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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. jgray91

    One of the most recent anime that's available legally to stream in Crunchyroll or Hulu (better stick to Crunchyroll if you can, since it's just better for overall quality), it's an anime about a near-extinct human race, cooped up behind 50 meter-tall walls (3 in fact), hiding from a race of for-fun cannibalistic giants. And now, they seem to be attacking the human race with a purpose. High-energy shonen nonsense, only with less friendship ass pull, more death, awesome fights against the giants, and an OST too awesome for it for all that.
  2. jgray91
    It seems orthos are being picked up by another major manufacturer: http://www.head-fi.org/t/685704/oppo-pm-1-a-new-planar-magnetic-headphone

    The first thing I thought when I saw the pic was "this is going to be a bit weird to mod". I don't know why I thought that.
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    and it is SO POPULAR so many people downlaod it... I might finally have to look into it 
    Welp it's downloading 
  4. nick n
    Takes a fair bit of modification to bring it up to snuff from what I gather ( from sekrit trusted source )
    Certainly paying for style on that one if you are going to simply keep it stock.
    Yeah the prices ARE insane even at $400.
    I feel terribly guilty about mentioning those Beyer things to you a while ago[​IMG], are they at least reasonable sounding for what they are? Sometimes older stuff can be a gem, I know the PWB things are.
    =Finding the main draw to that Titan series is me wanting to constantly slap the characters " get on with it smarten up ! " or at least see some progression with gradual revelations. Read way ahead in the manga and STILL not much. Aaargh.
    Why do I feel like i am still in my 20's ( or mid 30's even lol )  admitting things like that.
    Maybe I need to move to Japan . It's no wonder my last girlfriend thought I was a bit effed.  Eclectic tastes all around. Music especially. Have to keep it interesting though so no going back now.
    By the way if anyone has a Sansui SS-20 that is in need of some badges ( Badges?? BAAAdges?  we don't need no stin...nevermind )fire me a PM I saved 2, just sitting here looking purty and collecting dust.  Freebies on me
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    Going to try an watch Titan, not at ALL a big Gore fan... but :/ I'm stuck with it seeing as it needs to be... well on hand
    so I might enjoy it, not to mention I watched Deadman Wonderland... so >.> I think I can sit through anything after DeadMan 
  6. nick n
    never thought about the OST  thanks will check that out
  7. a_recording
    Today I Learned
    Today I learned something interesting while trying to work out how to remove the smell of the previous owners from my used headphones. I already knew that you can store headphones with those little packets of silica gel desiccant that you get in shoeboxes or electronics to wick away moisture and odor.
    I find out now that most of the times, those desiccant packets are already exhausted because they only have a limited capacity to store moisture! You can restore them by putting them in the microwave or oven and heating them (not too hot or the silica gel beads will break and silica dust is toxic). The stored moisture will escape as steam. You can put them on a scale and weigh them before and after to see how much moisture has been removed.

    You can also get self-indicating silica beads which will change colour when they have absorbed too much moisture and need to be recharged. The blue indicating type are possibly toxic so now there are orange ones that turn green. You can buy them as satchels or in a big bag and make your own satchels using whatever pouches you have handy.
    I just ordered a bunch for my headphones and camera gear. Pretty cool.
  8. Mshenay Contributor
    that's pretty cool actually! 
  9. EveTan
    Anyone know what materials I would need to melt pennies and reform them into a box form?
  10. eke2k6
    Head-fi lingo in real life:
    "I love you mom. You're the best mother in the whole word...IMO."
  11. Coq de Combat
    Today is my first day at my workplace (again), and it feels both good and nervous. I came to realize that my workplace made me iller than I should've been, but I thiunk it's more related to working in general being a trigger for me (becoming either a happy workoholic or a paranoid depressed lazy-a*s wimp). Either way, I'm happy because when I got there last week for a meeting about my future everyone was really happy to see me and being super supportive and hugging me and saying it's fantastic to see me again (and I was being paranoid that they were trying to find reasons to fire me). Yet I'm a bit nervous, since yeahj, I haven't been there for a while - pretty normal I guess. I guess some benzodiazepines will take care of that. My doctor prescribed me a 50% work hours for the first two weeks so I don't get triggered right away, however, I'm on many meds now, acting as safety nets - something I didn't have last time there. Also, I told my parents about my disorder last saturday, and while theyu should be used to me having mental problems, my mom wasn't exactly taking it well and tried her usual "Oh, you're not bipolar, you just some healing and some powerful crystals.." (yeah, she's like that) and my father was being more supportive saying that it's great that I finally know what's wrong and asked me about medication, and said "Wow, and you went through university with kids and without meds, that must've been hard on you". Oh well.. my mom's weird, but she's still my mom. I've learned how to filter the things she says.
    Anyway, wish me luck my friends. I'll report when I get back home.
    Oh, and I almost forgot, I ordered a JBL On Beat Venue LT:
    It's gotten pretty good reviews, and yes, that's a lightning dock. Bluetooth and lightning. Should be here today or tomorrow. I took an extra speedy delivery. I paid about $100 istead of $200 since it was on sale.
  12. jgray91
    All the best, CdC. I'm not much of a good moral supporter, but what little I said is always as honest as honesty can get.
    In other news, I feel awkward sharing this Kickstarter 3D printer thing.

    And it's only $100 for a kit.


    Oh my god this is kind of a huge dilemma for me since I want to start playing around with 3D printing, but even $100 seems to be quite a huge sum of money considering my limited funds (as I say that having spent $100+ worth on Gundam kits...).

    This poses the same conundrum as my interest in photography: how long will I pay attention in the hobby?
    I also found this: http://coverplayaudio.com/product/the-mojo/

    from a completed funded Kickstarter project. This seems neat, for my anime watching tendencies. But again, too limited for me, unless I can make it work, placement wise that is, with my laptop. I wonder if it sounds good.
  13. Coq de Combat
    Thank you my friend. Any support is good no matter the "size" of it, imo. Also, I didn't want, nor expect, anything more than a line of "good luck" or something along the lines, so you did just fine. Consider yourself a better moral supporter than you think. :)
  14. drez
    I hope things become less stressful for you, all the best.
    I hope the speakers sound good - always surprises me how decent some small speakers can sound if they accept what they can do well.
    I think I saw that speaker before - what kind of driver do you think they use?
    I kind of like the idea of 3d printers, but I think I would get more use out of a laser or plasma cutting machine, 7 axis mill etc, but those are pretty full on.  Most of the things I want to make are large sized and need to be robust.  I thought about what would be involved to make some decent audio furniture, and to have parts custom machined you may as well fork out for the higher priced racks.  I think I will just save up for a quadraspire (reluctantly, there was a much cheaper option but it wont fit my gear):
  15. lee730
    I can totally relate Cod. I hope things will work out for you. Good luck on the meds.  Never had suck luck with them. My current position requires driving all day. Really can't stand this as I've been in multiple car accidents as a child and hit 3 times on my bike. All these experiences has left me with post traumatic stress. I absolutely hate driving and being around people in vehicles. Whether I am on foot or in my car driving. There's no trust there at all. So I feel you.

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