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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. wje
    Hmm ... seems like a Bloomingdale's type of sale.  They mark the prices up, then discount them down when the sale starts.
  2. elwappo99
    There's a lot of those in the audio world... unfortunately.
  3. DemonFox

    What's to worry about?? Would you feel better paying more ( [​IMG] ) or is it the headphones themselves that concern you?? The M50's ARE overrated but for $110 that's a great price for an slightly above average can that is super durable and the Pro 750's are worth almost twice the price they're selling for so you can't go wrong there plus there's the return policy so if you don't like em send em back!
  4. DemonFox
    Has anyone tried the new Fiio Andes E07k?? It's been on sale for $89 and on paper is a big improvement over the old e7. Has anyone had any experience with the new amp yet and if so is it worth the $89 price tag or should we be looking at the ibasso D-zero for a little more money?
  5. mizi
    Just bought one. I had them in the shopping cart for a long time and at this price I could'nt resist. [​IMG]
  6. gopanthersgo1
    Welcome to Head-Fi! Give your wallet to the crook on the side of the road, and go make some frequency comparisons! go (somehow) listen to some music! :D
  7. KG Jag
    Demo discounts from Audio Advisor:
    HiFiMan HE-6 for $899.91
    Little HiFiMan EF 2A hybrid amp/dac for $99.99
    Just for starters...
  8. KG Jag
    Todd the Vinyl Junkie's Deals of the Day includes:
    Audeze LCD2 Bamboo for $895
    Beyerdynamic T5p for $750
    Burson HA-160 for $719
    Night Crawler likes this.
  9. jhstl
    That is a REALLY good deal on the Beyerdynamic T5p.
  10. Quote:
    Darn, trying not to lose too much selling my T5P and then ttvj goes and lowers their price to $750.  
  11. Spyruf
  12. BaudlyDamage
    Matrix M-Stage DAC now available for $199!
    I bought in a while ago but the group just got big enough to drop the price! Market price for these is almost $300, it might be worth buying some just to flip online. 
    Either way, here's the link. The buy is only on for another couple hours so get in while you can!
  13. tattare
    Anyone have a coupon code for needle doctor or music direct?  I want to get a 2m red cartridge and some sleeves.
  14. dscythe
    my patience has held up surprisingly well for this one, mainly because of the sheer number of amps ordered im not surprised that matrix didnt have enough stock. Really hoping they come in this week, was planning on it being a christmas present for myself, now its looking like a birthday present [​IMG]
  15. DemonFox

    That's a crazy good deal on the T5p. How do they compare to the t70's in regards to bass?? The t70's bass is super tight and ultra fast but very weak IMO Quality is great but quantity is definitely lacking... Does the T5p address this or are there other major differences that justify the giant price difference??
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