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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

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  1. warrenpchi Administrator
    Then I would imagine that pairing your Tera with a_rec's XBA-40 would be particularly horrendous.  [​IMG]
  2. jazzerdave

    I tried my damnedest to find some sort of hum, buzz, or any other noise not directly related to the audio signal, and any time I found anything, it was directly related to my tubes and was present with all of my headphones - including the HE-6.  My only real thought toward explanation is that there's either some variation in the manufacturing tolerance of the parts (and I really lucked out) or I just need some more sensitive cans to test it.  At this point I'm not particularly inclined to worry about it since it's not affecting me; I just feel bad for those who have experienced the hum (like yourself).  I guess it's also possible that the noise floor isn't low enough at my house, but I did test it in my back room that's rather quiet.  Now my Decware CSP2+ has some serious hum that will necessitate repairs. 

  3. jgray91

    Answering that a game has a twist in of itself is kind of a spoiler I think. Now I would may be rushing for the twist. It's also something that I have a problem with recommending (and/or reading about) anime that relies on twists or deconstruction of genres. Sure there's not a lot of it that I remember watching, and the last one that left an impression is Madoka Magica, but even then... I just felt that spoiling that there's a twist, or what the tropes are that the twist employs is a detriment, but at the same time without telling about that, a recommendation wouldn't be interesting.

    And going on with anime for a bit, spring season is in earnest now, and there's one show that made the rounds of animedom that instills such rage as if it killed your favourite pet: Aku no Hana a.k.a. The Flower of Evil. It's an manga adaptation that took inspiration from the French poem of the same name by Baudelaire; mainly it centres on decadence and the mockery of virgin purity in teenage life.

    While the premise is interesting, I never really read it for some reason. I will be sticking with the anime though since the adaptation is like this:

    The "slap in the face" feeling of the fans that expected the anime to be a pure, clean adaptation is so good. In a sense, the decision to use rotorscoping for this anime in of itself is highlighting how decadent animedom has been lately with regards to a middle/high school setting. Almost always that most would expect such a setting to be comedy, school romance, incest, harem, walking sex fetish or all of that and almost always with a pointless story-line coupled with an artstyle engineered to be appealing to the lowest common denominator. Not that I can see how this anime will shake the industry enough to make a change in trends, but this is yet another break from the circlejerk that clamours for more same "school life comedy romance harem" themes that are already legion.

    Legally the show can be watched simulcasted at Crunchyroll starting Apr. 8 for subscribers, but non-subscribers can watch it a week later. There's no need for a registration to watch it, although the video quality will be limited to SD, even for registered non-subbers (that's me).
  4. james444 Contributor
    Actually, there are two potential issues with the Tera Player, high output impedance and capacitors in the output stage.
    High output impedance (OI): The TP's headphone ports are rated 10 and 20ohms. This will affect the frequency response of IEMs with a non-linear impedance curve. Usually, dynamic drivers have rather linear impedance, like e.g. the IE800. If you look at the IE800's impedance curve (first graph), you'll see pretty much a straight line. That means the IE800 will not be affected by high OI. Now look at the 334's impedance graph, which is far from a straight line. That means the 334's frequency response will be affected by high OI and they may sound off as a result.
    Capacitors in the output stage: The TP has been reported to having capacitors in the output stage and not being able to drive phones < 50ohms properly. The result is bass roll-off, which gets gradually worse with lower impedance. Note that this affects all types of IEMs, dynamic drivers as well as BAs. For instance, the 16ohms IE800 show a substantial reduction in bass when driven from the TP.
    So, in a nutshell, BAs are hit or miss with the TP and all phones < 50ohms will show some bass roll-off. The 32ohm ones less severe so than the 16ohm ones.
    While all this may sound a bit disheartening, the TP's shortcomings may actually benefit some IEMs, like the overly bassy IE800, which turn into better balanced phones when driven from the TP.
  5. MrViolin
     maybe. just maybe. [​IMG]
    Not creepy at all [​IMG] down town dallas is creepy though. 
  6. veyrongatti
    It would be terable [​IMG] Sorry couldnt resist?
  7. Tangster
    And quite true. The Xba series and high impedance sources go together like cinnamon and vinegar. Badly.
  8. driver 8
    I had a dream last night wherein I got another Schiit Lyr that was made out of layers of aluminum sheets (like HE500 trace materials) and had a tube layout similar to the BA, except with 2 driver tubes.  The PX4's were very large and hard to insert correctly.  In fact, I only managed to plug the right one in halfway the first couple times I tried and it started catching fire and sending ashes and embers everywhere.  When inserted correctly, though, their innards would grow a nice ruby red and give off a perfumy arouma, which caught me by surprise until I checked out the box they came in which advertised them as such.

    I've been feeling pretty bad this past week :/ .  Music's a thing, though.  I recently got a version of JRiver that plays in WASAPI without being all weird and glitchy on me and have noticed it actually upping my SQ a bit.  The HD600's, which I find myself using out of convenience sometimes, also scale very well on my current setup. 
    Ya'll ever go back to music you liked before getting into this hobby and find yourself marveling at how great it suddenly sounds?
  9. veyrongatti
    I agree the XBA sounds terrible on my SGN2 but sounds great on my iPod.
  10. MrViolin
    ew cinnamon. tastes good, smells like schiit. cinnamon gum smells and tastes like schiit. 
  11. TwinQY
    Eww music what's that? 
    Speaking of which might need to get a new external drive for all of my new test tones and sweeps and noise library. Another 3TB should be good for a year.
  12. Tangster
    Cinnamon challenge. One of the worse things I've suceeded at. Couldn't get the smell of cinnamon off my throat for days.
  13. MrViolin
    fjewiafojewoifqjewqpfwiejfaofeijfewo. When the gum smell permeates the air, it smells like schet. 
  14. jazzerdave
    I certainly have done that.  I've also gone back to music I used to enjoy and thought someone was stabbing me in the ears.
  15. Mimouille
    Thanks.for the explanation. It is indeed quite disappointing of a 1k euros player....lucky me the 1plus2 work well and maybe I can find others....
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