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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. a_recording
    I still think the KEF M500 is a great option and definitely a super strong competitor in the price range, it just doesn't seem to be singing to me.

    I occasionally just sit there and listen to music, but most of the times I am doing something else. Actually the times I listen most closely to music is when I am driving, which is kind of annoying since I don't particularly like the sound system in the car.
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    [​IMG]  So now I know how you really feel!  [​IMG]
    Thanks for that!  [​IMG]
    I'll let you know when mine is up for Audio360 so you can do a part deux.
    Okay, since very few people seem to be talking about it here, Ima have to chime in.  You guys will want this.
  3. tomscy2000
    That actually kind of looks like fun. All cheers for insanity!
  4. drez
    Seems reasonable enough to me - same sort of stuff lots of high end audio furniture makers are doing.  There are all sorts of suspension systems, magnetic levitation and ball bearing feet out on the market and varying insane prices.  Some are actually engineered for use with turntables, tube amps, CD players etc, others are just tweaks. This one does look especially impractical though.  Now if the ball bearings were replaced with fossilised dinosaur eyeballs and the cups made out of cheese...
  5. gelocks
    So I just lost 2 minutes and 15 seconds of my life... LOL :wink:
  6. Hutnicks

    It's obviously a poorly disguised scientology e-meter, designed to absorb foolish (ie more money than brains) audioboobs into the collective.
  7. nick n
    warrenpchi :
    Okay, since very few people seem to be talking about it here, Ima have to chime in.  You guys will want this.
    And all that excellence from a "lowly" dynamic driver, the shame.
    Appreciated your input on these

  8. tomscy2000

    DARUMASAN feels more like a glorified Ouija board...
  9. veyrongatti
    I wonder how much it costs...... 
  10. Mimouille
    10 million dollars for the basic model.
  11. veyrongatti
    If I buy 2 can it be cheaper? [​IMG]
  12. MuppetFace
    LOL. Yeah.
    Now I'll associate DARUMASAN with Demdike Stare...
    @ Drez: My comment wasn't aimed at the concept behind the product itself. Plenty of boutique audio companies release stuff to stabilize your gear, be it feet or giant slabs of some kind of exotic rock. The idea that a product's vibrations can interfere with its transmitting music isn't too wild to my mind. Personally, I think it's most crucial for turntables. That's why so many high-end turntables have ridiculous roll-cage type designs, huge bases, massive platters. When you consider how turntables work to begin with it makes sense you'd want to make the spinning and needle operation as smooth as possible. I'm less convinced that huge amps (that usually come with their own feet) benefit as much from that sort of thing, at least enough to make audible improvement come from those types of devices.
    BTW, isn't Daruma some kind of Japanese thing involving weighted blocks and trying to support them from below?

    Oh yes... I totally agree with these sentiments. Early morning has the "magic hours" for me, and driving with music just enhances the experience far more than any high-end components can in my experience.
  13. Coq de Combat
    I need your input on something here.
    I know I said I was going to buy the new iPhone 5s when it releases here in Sweden (which is next friday), however, I was just killiong a few minutes at work and noticed that the previous model (iPhone 5) is on sale with up to 30% off the price. For example, the 64 GB version of iPhone 5 is pretty much just as expensive as the 16 GB version of iPhone 5c (it's about $50 more expensive, though in this price range it's not a lot). Also, looking at how much the 64 GB iPhone 5 costed, I'm guessing the iPhone 5s will be hundreds of dollars more expensive than the iPhone 5 on sale.
    My question is, does iPhone 5 work well with IOS 7, and is it a viable cellphone solution? I mean, 64 GB of storage is a lot of music, photos, books and such. For the money I save, I could get apps, music and clothes, food and other more important family stuff.
    Would it probably be smarter to go with the previous model instead of the new model? From my understanding, the SoC is better, the fingerprint reader is nice and the camera is better - however, the only thing of those I think I'd miss out on is the new M7 processor, which could have fun applications in the future. On the other hand, perhaps the really useful applications for that co-processor will come when the next iteration of iPhone is due to a release? I don't know, but my mind is bending towards the previous model on this one.
    Granted it works well even today.
  14. veyrongatti
    Just get the 5 and get another phone when it becomes completely outdated [​IMG] 
    Considering the 5C and the 5 is the same thing I think Apple would have to support the 5 a bit longer than usual :wink: 
  15. Achmedisdead
    Considering how much Apple likes to charge for more storage, that 64GB iPhone 5 sounds like the way to go. I wanted to get an iPhone 5 myself a couple months back but the prices here in the US were too high so I went back to Android.

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