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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. MuppetFace
    It's not meant to be personal or anything. I'm just sayin' I don't pay much mind to what goes on in the portable section or what five out of six head-fiers think about brand X or whatever these days. If I post a link for a company, it's because I'm genuinely interested in them for my own reasons, and I try not to let hype or anti-hype sway me or bother me. If folks want to use the impressions I post as a guideline that's fine by me, but I don't go out of my way to guide people outside of this thread or the PMs I get. If others on the forums want to try and counter perceived wrongs outside of this thread that's fine by me too, but I'm fine being an uninvested digital recluse.

    The Abyss can sound glorious on a $500 amp.
    I'm also glad it was released, because contrary to the sentiments of those determined to hate it, I feel it's one of the best headphones ever engineered.
  2. MuppetFace
    On the contrary, I feel recognizing the underlying mechanisms at work can be extremely beneficial because it helps put things into perspective. I think a lot of folks go about their business without understanding the real motivation at work in what they're doing, and by recognizing it, one can get more out of the hobby by understanding what it is one is actually looking for in the first place.
    Someone like a_recording is a perfect example of a person who knows what he's looking for, someone who recognizes his consumerist tendencies for what they are and embraces them. Often times you get people who act as though they're looking for some end point, some "ultimate sound," but really they're caught up in the process, and it's the cycle of consumption from which they derive satisfaction. By not recognizing it however they become frustrated and burn out quickly because they put all their stock in a single high-end piece of kit when they'd be better served embracing a wider array of less expensive stuff. Inevitably they aren't satisfied, so they move on to the next latest and greatest thing. And on and on.
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  3. drez
    Major purchases for me tend to come after many months of painstaking research and consideration, and like you I tend to keep out of most of the subforums.  I'm pretty much only subscribed to this thread and a few threads related to gear I currently own, maybe a couple of threads related to hardware I am interested in.  If something important turns up I will typically find out one way or another, or so I figure.  
    A couple of years ago I got stung by a lot of hype, one sided reviews and impressions that seem somehow to miss the glaring shortcomings and distort the "strengths" of a new product.  No doubt there are a few cases of misunderstanding audiophile jargon, or not knowing what exactly I like or am looking for.  Typically this is OK for small spends but for big ticket items that are bought without opportunity for demo, eg. the Westone ES5's, misunderstanding and misrepresentation can waste a lot of money.
    Listening to some budget setups at meets can be quite surprising - setups that cost maybe a few hundred dollars maybe lack some refinement but can be just as enjoyable, and pretty damn transparent.  I envy a lot of people starting out that have chosen components wisely - I wish I had selected such good components when I was starting out.  
  4. driver 8
    I just buy stuff when I'm feeling bad >_>
    Anyways, I have good tubes coming for my Electra tomorrow so I'll get to see if that makes a big difference (I mean, it has in other tube amps I've used...).  If I'm still not happy with that I'll probably sell it and look into an LL2*.  I'm actually happy with every other rig I have right now except for the stat one and, due to circumstance, find myself listening to iPod -> FI-BA-SS on the go more than anything.  I think I'll always want a couple of much higher end setups around here, though.  I appreciate these things as things to an extent.

    I've been having trouble finding music I like lately so I just keep listening to the same couple albums I haven't gotten tired of or video game music.
    * I confirmed today that the price won't go up in the next run, so that's cool.
  5. drez
    Strange for me it's sort of more that I am typically holding myself back rom buying things, and then at some point something snaps and I decide to make the purchase.  In a way I tend to think about this hobby as a sort of project - there are many things I would like to do but I have not enough time or financial resources to do.  There is typically also a sense of tension - competing intentions and qualities, competing timelines, prioritisation.  Nothing is ever simple.
  6. vwinter

    I did an admittedly poor job of isolating my statement. I was specifically referring to the actions of hype and anti-hype, not the act of people understanding their motivations. Attempting to break them down to the lowest common demominator here doesn't help them understand themselves. They likely won't come here and the chances that they even recognize the discussion as a reflection of themselves I wouldn't place any bets on. So then who or what are we doing it for? Is it to make us feel better about ourselves?

    I agree with you fwiw, I just don't see a redeeming point in this case.

    I sometimes feel like understanding your own actions is a shallow exercise oddly enough. It's often the actions and thoughts that we don't like that we want to understand. Yet many would stop at the satisfaction of understanding, as if understanding was the ultimate point of the exercise, when the motivation was dissatisfaction.
  7. drez
    I kind of understand what you mean, the sort of situation where someone deconstructs a personal problem, and then says "I am so happy now that I understand why I have this problem" yet they still have the same problem.  I guess it does give a sense of empowerment to understand, and maybe this sense of empowerment can give them the confidence to correct the problem?
    I don't really see a problem with the discussion to be honest though, even if it is just discussion for it's own sake, what's wrong with that?  I thought it was pretty interesting how MuppetFace described a_recording's consumption of audio gear.  I'm not sure if I will ever be able to use this information eg. to fundamentally change the way I engage with this hobby, but I am still happy to have the discussion.
  8. Mimouille
    The fact that you would say this means that somehow you think I am a moron. You think I am just throwing words, which is quite insulting, because I don't think I have ever given you cause to say think that.
    Let me make myself clear. I am prejuging no one. I am post juging a certain number of people / an overall mood on a thread based on several month of following. I have nothing against Heir products and any other products.
    But when on a certain thread, all people post 100% positive reviews and anyone posting critical points of view is: either insulted / said to have a faulty iem / said to lack experience / ignored, I think the term fanboyism is quite adequate.
    I do no post character judgments on people based on what they like, I post attitude judgments based on people having, IMO, an obviously overly biased attitude which will clearly, as you fear it, close any constructive debate.
    Based on very FACTUAL elements, i.e. ALL recent reviews and comments on the Noble thread saying that the new products are PERFECT, WITHOUT ANY FAULT, THE BEST EVER MADE, I just expressed my fear that this ultra biased atmosphere will yet again be the norm, and partly ruin my pleasure on these new products, which by the way seem VERY interesting to me.
  9. Mimouille
    This. Even if I am sober.
  10. Mimouille
    And to get back to music, the latest Nicolas Jaar....really nice:

  11. gelocks
    Brett Detar, ex The Juliana Theory (emo), just released his new country/americana album for free... I loved his first album, and I'm pretty sure this one will be great as well... Even if you are not a fan of Country, give it a try,...
    If you like it, he has some merch on his page! :wink:
    Or you could look into:
    Orquesta Macabeo - Lluvia con Sol (Salsa)
    I can make a Mess... - Enola (Folk/acoustic/pop/whatever... lol)
    Silverstein - This is How the wind shifts (Emocore?)
    Marc Anthony - 3.0 (Salsa/Bohemia)
    Bomba Estereo - Elegancia Tropical (Cumbia/electro-pop/exp)
    Vertical Horizon also released their new CD as well... listened to 4 tracks, they sound good... need to listen to it all... 
    I know these are probably not your style, but if you are bored or something, you might look into them :wink:
  12. jgray91

    If you're unopposed to anime, maybe you want to test the waters for it. There are some good anime that has awesome soundtracks that can stand alone if need be, but the connection you get from relating a soundtrack to specific parts of the story is powerful and exponentially more enjoyable than the soundtrack standing alone, at least for me. And on the plus side, legal streaming is getting more and more abundant, even if the choices are limited relative to the usual ways.

    Getting the soundtrack album though, is still either an import or pirating affair. I must say though, some importing outlets aren't that expensive than normal brick and mortar or online stores; though I can't vouch against amazon since I never used it. Not in America etc etc.

    I'm happy to help you look for anime, maybe even try to match the musical genre you're after/prefer.

    This offer extends to anyone in this thread too.
  13. ChrisSC
    This is neither here nor there but I'm thinking that head-fi is an '80s throwback- when you get to the summit, everything just seems excessive and celebrated for being so. Once you pass the sweet spot everything is a battle of inches where any "improvements" might all just be volume-related or psychosomatic- more money must mean better sound (and more drivers too please!).

    I'm also realizing that I find the idea of hi-fidelity audio gear more appealing than the actual gear itself; something like Courtney Love said, "you get what you want and you never want it again." I'm increasingly finding super-fi audio to be that illusory rainbow- that spectrum of colors that is somehow devoid of substance. A few months ago I would've been excited for all the new TOTL gear coming out, but now I'm feeling jaded and burnt out with it all. Oooh, 12 drivers per ear!?! Yawn.

    Sudden revelation was inspired by this:
    A half hour ago I wanted to show off to my fiancée just how good music could sound so I threw a pair of audeze LCD-3s on her head and played vintage Bowie. Her response was, "these are heavy."

    Anyway, sorry and don't mean to bum anyone out but thought I'd express something here cuz I don't have my own diary :D
    Also no one please take any offense to this post- I'm just feeling expressive regarding my current state of romance with this hobby :cool:
  14. Coq de Combat
    I actually have more to say, but I'll make a longer post later on as I'm sitting at McDonalds having a brunch with my iPad connected to a neighbouring shops wifi. Yesterday I went to work to have a meeting about my future there, since I've been ill for the last 5-6 weeks. What happened was surprising. More on that when I get home.

    I think part of the reason people ar feeling burnt out by audio gear, or headphones in particular, is because we're burning ourselves out by lurking or debating headphones on head-fi every day. For instance, I know I'm very susceptible to hype, and I can look forward to something for months, and when I finally get it, I enjoy it for 30 minutes and then think to myself "now what?".

    I hink this may be a case for most people who aren't actively doing things with their headphones other than listen to music, or have enough money to buy several headphones a month. Tofbe more precise, this may become the case sooner or later. I think people who like to mod and tinker with their gear are more prone to stay in this hobby for a longer time without getting tired of it, since they're physically active in their hobby; they're doing something, not just sitting and listening.

    Which also brings me to another point: the reason for having several headphones. I used to think that I wanted more multitude in my collection because each headphone has it's own coloring of the music, kind of like spicing on your steak. But really, how many ways can the same song sound? I mean, it's still the same song by the same artist on the same exact recording.. I think I have more multitude in feelings from a song depending on my mood rather than depending on headphones themselves. I'm not saying they all sound the same, they don't. However, I may have been overrating the multitude of seasoning created by different headphones as opposed to the multitude created by moods, or even times of the day, and so on.

    Now, there may be practical reasons for having several headphones: pressure points etting fatigued by different sized headphones, ear canals getting fatigued from IEMs, hairdresses not allowing huge over the ear types of headphones at times, one may need to be subtle and use small IEMs, and so on. I just think I'm personal,y buying my own excuse anymore, which always was that I wanted different headphones for different versions of the same song. While true, I just think there are other bigger factors at play here.

    I know all about writers block. I actually have several creative hobbies, I draw/paint, I am an amateur photographer, and I write. I suffer from blocks in every one of them at times, sometimes for years. Last time I felt happy about photography was years ago, and my dslr is just collecting dust nowadays. So I can relate in more ways than just my back log of games. I'm sorry I can't help you here, but should you find a solution, please tell me. This "fake it 'til you make it" thing doesn't work for me.

    We've been saying for a long time that this thread is like a cafe. It serves the purpose of venting or just visiting, in a more relaxed and respectful manner. We're all friends here, or we should strive to be. I don't know how true it is anymore, but I like hanging out here. I accept other opinions as much as they accept mine, and as far as I know we don't have prejudice over here. We just talk, share, and ... Relax for a moment here.

    Yeah, I know that the two of you weren't best buddies, and I think you both have your opinions on things that I agree with at times, and at times not. That being said, you're both my friends, and despite what you may think of eachother, I look past whatever it is you disliked eachother for. It's just not my business.

    That being said, I think music_4321 was one of the biggest proponents to talking about music here rather than gear. I like the idea of it. Th rest of the forum is talking about gear in one way or another, which isn't strange at all (this isn't a music forum, but a gear forum), but I like the idea of a refuge camp where we canfrelax from all that, and talk other stuff in a light hearted and friendly manner. Music being a very good topic, which is why I have been dumping youtube videos of music, writing long essay like posts about my own journey in music, creating the mixtape project, and so on.

    I don't mind gear talk at all, it's just a bit tiresome at times and I know I'm in the minority here and should probably keep my mouth shut about it, but gear talk is literally two clicks away from here and I just feel that debates about music, politics, feminism, art and so on spark my interest more. That's just me though.
  15. a_recording
    Yay, I'm a perfect example of something! :D But yes, I know what you mean. At a certain point I stopped loving the rainbow and started loving the chasing. It's just plain fun to buy new stuff, you get a genuine thrill of discovery. For me that means that buying really cheap gear is often more rewarding than listening to really high end stuff where the flaws just become bummers.
    I will still always love just plain beautifully built stuff though.
    Yes, I feel this way. My favourite pair of headphones actually seems to be, in terms of head time, the Sony MA900. It doesn't do everything amazingly but it's outrageously competent and outrageously comfortable. I can't fault it and I've grown to love its "easy does it" attitude.
    I try to avoid the debates, but I do have some pretty strong opinions.
    Anyway, on this subject I posted up my 1Plus2 review / video looksee:
    Maybe I am just an intermittently starving student but I tend to think of $1000+ purchases as aspirational purchases, and the 1Plus2 was not something that particularly inspired aspirations in me. It wasn't something I would feel proud to own or something that I could point to a decade down the line and say "look at this beauty".
    On another note, for some reason when I choose low scores on the slider in the review section it makes them appear much higher in the actual review. Can anyone tell me why that is?

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