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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. jgray91

    And now I'm reminded of the age-old, now defunct Internet rite of passage...
  2. veyrongatti
    This is gonna get messy, with a big blackcurrawonghaunting the sky [​IMG]
  3. MuppetFace
    Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm doing a little better after increasing my iron supplement dosage, though an infusion is probably still in order.
    It's that time of year again: new thread title.
  4. Coq de Combat
    Wow, I didn't even know about Samsung locking the phone against rooting. That's just ... not very open and flexible. At all. To play the devil's advocate for a bit, I think they may have encountered warranty cases with people bricking their Samsung devices, or messing around with under-/over-voltage and such. I don't know, I've always considered rooting and custom roms as "Do it on your own risk.. warranty will not cover bricked devices" though. Still, any kind of lock is pretty much against a lot of what I associate Android (and it's Linux roots) with.
    Also, I just asked my wife who has the Galaxy S3 how she likes it. She says it's good. I'm thinking that maybe it's the Note 2 that is affected mostly (perhaps because Samsung wanted to include all those extra features: dual app-screens, S-pen stuff, S Note and all those other things)? That Samsung just released it and left it as-is, so they could concentrate on developing the Note 3. I have to admit that I find my wife's phone working better than my Note 2. She has the LTE version with double RAM.
    Whoah, thank you! Likewise, it's nice to see another Android user who doesn't despise iDevices, and wants to try an iDevice. I'm sure the Air is awesome. I'm skipping this generation though, but next year/generation I'll most likely upgrade. I do however hope you find the funds to lay your hands on it though. :)
    I agree with you though. Whole-heartedly. I mean, it was fun to read flame wars between fanboys for a while, but it's pretty tiresome in the long run. 
  5. Achmedisdead
    A couple years back, I had an iPod Touch 4th generation, and I did enjoy it a lot. What made me trade it away was that 3.5" screen....after experiencing bigger-screened devices, I just couldn't take it anymore. Certainly that would not be a problem with an iPad, though.[​IMG]   After seeing the iPhone 5 that my co-worker has, I was ready to live with that screen size, until I saw how much it would cost me. Now that I have a larger phone, I'm not sure....here is a shot of my phone next to an iPhone 5.
    Although now that I think of it, your Note 2 vs. 5S is probably a very similar size comparison....did you find that transition difficult?   
  6. Coq de Combat

    At first I thought it was small, but it only took a couple of days to get used to the size. It took longer to get used to the Note 2 than the iPhone. Typing is a bit cumbersome due to the smaller keyboard, and truth be told, I still misspell stuff. However, for surfing the web or messing around with apps and such, no, there never really was any problem getting used to the size. Bigger websites also optimize their sites for mobile devices, so yeah...
  7. a_recording
    I typed in "Shark Cake" into google image search and got some very cute and some very horrifying results.
    Here is a cute one.
    Any fun Birthday plans in spite of your poorly state?
  8. jgray91

    Happy birthday MF!

    Time to break out my obligatory "Happy birthday" video.

  9. veyrongatti
    Yeah with the 4.3 update the Note 2 and the SGS3 will be locked just like the SGN3 :frowning2: 
    The S3 LTE and the SGN2 has the same amount of ram, the note 2 also  has an ocd processor. But her phone might be more up to date than your SGN2 ^^
  10. DigitalFreak
    This DigitalFreak has a new toy in his possession. Anyone who guesses what it is gets a billion internetz. Mimouille, lee and Warren don't spoil my guessing game please.
  11. veyrongatti
    iRiver AK120?
  12. lee730
    A 120 year old hooker? :D
  13. DigitalFreak

    So much for having a few laughs on this thread
  14. Coq de Combat
    As said, I can imagine it being about warranty issues and such, that people have been bricking and stuff. Perhaps Samsung is trying to protect their "Samsung Touchwiz Experience", just like Apple. LOL
    What's the next step? Locking down Google Play Store, so that only Samsung Certified Apps are allowed through Samsungs own app store? Samsung is going a direction here that I don't like at all. On the other hand, coming from an iPhone user this post is comical. Anyway, a few things:
    1) We are not FORCED to update our phones. Changing to a custom ROM before this update is an option.
    2) Some people don't have issues with Touchwiz (my wife, although, as smart as she is, she's no phone geek and her standards are lower than mine, as long as her usual facebook, twitter, instagram and a few games work she's fine)
    3) There ARE other brands with Android. If we don't like the way Samsung is going, we're free to pick'n'choose among other brands. Also, this is just a gut feeling, but I really think that the vast majority are like my wife: as long as their favorite apps work, it's fine
    4) We are, admittedly, being a bit silly here ... In the end, it's just a phone.
  15. veyrongatti
    I can't believe I got it right [​IMG] what do I win?

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