze iSine 10/20). Btw which other IEMs were you gonna recommend @snip3r77 just out of interest? Still a couple of hours before 11.11 ends :wink:
  12. snip3r77
    I got the TFZ king
    You can consider the vsonic gr07
  13. Lurk650
    Lol this thread has turned into Chinese Gear Pt. 2
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  14. superuser1
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  15. peter123
    Nice! Those were my first choice as well but sanity got the better of me and I ended up only getting some pads. I've got a B400 on order so I'd figured that I'd se how I like those before ordering any more IEM's.

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to hear your thoughts about them as there's always a next time :wink:

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