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  1. jant71
    $99 for the King usually, IIRC.
  2. snip3r77
  3. snip3r77
    I was thinking in between these 2

    TFZ King
  4. waynes world
    Fwiw, before today I just figured that "mmcx" was all that there was for connectors. I didn't realize that there are also "2-pin" and "RT 2-pin" etc type connectors (not having much in the way of replaceable cable gear). Are there other important permutations to be aware of?

    Last Friday night after a glass of wine, I bought the NICEHCK HB1 bluetooth mmcx cable for a good price and some Senfer PT15 earbuds to go along with it. Then I discovered that the cable is an "over ears" design which probably won't work too well with most earbuds. Oh well I thought, I can probably fix that. Or else maybe I'll just use them over-ears with my cheapo ZS3 iems (I never really looked at their connectors before). Or maybe use it with those nifty RT1's.

    But noooooooooo! Now I now see that the ZS3 are using "some sort of 2 pin" connectors, and the RT1's are using "RT 2-pin" connectors. And if I see some earbuds that might work okay overears, I'll have to be careful, because it ain't as simple as "all there is, is mmcx connectors".

    I'm not sure what the moral of the story, but it might have something to do with wine lol
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  5. HungryPanda
    Ourart Ti7 are over ear mmcx
  6. waynes world
    Thanks! You never lead me astray, so I'll check them out :)

    I'll ask you more about them in the earbuds thread.
  7. Ahmad313
    The sudden fall starts from 5khz looks really strange to me ,
  8. vladstef
    That graph looks seriously bad but it's probably just an uncompensated unscientific measurement for a promo material (no idea why they are using it). As far as I can tell from a few impressions we currently have, it has a measured high end enough to be clear and nowhere near sibilant. I ordered my pair today from NiceHCK, colorful version with BT module costs around 45$ while other colors with BT are more expensive.
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  9. Vin$ent
    NiceHCK is the only shop which had the BT+colorful RT-1 bundle for that price. It's also the exact same price as for the bluetooth cable itself. I'm pretty sure it's an incorrect price. :thinking:
  10. jant71
    Interesting to see what happens. Before coupons the RT-1 is $49.50 on NiceHCK so getting a free BT or a BT and free RT-1 would be generous but doesn't seem likely.
  11. Ahmad313
    Nice, want to see a full review ,
  12. vladstef
    I bought this on NiceHCK, colorful RT-1 and BT module. If it's a mistake, it's on their part, from my perspective it might be some very nice promotion (It's more than obvious that it's a mistake). Best case, everything goes smoothly as they do receive payment and send everything that they should, worst case I receive only BT module and I complain as the description says differently... This is an ethical limbo pretty much.
    It's been on this price for a couple of days, maybe it really is some weirdly good promo price....

    Also ordered ASRJ AM09. This one is a mystery and I suspect I might be the first to give an impression here. The seller told me it's Knowles based BA (obviously not by Knowles directly), it could be a really good Etymotic-like sound for dirt cheap price (at least now on 11.11). I've heard some really good things about these new Chinese BA drivers based on Knowles and Sonion which are about the same for many times lower price.
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am good for an order of a silver RT1 and 3 cables. Lol. Get em while they're hot!!
  14. doctorjazz
    Any links?
  15. BenF
    After months of being sold out, last night the TakstarAudio store at Aliexpress listed Takstar Pro 82 as back in stock:
    The price is unbelievable - 75$ after a 3$ store discount!
    You can take it down to 70$ or even 65$ with Aliexpress coupons (regular ones, not the "select" ones):

    I have chatted with the store, and they assured me they they really have stock. Other stores often list Pro 82 just to draw attention, but they don't really have any stock.
    They have 30, seven are already gone in 12 hours.
    It's unclear if/when they'll have more.

    If you are looking for a headphone that can throw punches with Fostex TH-900MK2 (and even beat it sometimes), here is your chance.

    Here is my updated comparison with TH-900Mk2:
    Comparison with Fostex TH-900MK2

    Here are other comparisons:
    Comparison with CAL!
    Comparison with Bosshifi B8
    Comparison with ISK HP2011
    Comparison with NVX XPT100/Brainwavz HM5/Yoga CD-990
    Comparison with B&O H6
    Comparison with Philips X2 (by OscarPaz)

    Full Pro 82 review is here:
    Pro 82 review
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