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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Mimouille
    Yep, and with him the fanboys and one-sided reviews return also...for silicone I will wait for what Piotrus will be putting out I think...
  2. jgray91
    My YH-1 lives yet again! \o/
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  3. lee730
    There's a big difference between starting genuine and useful conversations vs starting flame wars and causing dissension and hostility on the forums. It really makes me question the integrity of such individuals who can't clearly differentiate the above (then again the me, me, me mentality generally hold true vs what is good for the community as a whole). And of course if that is seen as normal maybe even question their sanity.
  4. ardgedee

    You'll have to tolerate people who like things you don't like, and if you can do so without name calling, it would be appreciated.
  5. MuppetFace
    Noble will be hyped quite a bit, I'm sure. So will the Roxanne. Either way it doesn't bug me much these days, as I don't venture outside this thread and a few select others much. I just sit in my little corner and try stuff out in a semi-vacuum.
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    I feel you there, I still like and feel a need to have hand written notes [which are scribbles as I have horrific hand writing] that and from time to time, I sign my name on a sheet of paper like 40 times... just to flesh the motion out. I like my signiture, and I like refining it.
    But even in my programming class, I still scribble Input Process OutPut Charts and notes, lot's of arrows and what not. Then again I used to draw a lot so... maybe since I've no longer had the time to draw, I've adressed that desire through scribbly notes. 
  7. DigitalFreak
    Face it, it's impossible to keep up
  8. Mimouille
    Either you have never set foot in the former Heir thread or you are just trying to attack me, but either way keep you life lessons to yourself. I will "have" to do nothing. I perfectly tolerate different opinions. You have a right to disagree but I think such obvious biased enthusiasm can be associated to fanboyism without it being an insult. If you wish to take this further take it to PM, but without the fatherly tone please.
  9. Mimouille
    I perfectly understand...it is just that this kind of hype sometimes leads ill informed people to buy stuff that is overrated.
  10. MuppetFace
    I'm not suggesting that hype is without negative consequences, I'm just saying I prefer to try to remove myself from the forum's rotary motion at this point. Both hype and "anti hype" seem like opposite sides of the same coin often times to my mind, both arising from peoples' seeking self fulfillment, be it perpetuating desire and excitement from one product to the next or taking on the role of a crusader. In any event it's mostly just forum chatter, and I often find it has very little to do with the actual physical artifact in question. I consider myself fortunate to be acquainted with people whose tastes I can use to calibrate and to be able to experiment on my own from time to time.
    There are quite a few pieces of gear I enjoy that have been hyped quite a bit over the years. The Sony R10 is an example. Wizard's CIEMs are another.
    As an aside, I'd say most popular gear out there is overrated to *some* extent. When I listen to a $99 pair of RE-400s or a well modded T50RP, everything else has a tendency to seem a bit overrated. The reality of diminishing returns makes most high-end gear seem like pure excess, yet I find myself enjoying it nonetheless.  
  11. Mimouille

    At the end of the day, I can buy stuff on a whim because I like the name and be quite happy even if it costs a ton andn might be a bit expensive compared to a more reasonable offer. I am not here to be reasonable.

    However, sometimes a cult like mentality may arise around some brands and products and the sort of communication that it entails is just very frustrating to me. It just grinds on my nerves...

    Not all people are experienced enough to know what they really like and who to listen to and might take the reviewer's word for it. These same people sometimes just have enough money to buy one piece of gear every few years and it might be a huge waste to them to be caught in hype.

    I am sorry if just saying what I think makes me come off as a crusader. I usually do not find these subjects critical enough that I want to argue over them. I just react to people's attitudes when it annoys me. I however understand your point and will keep any further "forum chatter" out of your thread :)
  12. gelocks
    And this is why companies keep releasing products like the Abyss that can sound "glorious" if you spend $4000 on an amp! 
    Every time I TRY to go into the summit-fi direction, a little voice in my head questions me: "Do you REAAALLY need to spend all that? Are you not enjoying your current gear?!" and... I get back to Earth. Oh well... as long as you guys up there in the "summit" are having fun and relaying the info, I'm good... for now... (sometimes I just CRAVE excess!!! :wink:)
  13. a_recording
    Yes, the RE-400 seems to have taken a lot of the charm out of things to me. I don't think it's perfect (I personally prefer the GR07 and 7550 for their texture) but the RE-400 definitely moves the goalposts. The Yamaha EPH-100 is also great for around this kind of money.
    I finished writing my 1Plus2 review, which really puts this kind of thing in stark relief.
  14. ardgedee
    "Fanboy" and analogous terms shut down the conversation. It becomes a tripwire in any discussion on a given topic; an announcement that the other side has been prejudged as irrationally partisan and at some to-be-determined point early on, the conversation will stop being about the topic and become an argument about the person holding the opposing opinion. Boom, conversation over, fireworks begin.
    It's not just this one topic, and it's definitely not just you. Try discussing Beats in a positive way anywhere on Head-Fi. For that matter, try discussing Windows in Slashdot, PHP in a Rails forum, Apple products almost anywhere. These are the politics and religion of the tech geek, and the rhetoric behaves similarly.
    I'd rather see people work out why they like things I don't like. I'd rather discuss the substance and relative qualities of our respective tastes. An argument about personal character instead prevents that from ever happening, prevents me from seeing perspectives I wouldn't have considered, and reduces this thread to Yet Another Crapfest that this site has plenty of already.
    So if it's not an imposition, I'd rather hear more about what you like, or for that matter what you don't like. I'd like to hear fewer character judgements about people who disagree with what you like or don't like. That doesn't help anybody and it doesn't interest me.
    Most of the longer-term diary participants have some capacity for writing out their thoughts, even if they don't exercise it all that often. Writing complete thoughts is time-consuming and usually requires having something to say -- we don't always, all the time, have something to say. And working too hard at it can interfere with the casual chatter and "hey lookit this!" linkage that keeps the social component of the diary afloat. But I'd like to see more of it, all the same.
  15. vwinter
    This may be the tequila making me talk "out loud" but I don't care if his CIEMs make brooms dance, I refuse to call him Wizard in any way that isn't with a healthy mound of sarcasm or eye rolling. Just thinking about the idea of doing so makes me feel like an idiot and a tool. I'm sure that says loads about me.

    This whole defining, recognizing, and categorizing the hype and anti-hype issue and other such issues and their motivators is almost pointless IMO. It does nothing to stop the driving forces of those actions on this forum. That wasn't the intent to begin with, but then what was?

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