The Denon AH-D5000 - My latest HeadRoom purchase
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... However, the MarkL mod is close to US$500!!!

If you have Mark do the mod it is about $150, if you do the mod yourself it can be done for under $25. It looks like the pads were installed incorrectly, easy to fix. Good luck.

Currently listening to my modded D5000 and loving it.
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I don't plan to mod mine.

However, I'm always happy when another is enjoying their phones so cheers.
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If you can't rotate those pads to better fit your ears, then it's surely a dud! I haven't read about any D5000 fakes and therefore can't comment on them.

Your listening history may well heavily contribute to your impressions of the D5000's.

As to the Markl mods, I'm sure they make a difference, but am not so sure about it being necessarily better. If I'm happy as they are now, then that's all that counts, and indeed I am. The D5000 and the HD650's make for a nice pair to have. Their approach is different and I now use them interchangeably as needed.
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you need grado's and youll have a good trifecta for diff styles, seen is laidback, denon is lush, and grado is electric
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they just sparkle and have a zap with electric guitars, and their soundstage is very forward, a rock can for sure, or live jazz
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I have found the impression of accentuated bass comes more from headphones naturally possessing a super-stereo effect. That means if bass sound sources are panned more to the left or right, they can seem overly focused and distrating on the side channels. In a mono recording or via a corrected crossfeed output (e.g. Meier crossfeed plugin for Foobar2000 works the best in my experience), though, the Denon headphones are in my mind incredibly neutral in the bass as well the entire audio spectrum. This is in contrast with HD 800 and Focal family--though also quite clean due to also astoundingly low THD--which feature a depressed upper midrange and a gentle bass roll-off which suck the energy out of music compared to absolute reference. Denon's vintage Fostex line (and Beyerdynamic, for the most part, though my T1's raised THD floor has been getting to me lately) represent the pinnacle of balanced headphone listening for me.
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