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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. drez
    Pretty much my thoughts also - JH13 already has a lot of drivers, twice as much to go wrong as a 3 driver IEM, 3 times a dual driver.  With 12 drivers, how would you even know if something went wrong?  I had the same thoughts re carbon fibre - difficult material to work with just increases the chance that something is going to go wrong with the fit - probably take longer to make - and really nobody's going to see the inside of your CIEM when being worn, and when not being worn don't nobody want to see your wax covered customs.  Bass boost - again another chance to introduce coloration or distortion into the system, and then to redesign the connector just of the bass boost circuit...  Typically when I see bass boost on anything, or when bass is the main marketing point, this is what tells me the product is not for me.  But yeah, I', sure that for some people it could be a delightfully excessive thing to consume/desire, and just maybe there will be some sort of performance gain from more drivers, but personally I'm really not hyped.
  2. a_recording
    Lemme guess - you watch Two Best Friends Play too? :3
  3. jgray91
    That sounds mainstream. I only watch the best high quality non content: Jesse Cox.
  4. Mimouille
    @Muppet, I agree on the moar drivaz issue. Right now I am impressed at what Vision Ears can do with 2, and 4 drivers.
    However carbon fiber plus roxanne...cannot resist. And it souds even just a bit better than the supposedly excellent jh13 than I m good.
  5. ardgedee
    Carbon fiber, as a material, is the fabric weave. It's incredibly strong but it isn't stiff enough on its own to be a structural element. You can deform it easily (relative to whatever material you intend to use it to replace). In order for it to be useful it has to be bonded with resin.
    When you see it on bike frames or auto body chassis, it's the resin bond that locks the fabric in place, limits its tendency to deform, and it's the resin that provides the smooth finish. The gotcha is that resin is really heavy -- if you've ever hefted a lucite trophy or an acrylic paperweight, you get the idea -- so the goal is to use as little of that as possible. Production scale moulding includes things like balloons that squeeze moulded components from the inside to press out excess resin.
    In the shots of the Roxanne in Jude's video, you could see acrylic plastic refracting light, which means the carbon fiber set deep below the surface of the plastic. This makes me suspect the shell uses about as much plastic as any other acrylic custom IEM. So even if the carbon fiber contributes structural integrity, I'm not certain the real-world difference is affected at all; It's not sufficient for your IEM to not shatter -- it has to resist deformation (you don't want the electronics to get squished). It has to be chip-proof and scratch-proof in order to be useful after impact -- and there's too much plastic to make the IEM any more durable in that regard than any other acrylic shell. I'm not sure exposed thread ends in carbon fiber mesh can be made sufficiently smooth and sanitary if they're exposed -- if your custom scrapes across concrete, it's ruined regardless of what it's made from. At least a universal's tips can be swapped out.
    The carbon fiber won't help make the cable socket any stronger, either, because the mesh is too coarse to be moulded into the socket body -- I'm guessing there's a hole drilled through the shell, the socket is inserted and secured in place with epoxy or acrylic. It's probably stronger than the usual JH/UE/Westone style sockets because it's larger and has a screw lock, but the carbon fiber contributes nothing to it.
    Sure looks cool, though. You could easily spend more than $200 on cosmetics for your cIEM from other companies, so I won't argue that a $200 upcharge for carbon fiber decoration is excessive in this context. Don't harbor any thoughts of treating the result as a ruggedized IEM, though.
  6. shotgunshane Contributor
    As much as the new Roxanne excites the spending tendencies (especially the full carbon fibre look- I'm with MF on that getting the vroom, vroom factor), I'm really happy with my JH13 FP and it's slightly bass boosted take on neutrality. So instead of going that route, I'm really interested in trying a silicone custom and also pursuing an ER-4S type signature (the ER-4S has unexpectedly floored me). Looks like the Custom Art Music One with SoA options is in my near future.
  7. Rollk2
    Oh that speaks a lot about the Roxanne :) cool :)

    I'm not very confident with this new product. I fear the sound signature that has changed between the jh13 and jh13fp. Better soundstage but more treble isn't ?

    If it's essentially a construction improvement as they use carbon fiber it's very very hype ! Too many airplanes in the mind of Jerry or ? Okay I already broke my EarSonics EM4 but it was obvious that it was my fault and not a construction defect based on the use of acrylic. Silicone seems to be more solid.

    From 6 to 12 transducers, how many phase problems on 3 ways ? Wow I'm impressed how people is confident with these...
  8. Mimouille
    Not considering technical aspects, I just feel that Jerry Harvey must be a smart guy, and if he comes out with a new TOTL, above the JH13, JH16 and J3A, he knows his public is discerning and he knows what he is doing.
  9. Rollk2
    Clearly, he's one the masters in the world of CIEMs. But I'm skeptic with even more transducers...
  10. tomscy2000
    [​IMG] ​
  11. drez
    The rack I want:
    The rack which will fit my gear:
    Depressing x2
  12. tomscy2000
    Warning: The following is an extremely geeky joke that only people who learn cellular biology would know...
    Congratulations to Rothman JE, Schekman RW,and Südhof TC... they really SNARE'd that Nobel Prize!​
  13. Mshenay Contributor
    Ur avatar is so hilrious xD who is that woman 
  14. MuppetFace
    That's how I feel about this thread lately.
  15. tomscy2000
    She did 'Cups'...

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