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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. MuppetFace
    This is just me, but I'd get the newest version myself just because I'd think "gee, I don't have the newest version" every time I saw my phone. Which is sad, yes. But there you go.
    Maybe you're not as big a consumer whore as me.
  2. Mimouille
    +1 on this. But if it was me I would get a S4 or HTC One, wait, that is what I did.
  3. jgray91
    @CdC, I don't read up on the reviews of the 5S/C, so I don't know how it performs, but looking at my buddy who has the 5 and has updated to iOS 7, he said that iOS 7 bogs down*1 the smoothness somewhat. And the battery isn't as long lasting as on iOS 6. Tried it myself on every occasion that I can meet him, and I have to say I can believe him.

    2 years makes sense I think for upgrading your 'throwaway electronics'*2 if you're not after the latest and greatest. If it were me in your shoes, I'd get the 64GB 5 because more storage is always nice in a non-expandable phone. And despite the newer internal hardware, I always thought that XS are always too incremental and not enough of a big leap to upgrade.

    *1: exaggerated on my end
    *2: this is what I interpret what most electronics manufacturers are doing: yearly products that are blindingly on the bleeding edge built to be obsolete by 1 year (hey I'm still optimistic) at most, if not within 3 months *coughSamsungcough*.

    A side rant: I - DAMMIT, as I was writing this a cute song came up and I lost all will to rant.
  4. jgray91
    This is amazing. I've always had trouble getting Chiri-chan (my Sony 7550 IEM) to fit in properly, or once I did, to make it stay that way. With my new glasses, I can make it fit properly and stay that way. Just by looping the memory wire portion to hook around my glasses arms. Most favourite IEM gets favouriter.
  5. shotgunshane Contributor
    My 5 is faster and smoother on iOS7. I'm also convinced it sounds better too. First time I've ever thought an iOS release affected sound on the iPhone.

    That being said, I love gadgets and would want the newest, if money is no object. I'll be upgrading when the 6 hits next year but for now I'm thinking I'll keep the 5 as a player only, since it sounds fantastic with iOS7.
  6. MuppetFace
    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I've got some neat stuff in the works for the coming months. Well, I think it's neat at least.
    First up will be an interview with LFF and some hands on impressions of the new Paradox Slant, and at some point I'll be spending some time with the Code X too. I actually have the Slants on hand right now. Let's just say for now I'm really impressed. 
    Also expect impressions of the new Audez'e models, the LCD-X and XC, and possibly the new Final Audio Pandoras (along with some comparisons to their first only-a-handful-of-these-exist-in-the-world model, the Muramasa). Even though I'm not that interested in dynamic drivers these days, I'm also really leaning toward getting a pair of the AKG K812 when it becomes available. In addition I might try out the K551, since I've heard some folks who had similar impressions to mine of the earlier K550 tried more recent pairs of the K550/K551 and were rather impressed (apparently consistency was all over the place...).
    I'll also have a number of new and interesting cIEMs to talk about, including: Canal Works L05 and L51a, Noble Audio Kaiser 10 and 8C, and some more detailed thoughts about the UERM and UEPRM. On the universal IEM front: the EarSonics S-EM6, Cardas Audio Ear Mirrors, HiFiMan Songbird RE600, ASG-2, and some models from Noble (their 5 and 6 driver ones, specifically).
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  7. drez
    My brother in law has 5s.  Looks exactly the same as 5, he had to tell me he bought the new model otherwise I would never guess.  If Apple optimised iOS7 properly there would be no reason to upgrade.  Seems pretty obvious to me what they are doing.  I reckon it could backfire though.  That's just me being in a cynical mood with Apple at the moment.
    The fingerprint reader works pretty well actually.  The camera upgrade is decent also - took some passable photos at my sisters wedding in poor lighting.  Re the processor improvements, I guess it depends how patient you are or how sensitive you are to latency.  Personally I can't stand lag, but I put up cos it's a phone and at the end of the day it still works.  
    If I were investing into it - I would probably be tempted to get the newer model, even if it had less storage, but I waste a lot of money on things I don't even use ($75 in wire that sounds crap, $600 in connectors I'm not using right now).  I got sucked into buying a 64GB iPad, and I pretty much stream 99% of my content, its a complete waste for me.
  8. vwinter
    fwiw, I'm pretty convinced that there is a noticeable difference in sound between the 5S and earlier iPhones.

    Any the fingerprint reader works really well enough to make my life a little bit happier. I agree that for the $100 difference (on contract, don't know about unlocked) there's enough there to warrant spending the extra money. I just hated to pay an extra $100 for the 32Gb model. That part hurt.

    MF: i will get to your post!
  9. jgray91
    Godammit that camera bug came round again, and now I'm smitten with the Pentax Q10:


    Impractically small, most likely will cause me finger cramps, and cute as hell. One youtube reviewer said (paraphrased) "like a basket full of kittens to be hugged". Hell, the sensor in my phone (Nokia 808 PureView) is slightly bigger than the Q10's.

    And besides, depending on how otaku I feel, I can get them in these limited edition colours and pay out through the nose and a few more orifices:


    *pokes a_rec*

    Sensibly, I shouldn't get this as my first interchangeable camera system. It's too small, there's better image quality from relatively larger, but by all means still small mirrorless cameras; lens choice are even sparser than Sony's NEX line. But sensibility isn't my strong point lately, and so far all of my gut feeling purchases have been satisfactory for most times...
  10. Idsynchrono_24
    Yo those Evangelion cameras are dope. I don't even take pics, but if I did, I'd want a unit 02 inspired one
  11. MuppetFace
    Ooooo I love the RED one in the Cnet picture. If I were going for the Eva ones, I'd most likely get Shinji's just because it's so iconic and the color scheme is most pleasing to me, though my heart goes out to Asuka.
    I think I'm still too drawn to Sony's NEX however.........................................  (<--- whatever happened to that guy who'd post like this?)
  12. jgray91
    At one point, the ellipsis got too long and it ate him.....................................

    And I took a look at ebay for the EVA cameras... They're actually not expensive, relatively, for a limited edition thing. I guess the thing really isn't selling.... Light physics wins.
  13. a_recording
    I am feverishly trying to complete some writing that I should have done some time ago, so I can't post much right now sadly. But naturally when Eva / NEX talk comes up...
    I have a iP5. It works well with iOS7 (though I don't think iOS7 is all that crash hot). I like the fingerprint reader though.
    As much as the Eva colours are really cool, I have to say you are right, the Q10 is really not a sensible first ILC purchase. You may as well buy a high end compact given that the Q10 is more or less a toy and no one is going to make glass for it. (Which is the entire point of an ILC in the first place). It would be fun to have alongside something more 'serious' though.
    I quite like the Rei colour scheme, though I always associate fans of Rei with creepy otaku people who want an almost entirely passive doll for a partner lol.
    Seriously though. Those new Alpha A7 / A7R's. Nghhh.
    I am thinking of getting an A7 to replace my NEX-6. Namely because the A7 actually has audio input options and lovely full frame goodness. Actually, I just bought a second NEX-F3 on clearance so that I can have multi-angle shots with my Youtube videos. It was $285 with a kit lens, which is only a little more than the price the kit lens will attract on eBay. BARGAIN GET IS ME
  14. shotgunshane Contributor
    Looking forward to the Canalworks thoughts.  I'm getting an itchy trigger finger.
  15. C.C.S.
    I know I already asked once, but I feel I should ask once more. I'm looking for Giraffes? Giraffes! fans in the thread. Are there any in here besides myself?

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