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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. a_recording
    Yay acoustic horn! :D Did they ever get the patent for that? You would think that there is plenty of prior art, unless it really is 'non obvious' to shrink it down to that size.
  2. DigitalFreak

    So I take it the CK100PRO is about to go out of production or was it a limited production to begin with?
  3. a_recording
    Ooh I don't know. If it was limited I might seriously consider getting a pair. It's never been cheaper on Amazon JP that's for sure.
  4. drez
    They look great, and the price looks like they want to take on HD800 but... why 32 Ohms, why single entry 3 pin cable connector.  My amplifier would only provide a damping factor of 16 which is too low IIRC, I guess some 1 Ohm ZOut amplifiers might be OK but those are pretty rare.  Might make for a nice portable headphone or something...  
    Why must you raise my hopes and then smash them AKG???
  5. a_recording
    I dunno, I love single entry cables...
  6. DigitalFreak

    Lachlan, if you do decide to grab a pair let me know. I'll PayPal you the cost plus whatever shipping needed to send them to me. I'd do it myself but the last time I tried looking into a Proxy it was such a pain in the arse I decided to give up an do something more fun like hitting myself in the face with a hammer
  7. drez

    I dont mind the single entry so much as the 3pin connector which means it cant be used with balanced amplification.
  8. veyrongatti
    You sure? IIRC sending something to NA is like 20 dollars and thats the cheapest postage....... Tenso is apparently not bad ^^ 
  9. MuppetFace
    With a single entry 3 pin cable, you couldn't re-cable it balanced though, right? That's a big thing for some people in the high-end market....
    The 32 ohms thing annoys me though. The original K701 was like 200+ ohms or something IIRC. The K1000 and K340 were really big loads (hur hur) too. I miss that.
    Like I said, it's a weird mismatch to my mind. Amp designers are making their amps more and more powerful and higher gain these days, while headphone manufacturers are making their products more and more efficient. Welcome to the Future World of Hiss.
  10. tomscy2000
    Eh? I thought it was 62 or 64 ohms? But I get what you mean... I agree. Heck, I even want high-ohm IEMs!
    They should've just gone with 4-pins. It's too easy to screw up the grounding during manufacturing. I can envision people modding that thing immediately.
    Even Sennheiser does 4-pole connections for its single cable headphones. If people wanted, they could run the HD595/598 balanced with a simple plug retermination.
  11. ardgedee

    They can be recabled for "balanced" but that will require drilling the shells. A few people have done that with ther K701/702s. I can't remember the last full-sized AKG headphone sold dual-entry. Not including the K1000, since that's sui generis.

    I think damping factor is overly obsessed about. It's not a universal panacea. But yeah, there's definitely some mis-coordination going on between the headphone companies and amp companies. I would assume the headphone companies generally are misunderstanding the market for open-backed phones, but they do more research on this than I do, so they probably know how their units are going to sell without having to take account for whether I think it's distasteful...
  12. MuppetFace
    Oh yeah, I got it mixed up with the original DT880. A few years ago the DT880 versus K701 versus HD600 debate was a biggun...
  13. blueangel2323
    A 32-ohm flagship doesn't make sense. That and the thin, 3.5mm terminated cable make it seem like it's trying to do everything at the same time, including running straight out of a DAP, which one does not do with flagships (or shouldn't, anyways).
  14. Mshenay Contributor
    ALthough UltraSones Flagsip looks like a cheap $40 intro pair they also make with the same name, except the Flag Ship just ends with a difrernt noun
    ok that said, fun story for u guys. There has been this "LEARN FRENCH ADD" on my Head fi for the longest time, and yes the women pictured had a nice bust. So I click the add expecting to get to stare at said bust, only to find I stumpled upon an add for Pimsleur language solution... and you know what... I watched like 15mins of that video [which had no boobs in it] and I'm totally going to try it out!  I mean I have a 45min ride to work each day, and a 20 min ride to class 4 days a week. That's a total of like... at least 90 minete's a day in a car... that said... I'm totally going to try this language software out! I mean 18 years of having spanish friends and wathching Japanese Anime have to be worth something? So let's see what I can't do! 
    Going TO start with Spanish first since I know some native speakers, and if it works I'll let you guys know. Best of all... only suckers pay for that stuff <3 so you know nothing like free knowledge 
  15. tomscy2000
    Gotta love it when advertisement works.

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