The discovery thread. New Fender Puresonic 2018 earphones pg2463

  1. vladstef
    I am slowly getting hyped about Rhythmos, SD6 and SD7 obviously punch above their weight and SD7+ might be the best they've got. Looking forward to your comparison between these 2, the differences will probably be much more audible than the naming would suggest.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    This is the reason why I ended up getting the Rhythmos SD7 plus. An unheard of 7 BAs per housing. While I am certain the BAs they are using is not top shelf stuff. My SD7 hybrid sounds amazing for the price. I would imagine the plus would have a more advanced tuning over the older hybrid model.

    Plus it was $166. I told myslef if the phones came anywhere near $160 I was gonna bite. Cheapest I have seen them thus far actually.
  3. jant71
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  4. HungryPanda
    First thing I did when I got them was change for a nice copper one I bought during the ali sales
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  5. ericp10
    Just received my Ibasso IT01 in the mail today. I'm thinking hard (real hard), but can't up with any earphones that sounded better to my ears for about $100. I can't wait to hear what burn in brings to these babies. Happy listening.
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Burn in for the IT01 is for real. IBasso suggests 120 hours but I would go for 150. I do noticed better clarity and separation. Tighter bass which ends up making the mids sound more forward than on open listen. IT01 also happens to be one of the better earphones to go balanced with. Glad to read your digging on em ericp. They seem to get better and better the more you use them. IT01 has easily surpassed my expectations on them. And your right it is tough to figure out another $100 earphone that comes close to them.
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  7. superuser1
    I really wanted to get them but i read so much about spikey highs and hot highs and aggresive highs. My warm sound preference cringed and cried at the possibility of no sub bass rumble too. It cried, ignored still sitting on the fence. :wink:
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Highs have some emphasis but not spiky. It is not a fatiguing sound. Extension is ideal in treble. No sub bass rumble? I have no idea where you read that but IT01 will rumble in the sub reagions with ease. They have sub bass emphasis more than mid bass emphasis. Sub bass is actually one of it's strong suits.
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  9. superuser1
    Well thats exactly what i was looking for, some decent non ear piercing treble and a sub bass presence without that extending into the mid bass region. Aarrgghh thanks for lending a helping hand in yet spending more :D
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  10. Pete7874
    I can fully support the above statements based on my personal experience with IT01.

    As usual, proper fitment is key to achieving good bass.
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Hey if I can lend to the audio delinquency of others. What better purpose for the discovery thread?

    In all seriousness the IT01 represents an achievement for Ibasso. Considering it is their 2nd earphone they have ever produced. They are clearly showing they know sound. It01 is an easy recomendation for something new. Something definitely exciting. It is not a boring sound.
  12. ivo001
    The Dynamic Motion DM200H is up on Massdrop for $149,99.

    Only review I found was made by @crabdog .
    Do you still have these and have your opinions changed on it?
  13. crabdog
    The DM200H is incredible. It's usually my daily driver in fact. For $149.99 it is a steal IMO.
  14. JuanLuis91

    Any cable recommendation to slightly increase the brightness in treble of Oriveti Basic?
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    I would try a silver coated copper cable. Silver does a great job with giving a wamer/ darker phone some extra needed transparency and you should notice a bit more clarity in the overall sound as well. They are pretty common online. Also try a more open nozzle tip something like a JVC Spiral dot tips to open up the treble end a bit more with an added benefit of lowering a bit of mid bass which ultimately balances the sound on a lot of iems.

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