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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Mimouille
    All my friends on FB love these guys and for some reason...I find them unbearable. Particularly the guys...makes me want to punch them in the face so they will stop...actually stopping the video proved easier :)
  2. billybob_jcv
    I like the guy that doesn't sing anything - he just does mouth sound affects. How do you get that job?
  3. Coq de Combat
    I just listened to Cannibal Ox for a while now. Cold Vein is such a ... "raw" album in a way, not only in lyrics but in ... everything. Not that I even understand most of it (I can guess though), but I get this feeling of being in darkness, in a cold world.

    Still, it's one of the all-time greats when it comes to underground hiphop. I especially love this passage:
    Straight out of the depths of hell
    Reflect the sec and
    Inhale the buddah wisdom
    Envision and edit inscriptions of a Megalah spiritualism
    Paint a picture from the spiritual
    And seriously spit a lyric
    That'll rip through a physical ligament
    Trigger living in these city limits
    Limited with no money, going through crazy minutes
    Crazy thinking of back in the days
    When blazing the lazy writtens
    Before we was swallowing deuces, popping with gooses
    And rocking the bubble gooses
    Trouble lose kid, puffin a loosie
    Hopping off Huffy, stealing Marvel comics and water uzis
    All of us canoeing through sewers with juvenile maneuvers
    Caught up in nooses from borders with troubleshooters
    On corners where coppers will hop out of Dunkin Donuts
    Popping they gun and shoot us
    Or more of us aware
    Thinking Rudy Giuli really don't give a **** about a mouli
    Got me woozy, sipping Kalhuas losing my noodles
    Screwed up in the two triple losers
    Spraying it live, b-boy graffiti alpha
    Out of rap-palooza
  4. Mimouille

    Well you go to an employment agency, then say: I want a job were a use my mouth, but neither for talking nor for singing. Results may vary.
  5. james444 Contributor
    I'm getting a similar feeling from Lights & Motion's "Reanimation" album. It was recommended to me and at first I found it shallow, repetitive and boring, but somehow it clicked after prolonged listening and now I think it's gonna end up among my year's favorites. Also, though being musically different, their songs have that Arcade Fire-esque way of starting out delicate and minimalist, only to build up the bombast and euphoria with each repetition, which I like very much. [​IMG]

  6. DigitalFreak
    Hey guys, me and lee are going to be reviewing the RHA MA600 woot woot :)
  7. Coq de Combat
    Congrats! Youtube?
    I have to add that this is probably the best underground hiphop album imo. I'm quite fond of Def Jux library in general, but Cannibal Ox just takes the cake. My second favorite is probably Mr Lif, but ironically my favorite song by Mr Lif is one that was made before his time with Def Jux:

    MuppetFace, I'm actually thinking of you when I think of Can Ox. Not because I associate the two of you, but because Can Ox's lyrics can be rather cryptic, and I'm wondering if you have looked at them?
  8. ardgedee
    Funny you picked that album; I only have a couple albums from the Def Jux catalog; one of them is The Cold Vein, the other is a demo with CanOx, some early RJD2, Aesop Rock, and Company Flow.
  9. Mimouille
    The Cold Vein is awesome. Some not so young people in da house :wink:
  10. jgray91
    IE 11 on Windows 7 seems to be great on the non-web dev point of view. It is now my laptop's default lolol. Besides, it has an official anime avatar that's actually really good looking, not some weird "inspired by anime" abomination cartoon. :p
  11. Coq de Combat
    Hey you! Long time no see! ...how ya been?
    RJD2 and Aesop are pretty damned good themselves. I've got nothing against Company Flow, it's just nothing that stuck with me. I need to give them a proper listen again.
    As for modern hiphop music, or underground hiphop, I haven't got a clue. What's hot? Sage Francis?
  12. ardgedee
    No idea. I hear about things and check them out, but I'm almost as far outside and away from the scene as humanly possible. Most hip-hop fails to click for me; which I think has more to do with not knowing the motifs and culture well enough to get everything that's going on... most of the modern streams of jazz are like that too. Most forms of art established enough to have an insider culture, for that matter.

    Speaking of Def Jux, I keep meaning to check out El-P's and Killer Mike's Run the Jewels and slacking on it. That was last hot, what, in June or something? Yeah, I'm not tuned into things.
  13. ardgedee
    I don't know whether this is new or old news either.

    Deafheaven's Sunbather is something I've been listening to frequently.
    According to the liner notes there are lyrics but to my ears it's mostly "Fyaaa! Fa ya fa FLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"
    It works, though. On the album, the singer becomes a counterpart in the audio texture. Almost like how the teakettle and turntable scratching was used in the Bomb Squad's work for Public Enemy.
    On another board I frequent there was debate whether this was black metal, post-rock, or even emo. It's got some not particularly subtle shoegazing going on as well... though at some point when you're talking about heavily fuzzed guitars and looping chord changes, you're at the center of the Venn diagram of those styles.

    They first won me over with a credible cover of Mogwai's "Punk Rock/Cody".
    That's apparently William Faulkner standing in for Iggy Pop.
  14. tomscy2000
    I must say, the Oppo planars look like a good fit on the head. Cables look strange, though.
  15. veyrongatti
    Well. I think Im gonna cave and buy a UE 6000...... 
    Someone convince me not to please :p I need a good reason not to.........

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