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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. 333jeffery
    I've been rewatching Big O lately: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK_HTdn3NPE    It's like Batman but with giant robots rather than caped heroes/villains. Eva fans should appreciate the ending....
  2. DigitalFreak

  3. tomscy2000
    Me likey the way the LCD-X and XC look...
  4. MuppetFace
    Prototype for the new Fostex ortho spotted...
    Looks nice so far! Fostex doing a new high-end ortho has potential for major win. Now if someone could take a listen....
  5. nick n
    Muppetface :
    some teaser info at least.
    Post #290 there has a link to someone that says they listened but they were not up to 600 levels, no kidding it seems to be a basic prototype.
    hahah there is scattered info all over the place. I'm gettin lost. Not sure what's been shown for pics but these are nice and big. Side shot as well.
    I took a guess at the modified driver bit. Who knows though. Be nice to have resurrected the original V0/1 driver to modern material specs, but certainly no complaints here
  6. a_recording
    I wish I was there *sigh*
  7. a_recording
    Random note, but I find the ATH-CKM1000 infinitely more tolerable with Sony hybrid tips. Sony hybrid tips make a lot of the awful splashy treble go away. ALL HAIL THE HYBRID TIP
    *Edit: I mean, it's still pretty bad, but maybe it's bad 50% of the time now and not 100% of the time...
  8. MuppetFace
    Well, keep in mind the individual who said it wasn't up to TH600 levels also preferred the TH600 to the TH900, LCD-XC, and LCD-X. Not citing that to invalidate the opinion, but rather to say this person was obviously very taken by the TH600 and whatever rig it was paired with at the show. It's easy to kind of take that out of context. For instance, I don't see any official word from Fostex or their reps. on whether this new ortho is intended to even compete with the TH600 and TH900 or where it "officially" falls in their lineup. Even if it ends up slotted below the TH600 officially, I might prefer it. Just like I prefer the SR-007 to the SR-009 on the right setup. Thirdly, it's obviously a very early prototype as you pointed out and the post mentioned. Unless Fostex really screwed up on the damping though, I imagine it sounds pretty darn good so far.
    Personally I think the current generation T50RP drivers---when properly modded---are able to stand alongside the TH600. It's a different flavor, but they're just as capable in their own way. What I'm more concerned about personally is the relayed statement from the Fostex rep. that these are "based on the current T50RP drivers." Er... huh? Maybe something got lost along the way, like a game of telephone, but that makes it sound as if this thing is just Fostex doing their own modded T50RP. I was hoping for a brand new driver. Now even if it's brand new, it's still going to be based largely on the older T50 drivers, so maybe that's what the rep. meant when he said whatever he said.
    Edit: The person who said it ranked below the TH600 apparently doesn't even know if it's an ortho or not (it is). So yeah, I think said person is just sharing his thoughts without any official info.
  9. nick n
    I certainly hope there was some slight confusion on driver details as you mentioned there.
    Can't see them simply doing their own mod on the typical driver with all the resources they have available at their disposal.
    Game of telephone...that one where the message gets increasingly warped as it's told around form one person to another I presume ?
    No matter what, I am stoked they are even actually doing this, and anything at all with the Regular Phase lineup. No doubt it'll be something decent. Be a fun wait. Also fun to watch the various comments. Wonder if this hype will go off the charts like the first AKG 812 thread. Though no Nomax  so it'll probably stay reasonably normal :)
  10. a_recording
    Well they would be silly not to do something like that, but the pics make it kind of look like an open headphone...
  11. MuppetFace
    It looks to be very much in the same spirit as the original T50, which was a big ol' open headphone.
  12. veyrongatti
    MF have you tried them? 
  13. MuppetFace
    There were several versions of the T50 from the 70s to early 80s along with a whole host of OEM models. I have the NAD RP18 which is one such OEM based on the T50, probably one of the first spin offs, only it has Mylar diaphragm instead of the Kapton which seemed more common (and bassier?). They look pretty much identical to the picture I posted above. In stock form they sound a bit dull in that vintage sort of way---great mids but kinda "splorchy" bass and lack of high-end extension---but modded they become insane.
    I've also got a pair of the Akai ASE-50. They're quite purdy:
    They're kind of a Frankenphone, a combination of the T50 and T30 from what I understand (the magnets from one, diaphragm from the other). Haven't modded them yet, as in stock form they've got a rather curious signature, kinda warm and honky but pleasant. I may just leave 'em be since they're so rare. Speaking of which, I also have Kabeer's Aiwa HP-500. Only like two or three of these things have ever been documented in the wild. I believe the magnets are the same as the T50s, and the diaphragm is like the Sansui SS-100's which is likely another Fostex OEM as it has a similar voice coil (but the T30's diaphragm material).
    Phew. Kinda confusing.
    But the Aiwas sound amazing, easily one of the best vintage orthos I've ever heard, pretty much comparable to the LCD-2 and best modded T50RPs out there.
    All info and pictures courtesy of Wikiphonia.
  14. a_recording
    "splortchy" is my new favourite descriptor
  15. drez
    Man why does hifi equipment have to sound so much better after midnight, honestly it sounds considerably better, and I am just listening to some redbook album buried deep on my hard drive.  Maybe it's a great recording, I will have to listen tomorrow.  One of those "nothing is missing" type of hifi experiences.  It's fine and all but it's not really convenient to do listening so late...
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