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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Coq de Combat
    It's 8:25 PM and I'm sitting at work. Thinking about going home, but damn things have been going well today. Practically no errors thrown, and the few that were, I solved pretty quickly. There is one bug going on right now though, that I haven't solved, but there really is no way of testing it if it's a code error or a remnant of that old consultant. I have to wait for the people using the databases to come tomorrow in order to decide if it even is an error, and how to test it. 
    God damn it, I'm going to burger king before going home, and I'm going now.
    See ya later.
  2. gelocks
    Hopefully DF will chime in to say that the AK120 SUCKS!!!!
    (please God Make it so!!! :wink:).

    Happy Birthday MF!!!
    Hope you're feeling way better.!
    Speaking of burgers, I've been in Hartford, CT for these past 2 weeks for some job-related tasks and today I went to a Burger place called "Plan B"... Holyyyy... had one called "The Squeeler" or something like that. Half beef, half pork + bacon, lettuce, etc. Also had some Parmesan fries and American Nachos as appetizer... I'm stuffed... Here again at work just thinking about going to bed and firing up some tunes... ... arrghhh..
    As we would say in P.R., "Buen Provecho!!" (have a good meal!)
  3. warrenpchi Administrator
    I thought the old consultant was a code error?  [​IMG]
    There's Burger King in Sweden???
    I've already talked to him about it... pretty sure that is not going to happen.  [​IMG]
    I'm hungry now.  [​IMG]  Or maybe I just think I am hungry.  Whatever, same difference.
  4. Coq de Combat
    That would be pretty funny if he did. I doubt he will, if I'm interpreting some of the posts here correctly.
    That burger sounds mighty fine! The parmesan fries though.. are they really good? I love parmesan on pasta, but on fries? I'm skeptical...
    Merci beaucoup, monsieur. 
    LOL, yeah, he's the big error. Nah, I'm over his mistakes by now. I'm seeing his stuff as they are, no need to get emotional about them. Also, I succeeded in doing the last parts of the migration, but it needs testing before going sharp. Going to put those paper girls to work tomorrow. :wink: BTW, speaking of work, yesterday "my boss"* asked me to his office because he wanted to talk. I went, and lo and behold, he asked me for advice. He, a former security consultant, a founder of Swedens biggest IT security firms, been in "the game" for decades, asks lil' ol' me for advice. I must've made an impression on him at our last meeting, LOL. He was presenting some file transfering system and while all of those boys in the meeting got excited about it, I asked "So, what about security? Will it scan files for malicious code?". He admitted that it won't.
    Yes sir, we have Burger King in Sweden. We also have Pizza Hut (no Taco Bell though) and McDonalds. I don't think we have other chain restaurants from US than those three. Also, I don't know if our burgers at Burger King are the same as yours. Whopper, Big King and so on. Still, 10x better burger than McDonalds imo.

    *Yeah, about that. I told you guys earlier in this thread, that I initially thought I was a part of the IT crew, working for the IT manager. The professor later decided that I'd stay with him and working under him. That would mean that technically I'd be a part of the research team, as their database manager. The good side is that yeah, that's also what I wanted as I get along with everyone in that corridor really well. The downside, I guess, is that I'll be the only IT guy there, once my brazilian minion is gone. Won't prevent me from going for a coffee with the IT manager and his technician though.
  5. DigitalFreak
    I got the player out of the box last night and within 20 minutes all my stuff was loaded up and I was bopping to my tunes. With the UERM and the DT1350 my music sounded sublime. Tonight my AlphaDog will be tested and tomorrow is a Paradox night. Thus far, this player sounds curazzyyyy. Any problems so far? I've noticed some tag issues in a couple of albums but I'm guessing it should be an easy enough 5 minute fix to clean and re tag those two albums. This Saturday I intend to plug it into my laptop an try out connectivity and drag and drop functionality and I'm also going to look and see if there's any finer points about this player I can play round with. The next two weeks after that I'm gonna be testing battery life with various gear and charge time. Final tests will involve sonic head to head comparisons with my Studio V, CLAS rig, my ghetto-fi desktop setup and ease of use when running around on the street. Early impressions thus far, nice sounding and easy to use player. Excuse me, time to yank out my AD can
  6. Coq de Combat
    It must've been the DAP that retagged those albums, so when you retag them now, it will retag them wrongly again for you. Be prepared to retag them daily for a while. Keep in mind that it will drive you curazzyyyy!!!
    I'm happy for you that it works well enough that you can actually enjoy it rather than get irritated about it all the time. Also, I agree with you, for the amount of money most of those boutique/audiophile players cost, they better at least work. Reading about their firmware-/issues is discouraging. On the other hand though, I'm satisfied with my portable rig. It's not the best sound in the world, I know that, but it's actually not bad at all, and good enough for commuting and relaxing at home after work.
    I know Lee730 is smirking somewhere that I actually enjoy the sound of my iPhone.
  7. DigitalFreak
    You want to hear a good setup that's a basement bargain? Invest in a Clip+, great sound and user experience for a few measly dollars
  8. Coq de Combat
    No, no, no, no. LOL
    I just found a phone that is going to replace my cowon j3. I'm not going back to dedicated daps, my friend.
  9. Idsynchrono_24
    Meh. iPhone on iOS 7 is a beast. I went thru the DX50 and currently got the Sony F886 and neither really put the ol iPhone in its place SQ-wise.
  10. Mimouille
    I agree. They all have the same crap SQ.
    Just kiddin', never heard any of them.
  11. Coq de Combat
    Really? I think the 5S and J3 are about the same SQ, but I also had in mind that it could've been "new toy syndrome".
    That made me smile, my friend. 
  12. veyrongatti
    Wait, with DF ditching his iPod Classic, I guess Im going to be here defending its less than desirable sound quality......... At least there is storage [​IMG]
  13. lee730
    lol you poor thing..... [​IMG]
  14. DigitalFreak

    Who said I would completely ditch it. I still like the Classic and iPod Touch paired with a good amp. It's still a lot better then most of the mainstream DAP market stuff people invest in. When on a budget I say the Clip+, for mid tier or for tethering to a 2 box solution the Classic/Touch, an for going all out loon like I just did the AK120 or a full blown 3 box CLAS setup.
  15. lee730
    Then when you wanna go crazy you get the AK120 modded and pair it with a very good amp and you have desktop quality sound on the go (unheard of for me until now) :).

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