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  1. waynes world
    I could be wrong, but it looks to me like the RT-1 requires the 2 pin connectors, and the DM5 requires the mmcx connector.

    It looks like with that AGT-B1 bluetooth band, you can get three types of connectors. So you would need the AGT-B1 band, plus the 2-pin and the mmcx cables.

    Based on the ad that I linked above, it's not clear to me if the AGT-B1 cable comes with both types of cables, or if you have to decide on one or the other.

    Edit: I see that jant is discussing that here:
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  2. bjaardker
    For funsies I decided to pick up my old pair of JVC s500's and give them a listen. Color me surprised. Unlike so many headphones, these don't sound "dated" at all. The sound is spacious with good resolution and a really nice subbass kick. I forgot how much I enjoyed the sound sig of those JVC CNT devices.

    If you still have your HA-s500s give them a listen again. It's totally worth it.
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  3. jant71
    Yep, and shame since you have to jump on things in this market as fast as it moves. You have only so much time to make money on a fresh idea before others start to do it as well. That AG didn't have it set up right away to take advantage of the AGT-B1 design is gonna cost them some $$.

    Hope that those new Vsonic are an nice evolution of the CNT headphone and don't have any of the Vsonic build hiccups that happen at times though headphones are a different form factor so who knows what to expect. Still haven't heard the price yet either. Have high hopes for these.

    On the RT-1 front they were great today. Out in the Northeast US in one of the first cold and blustery days. RT-1 above average potential isolation really kept it at bay. Muted to where you have that good disconnect where you feel it and see stuff blowing around but your sense of hearing isn't on the same page :) Of course the RT-1 have a roomy stage. Above average just not the biggest for width and height but good separation. So, even with very good isolation they don't sound closed in or claustrophobic.

    The cable, I am happy to report, did not stiffen in the cold but stayed very pliable.

    Passing all the tests so far and still growing on me. Encourage people to grab them tomorrow.
    Photo of the pouch and more of the accessories...
    IMG_0536.JPG IMG_0537.JPG IMG_0541.JPG
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  4. waynes world
    You mean grab them NOW (it's 11/11 in China now).
  5. jant71
    True, true. It has already begun as we are 6 hours or so in already.

    Edit: Though it depends on the seller perhaps as I was just trolling NiceHCK for a cable and the sale prices don't begin for 9 more hours :)
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  6. waynes world
    So what you are saying is that what they are currently advertising the following:

    1) bluetooth band + mmcx cables for $52.20
    2) bluetooth band + "RT" 2-pin cables for $52.20
    3) bluetooth band + "other" 2-pin cables for $52.20

    And if you needed one bluetooth band but both the mmcx and the RT 2-pin, cables, you'd have to pay for (1) and (2) and end up with 2 bluetooth bands.

    If so, yeah, that's dumb. They also need options to buy the various cables separately.
  7. dweaver
    I agree it would better if they allowed you to buy it all as one kit, or at least but the other cables separately.

    I just want to make sure I am understanding the site/app. I am seeing the sale as not staring for another 9 hours according to the countdown timer. Or is that when it ends?

    Also when I pick the option "Colorful with AG1-BT" that's the BT collar, plus cables, plus RT-1 colorful, correct?
  8. waynes world
    I guess the sale starts in 9 hours, which probably coincides with when the store opens for business.

    It looks that way to me. But the "11.11 Sale Prices" sure seem strange. All of the options shown in the below spoiler are $52.20. Really?



  9. jant71
    Nope, $78.30 for both the RT-1 and the BT. Add it to the cart and it will show the price. $52 is only the RT-1. Of course get coupons to drop it some more.
  10. dweaver
    That's why I am hopeful that it comes with the RT-1. If it does that's one hell of a price! Then wait and see if I can buy the round MMCX cable later...
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  11. dweaver
    when I go to buy I am seeing $57.28 for the price?
  12. vladstef
    I've seen this and it appears to be a mistake, other sellers have BT module + IEM at a higher price. I don't really know if this is abusable but it kinda looks like it could be the case until they fix it. It is only for a colorful version, which adds to my point of it being a mistake.

    EDIT: it was only for a colorful version today, but now sale price is similarly low for every color in combination with bt module. This right here might be a deal of the year...
    EDIT2: when you put it in cart, it fixes its sale price to something more reasonable, but, it doesn't for the colorful version + bt module, which is apparently 45 euros tomorrow
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  13. dweaver
    OK I think it depends on the store. I was using store NiceHCK and I think Jant71 is using AoshidaHIFI
  14. jant71
    Yeah, I added the silver plus BT to my cart to get the 11/11 price displayed. Had removed it but it was listed under NiceHCK with the cables I had from there as well but not positive as I wasn't paying attention to the seller as much as the price when I add it to my cart. Just adding stuff to get coins to redeem for coupons :)
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  15. snip3r77
    Usually what is the price for TFZ King?

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