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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. james444 Contributor
    I wasn't aware of your tour and thread, but will add my impressions when I've had the chance to give them a more thorough audition. Their sound signature seemed to be spot-on for my taste, but those were less-than-ideal listening conditions.
    I'd rather take the virus than watch that movie a second time. [​IMG] 
  2. Coq de Combat
    I have to admit that I really don't know the ins and outs of iTunes. At all. The way I do with music is that I drag and drop the music I want on my devices into iTunes, and then sync. It will only sync new songs that aren't on my iPhone. It only takes a few minutes, really, and it isn't hard at all. With movies it's another story - I add them to another app called OPlayer HD, through the Apps tab. It works just fine, but they need to be encoded with H264 (I think). Most movies I download are, however, some aren't and encoding them don't take many minutes since it's only audio that needs to be re-encoded.
    Anyway, I need to sit down with iTunes and learn it better, because yeah, I do feel clumsy with it.
  3. eke2k6
    I wish I hadn't been eating when I read this...
  4. Coq de Combat

    It seems as the video quality is worsened when transferred from my iDevices to my computer. Anyway, recorded with my iPhone. 
    ...and this is how well the slow-motion actually works on the iPhone 5S:

  5. lee730
    I had issues with both audio and video. Plus a past experience with deleting all my stuff from the device when it was suppose to have been backed up. Come to find there was no backup lol..... With this program it does all the converting for you on the fly whether that be music, video, pictures, etc. As simple as drag and drop so I'm set for now.
  6. DigitalFreak
    Coq, what app did you use to record your eye with? That app would come in handy for filming small sized IEM's.
  7. Coq de Combat
    Just the regular camera, but I used an Olloclip lens. I have the "original 3-in-1" lens.
  8. DigitalFreak

    Nice, I've been looking at the Olloclip but didn't bite thinking it may just be another gimmick product. Now I know better, thanks my man
  9. Coq de Combat
    I slowed down the eye video (that was slow-motion to boot) even further with iMovie on my iPad. Every time I move my eye, the pupil seems to sort of "bounce". This needs an explanation!
  10. Coq de Combat
    The data loss I get, but as for the drag and drop, I'm not sure I understand. iTunes has drag and drop for me at least .. 
    I do however dislike the fact that if I want to do a backup on another computer with iTunes that does not have the same songs as the first, syncing will delete the songs from the iPhone/iPad. Because of that, I only use one computer for syncing/backing up. I'm sure however, that there's a simple solution for that, like a checkbox of sorts, or something.
    I use "external" mp3's. Not ones bought from iTunes.
    No problems my friend. Just keep in mind, it's no proffessional product, so don't expect proffessional results. But as you see on my eye video (and the sample images in my iPhone "review"/comparison), it works just fine for Joe Schmoes like us. I don't think pro photographers or videographers use iPhones as cameras though. Not other than as a simpe point and shoot.
  11. tomscy2000
    Your eyes don't permanently "fixate" --- they're constantly moving. That motion is called "microsaccades"
    That's all I have time to explain now. For now, Wikipedia will have to suffice.
  12. lee730
    I've just never had good luck with the software. Too many bad experiences that soured it. At one point I was able to sync the phone via media monkey and I was extremely happy. Worked like a charm. Had everything set up for all my portable devices. Then I updated the iOS and lost the compatibility :frowning2:. Never been a fan of Apples proprietary nature. Never will be either.
  13. Coq de Combat
    Yeah, I feel clumsy too with itunes, and truth be told, I've also gotten my music deleted, more than once. It's no biggie though, since I know how to put it there and it doesn't take many minutes to put it back, even from my music folders. I've set up a specific storage folder for my iDevices where I put things I want on them, so in case itunes deletes them, I just press ctrl+a and drag'n'drop onto itunes and they're there again. That said though, I've only used itunes for syncing my iDevices, and not for listening to music or anything - perhaps I need to RTFM a little bit more to get more out of it. It's a chore now, yes, buit it's not that bad IMO.
    Also, from my understanding, you can actually sync your music to your iPhone through Foobar with some addon. I've never tried it. I won't either, I want to learn itunes better.
    Most music I listen to through Spotify (with offline sync) and that works like a breeze. Just select a playlist and hit "Offline" on it - and it will download it automatically for you. It's mostly those more "obscure" albums that aren't on Spotify I have to sync as mp3's via itunes.
    I've thought about that simplifying, and in a way, I'm not sure I think so myself. In a way, yeah - their proprietary software and hardware (lightning connector vs micro usb) are supposed to simplify things, yet when I look at the settings, I think my iPhone is actually comparable to my Note 2. I wouldn't say that settings wise, at least, they're simplifying things. Sure, the Note 2 is more customizable, with launchers, keyboards and so on, but as for the phone settings - they're pretty much the same, but with different language. Some of the things though, like the lightning connector, I actually like a lot more than micro usb. When trying to plug the phone in dark, the iPhone is plugged in within a second and with the Note 2 I have to fiddle around and try which side is supposed to be up and which side down, and so on. I don't know - some things are simplified, but also work better.
    My gripe with iDevices before was that "hand holding mentality", but now with a lot more experience, I have to say that yeah, while they hold my hand at times, it's not absurdingly much and not to a degree that gets me irritated. As for the system being closed, yeah, it goes againsts my belief in open source, however, it's so well made that it's hard to dislike it. Also, there are upsides to closed systems as well.
    Yeah, the SD card argument can be debated back and forth. I can both buy their arguments, and not. I mean, they already have some sort of wizardry going on hardware (AND software) design wise, and I'm sure that an SD slot would take a whole lot more man hours and design decisions and money to incorporate than just whiff hands and say "make it so". Maybe we'll see it if the iPhone gets bigger, but I think not. On the other hand, I bought the 64 GB version, and truth be told, that a whoooole lot of storage for a device primarily used when on the go between computers.
  14. shotgunshane Contributor

    Thanks! You've just identified part of my wife's Christmas.
  15. Coq de Combat
    Just keep in mind that if she has a case, she needs to remove it to use the olloclip. It doesn't fit on cases.

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