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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. lee730
    This calls for a down under song =).

  2. gikigill
    He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite saaandwich......
  3. Argyris Contributor
    Ever since I discovered what they were referring to, I've never been able to listen to that song with a straight face.
    Somebody should send me a jar of Vegemite. Then I could compare it to Marmite and discover that I don't like Vegemite, either. [​IMG]
    Seriously, though, Marmite is the secret ingredient to make a wonderful beef stew. I imagine it's similarly good mixed into other savory dishes. I'm just not fond of it by itself, and spread thin on bread with slices of processed cheese it's only passable.
  4. gikigill
    A thin layer of Vegemite on freshly toasted bread with a thick layer of spreadable butter is absolutely delicious.
    4 slices and some coffee will supercharge you for the whole day.
    veyrongatti likes this.
  5. gikigill

    PM me for more details on how to ship the Vegemite to you.
    Will send you the Cheesybite variety too, for science you know[​IMG]
  6. Coq de Combat
    I haven't tasted vegemite, but turkey is delicious and that Down Under song is one of my absolute favorite songs...
    ...of all time.
  7. jgray91
    Vegemite is the bestest thing my parents brought back from Australian culture (since they went there for their degrees). Marmite is crapfest though.
  8. lee730
  9. Coq de Combat
    I have to try vegemite some day. Not sure if it's supposed to be mioxed with turkey. But I'll make sure to listen to Down Under if I try it though.
    I just ordered av Roku HD from Amazon (US). I figured I should do it as christmas present to us, our family, with seemingly seamless streaming from my Plex Server and other fun stuff. Been thinking about Apple TV as well, but it's more expensive and well, the Roku seems fine and was dirt cheap ($39). I'll just have to make sure I use unblock-us or some proxy service, so I can get more use from it than just Plex and Spotify and such. Oh, and an electricity converter.
  10. lee730
    I updated my AK120 to the S mod and just purchased the new Leckerton UHA760 for my Christmas presents. [​IMG]
  11. Argyris Contributor
    Plex is excellent on a Roku. I've converted almost my entire hard copy collection to digital (well, I guess the DVDs are digital, too), and it's so convenient to be able to select what I want from an efficient 10 foot interface. In addition to all the stuff I watch for legitimate enjoyment, I've also got a few of those "50 [fill-in-the-genre] Classics" collections that I've partially converted--I might actually watch some of it now that I don't have to deal with the discs. And, of course, all my Godzillas are in my library as well. My friends and I like to do our own version of MST3K while watching cheesy old B-movies and badly-translated foreign films, and it's made so much easier now that I can just scroll through a menu and choose.
    It's absolutely wonderful and will likely result in me purchasing more content to add to my collection, so of course some copyright holder will come along and lobby for ways to stop me doing it.
  12. lee730
    I have like all the Godzilla movies. Good memories as a kid. [​IMG] I don't like what they did on the DVD version of "The Son of Godzilla". I like the voices better on the original Tape release....
  13. MuppetFace
    For a second I thought you typed: Marimite is a crapfest.
    And I was all like 'oh hell no.'
    Cuz I love me some Maria-sama ga Miteru. Like a madness.
    Anyway, don't mind me. Into the void I go.
    Talking to myself on the way to the station....
    burrr de dur dur dur, ba duh duh dum.
  14. jgray91
    Oh. It's Maria Watches Over Us. It's not my kind of thing, but I do remember that it aired on Animax (in the anime time slot on AXN) back a few years. While I honestly would like to ignorantly declare it's crap (DON'T KILL ME!), it doesn't push my rage buttons as other shoujo anime.

    (don't kill me)

    Vegemite master race. Though the only ways I know to eat it are on toast (with butter, or if I'm feeling sweet-toothy, honey) and plain old rice porridge.

    Now I'm hungry.
  15. MuppetFace
    I've heard through the grapevine (yes, the same vine mentioned before --- getting a little overgrown here) that Stax isn't doing so well financially at the moment. You don't hear much about corporate issues between their own silence and the tendency of their fanbase to deify them and subsequently sweep most things under the rug, but I get the sense their products have been having some reliability issues lately. I've owned four different SRS-002 sets for instance, and each one had the same squealing in eco mode. Know some other folks who had the same issue (including Justin from HeadAmp). I even sent units back, only to get replacements with the same issue. Then there's the SR-009 which has been failing in the field more than you might imagine. I know of two people just recent who had to return brand new sets. This was more of an issue at launch, then it seemed to be ironed out, but now it's popping up again.
    The Lambdas are probably the most stable e-stats in existence just because they've been around for so long (and units from the 70s still work flawlessly). You don't hear much about them though because they're not en vogue I guess. A closed model would be cool, but I don't see much incentive for them to offer one right now. The 4070 was made to order, and sales weren't that great, so they stopped making them. I've heard some interesting rumors about upcoming products from them, including new TOTL stuff, so who knows what the future holds.
    Personally, I'm quite interested in the new lineup from Airbow. This is a company in Japan that modifies Stax Lambdas. They say they cryo-treat them, but that seems kinda ridiculous to me, so I'm thinking they might just adjust the diaphragm tension or dustcovers or something. Either way, the end result actually sounds noticeably better than the original models. I'm looking forward to hearing the new modded versions of the SR-407 and SR-507.

    My camera skillz suck, but there were pictures of them posted in one of the threads here I think. They've got oyster shell faceplates and pink / orange acrylic shells. In person it looks a lot better because it all sort of blends together into this iridescent mass, like custom fitted fire opals.
    The FitEars have more bass and an overall thicker sort of signature relatively speaking. The Kaiser is probably closer to the 1Plus2, but not quite as emphasized at either end.

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