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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. vwinter

    You're likely dealing with much lower ambient noise and can probably hear a greater dynamic range as a result. Just a partial possible explanation. I like listening in the dead of night too.
  2. vwinter
    Thanks for responding guys.

    I wasn't getting anywhere in regard to you. You just happened to be there in MF's post and I just went with it. That's why "sorry a_rec."

    I'm still trying to figure out where I was going myself. Your responses are helping with that a great deal actually. I've almost forgotten my path on that statement already tbh =/

    I agree with everything you said. I'm not sure it directly responds to what I was saying but I don't think it was really meant to either.

    ... I could have sworn your post had some more stuff in there when I first read it. Anyway,

    Maybe I was just being selfish in that I felt if we're going to discuss motivations and causes, that whenever I see it in this thread, it feels superficial at best and I'd just like more. Maybe I just don't want to accept that something like self fulfillment or thrill and excitement is the main catalyst. With something like self fulfillment, it's too far removed. For example, what's the missing part that these actions address, and to that end, what was the initial junction point that created this void. And with thrill or excitement, it's too... convenient, too top layer. Why? Why is that urge there? If I'm going to try to understand people, I want to understand them, not think or pretend I do with broad strokes. Like I said, maybe it's selfish, but anything else feels like a waste. And for a reason I haven't figured out yet, it's frustrating.

    Edit: please note if it's not obvious that these are more my feelings than my perception of "truths" or argumentative points.

    It's kind of surreal to be talked to, about, and around at the same time, like I'm a ghost.

    This is more than I expected and it jumps around a bit so please give me some time to respond as life just got a little hectic for me. =(
  3. MuppetFace
    Sorry if it weirds you out, but I was referencing your post in an academic way (ie. "in X, Y, Z et. al. it states ...") which is actually a sign of respect. It's also the least awkward way I know of addressing your points directly while talking to everyone and not just you. It's sort of my way of inviting conversation rather than making it seem like a closed two-way discussion.

    I personally think this is one of the least superficial threads on head-fi.
    Which is actually part of the problem to my mind. The more you try to be deep, the more you're actually mounting an escape from the often very real significance of that superficiality. Your saying my explanation is too convenient and "top layer" implies there's some sort of gnostic pneuma behind everything. This is actually wonderful, because it ties directly in to something I posted a while back about art and supposed depth:
    People by nature construct identities for themselves through social interactions, through participation in the symbolic order. Why? Because there's no alternative. We "have to" participate in the symbolic order if we want to communicate. Self-fulfillment is something every human strives for because the most fundamental thing we need in life---more fundamental than food, water, shelter---is meaning. We need some kind of meaning to our lives. A meaningless life is a life not worth living. Obviously we don't have to find that meaning on head-fi, it's just one small facet and an optional one at that. I think a lot of folks try to find meaning in consumption however, be it headphones or bicycles or telescopes.
    The "void" you speak of is the human being his or herself. Behind the mask we construct for ourselves, Zizek would say there is nothing. Only void. I'm not so sure. However I do know there is at the very least a void within us even if it's not all encompassing. We try to fill it with meaning, to be complete.
  4. vwinter

    No no, I appreciate it. Nothing negative meant. I was just describing a new experience for myself, almost like a first impression.
  5. blueangel2323
    Wow that looks so much better than the current model, which is hideous.
    You may also be having power quality issues. After midnight there are very few people dirtying up your power. Have you tried a power conditioner? It will do absolutely nothing for you if you already have clean power, but if the power in your area is poor then it can make a dramatic difference.
  6. ardgedee
    Make me think of the TH900. And then the blond cover makes me think of the D1000. I don't know what to think.
    ...and that particular photo made me think of the SR-009.
    It's like there's a convergence in high-end headphone styling.
  7. Mshenay
    So how does the XC sound 
  8. veyrongatti
    Ahh that explains the Sansui thingy I saw on Yahoo Auctions the other day........ 
    I think It went for 10 dollars...... Eeep  :frowning2: If I knew it was rare....... 
  9. nick n
    ^ whut.
    You sure it wasn't a Pioneer they look near identical.
    silver, round, large, 100 in the nameplate?
  10. veyrongatti
    saw that as well but 
    no one bought them.....
  11. nick n
    no one bought the Pioneers I suspect lol
    Those are Sansui SS-100 in that picture.
     In moments like that, Wikiphonia is your best friend :)
    Do partake next time. There's ALWAYS a next time
  12. MuppetFace
    The Sansui SS-100 is fairly "eh" in terms of sound, but it looks really nice, so it's popular. Last auction for one I saw it go for like 700 USD which is insane. Usually it goes for around $300-400, which is still sort of insane.
    Sansui made a few different models, and there are some other makes that look similar.
  13. drez
    I think I will need to change up power cords or use a distributer in the future so a power conditioner might work very well.  Same album now sounds ordinary, blurry and grainy.  I might also try a few more shunt filters around the place to see if I can avoid in-series power filtering.  I had a suspicion it might be power, so I think it's worth looking into (I can make shunt filters from $15 worth of components so not much risk there).
    EDIT: I thnk i figured it out - the sunf filter I was using on the hifi circuit seems to have been doing more harm that good.  No idea why.
  14. veyrongatti
    Ohh that explains a lot :p 
  15. tomscy2000
    Sansui is still around, but it has long fallen from grace... http://www.sansui-global.com/
    Now, it basically pimps out its name to whatever OEM wants to slap its logo on its products. [​IMG]

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