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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. Kodhifi
    I won't link it but buydig has the Sennheiser HD419's on sale for $32 shipped. They usually go for $40 to $60.
  2. kriegszeit

    Down to $399 shipped
  3. DemonFox
    Saw them on eBay as well through Buydig... They are beautiful cans that's for sure and the $399 is very tempting. I've read they are on par with the D5000 and D7000's. Better mids but less bass. Not sure if that's worth the trade off for my taste but I'll continue to read up on them. 
  4. kyoshiro
    They don't ship to Hong Kong :frowning2:
  5. RichieE46

    Yea...I'm really tempted to try them out. I need some closed headphones for when I study in the library...they are so beautiful looking too.

    Never tried the Denons though. My first real experience with headphones are with my HD598's. My AKG K702 Annie's are coming tomorrow.

    Anyone else have comments on the W1000X's? I know the "Battle of the Flagship" thread rated the W3000's at only a B-
  6. Greed

    I think they are decent headphones @ 399$, but definitely not worth the 599$ regular price. I've read various reviews of the W1000X and they all have the same conclusion, warmish signature with a tad to be desired in the 4k-7k area of the treble. Decent bass, but lacks extension.Tyll @ innerfidelity has a great review on them and I learned a lot from him. The wood is beautiful and the overall design is very unique but if I were you I would look into something else.
  7. brandowill
    Hey guys, I don't know who this might interest or if it has already been posted, but sony has 25% off headphones on their main site until 1/12 I believe?
    This interested me particularly since I was looking at the MDR 1R's, and might interest others who are looking at the xba IEM's. Sony MDR 1R for $225? Very tempting at least in my case. (sadly i think they only have the black version for sale, not the silver/brown - which seems to be the popular choice around here.) $225 seems like a pretty good price correct?
  8. elwappo99
    Was interested in these and have been looking at prices. Darn they look good!!!
    also found the "wireless bluetooth" version (which includes a cable) for a little more. Says they have low stock. ($238)
    Many sony headphones have a high MSRP, and then quickly drop in price within a few months of release. This may be the case as well with the 1Rs and we may be seeing the front wave of price drops! 
  9. brandowill
    I actually saw the bluetooth pair as well at the exact place you linked... out of stock now.
    So I guess my only question would be, Buy The 1R's now at 225 + tax, or try and wait to see how their pricing fluctuates. I could be wrong, but I don't see the price deviating too much from 300 (regular price) though, or at a minimum coming close to 225 like right now with the sale? 
  10. DemonFox

    Well they leak a ton of sound based off of what I've read so far so they might not work for you in the libary. D5000's the same way, closed but still leak quite a bit. What are you looking for in a closed can and what's your budget?
  11. Tus-Chan
    What's the best deal on a DT770 32ohm LE right now?
  12. imackler
    PM'd you. 
  13. DemonFox
  14. imackler
    Or you can just go to DJ Hollywood's website and get 15%. They're an authorized Beyer dealer. There is a code on the front page. 
  15. Hailin
    For Canadians:
    Just got an email from Avshop.ca that the Beyer 32ohm LE is back in stock at 195.
    Also Canada Computers has the Shure 1840 and Shure 1440 for much less then amazon.com right now as well, 499 and 299 respectively.
    Not to sure on reviews of both headphones but it seemed at least a warm deal after seeing some of the prices in other countries. Canada generally gets it in the butt when it comes to headphones.
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