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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Coq de Combat
    Get well soon MuppetFace.
  2. a_recording
    *hug* Hope you are get better Romy, stay safe and well :s
    The CK100Pro has a funny bottom end, it's definitely present and accounted for but kind of... bouncy or something. Not bone grindingly visceral.
    Let me take it off your hands...
    The person who dislikes touchscreens is going to go for one of the largest touchscreens in the land?
    I've been trialling an Nexus 5 and even that is way too big for me.
    That is too cute.
  3. Coq de Combat
    Still haven't gotten used to the size? I guess it's like with getting used to headphones. You know pretty soon whether or not you'll like it. How do you like the OS, and can you relate to any of my opinions on iOS vs Android in my iPhone impression post?
    Personally I can just say that I still haven't felt any kind of regret going from Android to iOS.
  4. a_recording
    It's not a matter of getting used to the size. I'm used to the size. I'm just used to it being inconvenient. The phone is hard to use in one hand - going from the keyboard on the bottom to the address bar on the top in the browser is a pain. There are so many interfaces that have user elements in the top and bottom of the screen that it just makes it a pain to use the phone.
    As for the OS, if this was between iOS 6 and Android 4.4, it would be no competition. I would prefer Android hands down. With iOS7 vs. 4.4 I feel much more ambivalent. There are lots of very small things that bug me about Android.
    For instance, on iOS 7 it takes one swipe up for me to manually adjust brightness, which also sets a bias in the auto mode so that auto brightness still works but stays within a user defined range. On Android, you can toggle between 3 predefined brightness settings on the home screen widget, but to actually manually change brightness you have swipe down to the notification centre, change to the settings pane in the top right, hit the 'brightness' button, and then you can change the brightness slider. But even after all this, manually adjusting the brightness disables the auto brightness function.
    This is 2 user actions on iOS 7 vs 4 user actions on Android, and it doesn't even work as well. This is sort of infuriating for me because I generally find default settings for brightness on phones way too bright to the point where they hurt my eyes. At the same time the Nexus 5 is noticeably worse in direct sunlight than the iPhone 5. So I am always juggling between brightness settings on the Nexus 5, which is no fun at all.
    I very much miss the 'Do not disturb' feature from iOS 7 (which I really like) on Android. Instead I keep the phone with silent turned on all day, which means I actually miss important notifications and calls.
    All the features I thought would be really compelling on Android, I'm not really finding very attractive. I thought the "ok google" integration would work well for car navigation, but it turns out that "ok google" only gets you as far as bringing up the map directions, without letting you go any further unless you touch the phone. (I understand the Moto X lets you get all the way to handsfree operation which is why I am still very much interested in that handset). Google Now is cool, but honestly just a bit too creepy for my tastes. 
    Add that to how much I've been entrenched in the iOS camp with various docks, devices, cables, adaptors, music libraries, etc, and I really haven't got any compelling reason to switch. I played around with various music syncing systems with iTunes and it all just seems too complicated with little payoff.
    This is not to say that Android is a bad operating system and for the price of the Nexus 5 is astoundingly good for the quality hardware you get. It's just that there's nothing I've really encountered that made me feel like it was worth switching to Android for my phone.
    The funny thing is that using the Nexus 5 actually has convinced me is not that I need an Android phone, but what I really want is a small LTE enabled tablet as a companion to my phone on which I can more easily type on the go. The Nexus 7 fits that bill and once I sell off the Nexus 5 the money will probably go towards one of those thingies. (I don't like iPads because they are expensive, not particularly grippy and I'd really like to have a tablet with NFC to review photos from future cameras). I'd even get the Xperia Ultra as a phablet (the waterproofing really appeals to me). 
    This would all be moot if the Surface Pro 2 was half the weight and size it was. The Surface Pro 2 is something I regard as an ultimate mobile device except for the mobile bit (big, heavy, lacks 4G), and while I do bring it around with me occasionally on a casual basis, it is a bit heavy with my camera and the SP2 in the bag. If they made the Surface 2 with a stylus and 3G I'd be in like Flynn.
  5. drez
    I hope you feel well soon.
    I was kind of hoping that 7-8k (BADA, M2 Vaughn etc) was summit-fi with DAC's but obviously not lol.  Must this hobby continue to take all my money into the forseeable future???
    re audio furniture, I've been looking at this brand:
    They are kind of going for the whole spring isolation thing.  I might try out some maglev/spring feet to evaluate the sound of this kind of system before investing further.  Aesthetically I find the legs a bit ugly, but it seems to be competitively priced against the Quadraspire...
  6. Coq de Combat
    Thank you for a well written and elaborated response.
    Concerning brightness, on my Note 2 it is actually only a swipe down to get a full manual brightness slider along with an automatic brightness setting checkbox. So I suppose it really depends on the implementation and seasoning of the Android OS. Also, there is a function called "Block mode" (I have it in Swedish, not sure if it's called the same in English) which I am pretty sure that it is the equivalent of DND mode on iOS7.
    Samsung, for all it's flaws regarding their version of the Android OS, has done a good job with small tweaks like that. Then we have the bad sides, which wouldn't be as bad if they actually had done a good job of optimizing the OS for their handsets, but I'm finding that with each incremental update to any app, the performance is getting more and more sluggish - and to me that's not really acceptable for a (flagship) phone that's just barely one year old. This isn't a sign of apps being badly optimized, but a sign of the OS itself being badly optimized. Conspiracy theorists are telling me that this is because Samsung wants me to upgrade to the Note 3, but I don't think so. It wouldn't make sense to offer a great phone hardware wise that becomes sluggish within a year. It would be contra productive if you want customers to buy your stuff, and to make them stay loyal to your brand. I didn't stay loyal. In fact, I went to their biggest rival: Apple. With Apple on the other hand, I find the complete opposite to be true: with each update to both iOS (not from iOS 6 to 7, but 7.0.1, 7.0.3, 7.0.4 ...) and the apps themselves, the performance is getting better and better. I don't know if this is the case with the Nexus family of Android devices (I hope not), but I wish Samsung would actually offer their devices with vanilla Android, and let Google themselves offer any low level OS update to Android.
    Speaking of the Nexus 7, my wife has the newest version and she seems happy with it. Personally I find the 16:9 aspect ratio a bit awkward. It's good in portrait mode, but as soon as you turn your device to landscape mode, it's pretty much useless. The feel of it is great, and the screen is ridiculously sharp, but for whatever reason it doesn't feel much sharper than my iPad. I need to play with it more since I've only really had a few minutes with it, quite literally speaking actually. Also, I think Google uses a different font rendering than Apple, much like Microsoft, and it doesn't turn it pleasing for my eyes. I have slight astigmatism which makes this even more uncomfortable, probably in more subconscious ways than conscious, which basically makes me question my glasses every now and then. I don't know - I'm sensitive to such things and no Android device has wowed me yet despite their objectively sharper screens than my iDevices.
    As for the iPhone's screen -- remember how I praised it for not having horizontal lines/"banding"? It turns out that I DO have the same problem with it, but it's vertical, meaning I don't see the lines except for when using the phone in landscape mode, which I do when I snap pics with it. On one hand, it's comforting because I don't snap pics all that much and it feels good to not see those lines when surfing the web or reading Flipboard on the subway, but on the other hand it's discomforting because I lose faith in todays screen matrix technology - no matter how sharp, pixel dense or colorful they make them - I won't be satisfied. Yet. Because I don't get this with my iPad, and because of this, the retina screen used in iPads is still the best screen I've ever used despite the lower pixel density. It is still however silly sharp, and to be honest, I'm not sure I would even care for sharper screens than that.
    I've always praised Android OS and I will keep doing it, but with iOS7, my mind is set. It is the superior OS for me and my usage. One would think that I'd like to tinker with the OS, being from a computer science background and all, but at the end of the day, after job hours, I'm just a regular geek who wants the ultimate experience. Perhaps with a future Android upgrade, but for now, iOS does it for me and Apple really instilled faith on them in me for mobile use with their iDevices.
  7. DigitalFreak
    Get well soon Romy, you have my well wishes
  8. veyrongatti
    Ahh there was an sale on fleabay a few days ago where the ZUltra was on sale for 399 ^^
    Btw Get well soon Romy ^^
  9. veyrongatti
    I completely agree (besides for iOS7 :p would hate to be an IP4 user using iOS7 XD)  I think that Samsung really did not make any improvements but really made everything for the worse. When I first got my first android phone the galaxy S I thought it was absolutely terrible, that was because touchpiss really did not do the hardware justice. Anyways Fast forward 2 years, I ordered the Galaxy note 2 as a replacement to my dying SGS. I thought it (Touchpizz) would had improved immensely throughout the years. Nope. It kept on resetting itself, (did I mention this happened on my old SGS too? All Samsung did was reset my phone and it still did the same thing) After I flashed a custom rom everything was fine (which is quite ironic.), to make things worse, the 4.3 update that Samsung is implementing now locks the phone down so that rooting it will void warranty :frowning2: 
    tl;dr I hate touchwizz 
    They make good hardware which is why I stayed with them, but I won't for my next phone after the Knox and the Reigon Lock debacle. 
  10. Achmedisdead
    I wish everyone could be as open-minded as you, the way you recognize that both Android and iOS are quality operating systems, while still having a preference for your own usage. Too many people out there become fanboys of either Android or iOS and automatically become  haters of the other....that's just a silly and juvenile way to be.
    I envy you a little, having both available to you so you can truly have perspective on both sides of the debate. I only have Android....my LG phone and Samsung tablet running Jellybean 4.1.2, and I have a 2012 Nexus 7 on the way which will have KitKat as soon as it arrives and I update it. I'm certainly not complaining about my Androids, as I do enjoy them, but if funds permitted, I'd also love to get my hands on an iPad Air. [​IMG] 
  11. veyrongatti
    The new iPad air looks very nice........ I want one shame about the price though [​IMG]
  12. DigitalFreak

    So much for Android being free and open. I wonder what kind of spin the fandroids are going to use to explain this one. Open my hairy Portuguese ass.
  13. jgray91

    Actually, that shows how open Android is. And then it's closed by Samsung. So you're shooting the wrong person really.
  14. veyrongatti
    Ohh its just Samsung doing that. The rest of Android is still free [​IMG]
    Ironically Samsung is out appleing apple XD
  15. Mimouille
    I would love to but are you sure you are ready?

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