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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. viralcow
  2. thinh4u2

    Logitech Ultimate Ears 500 Noise-Isolating Earphones - Dark Silver

    List Price:​
    $29.99 [​IMG]
    You Save:​
    $40.00 (57%)


    JLab Bombora Over the Ear Headphone - Limited Edition TEKST

    List Price: $99.95Amazon's Price: $69.95-$71.33Deal Price: $49.99
    Current gold box deal
    Wonder how these sound
  3. pufftissue
    The UE 700s are also at an all-time low at $75.
    Are the UE700s markedly better than the UE500?
  4. Jmstrmbn
    Earphone Solutions has a one day, 25% off sale if you use the code "fast25" For a really good value you can get the limited edition gold westone 3s for $284 using the code.  **I am in no way affiliated with Earphone Soluitons**
  5. mechgamer123
    @Amazon codes: I think it's truly random. I have 2 amazon accounts, my main and then one I used just to get a 30 day free trial of Prime with about a year ago... Neither emails forgot codes for anything.
  6. DarthUnnamed
    V-moda vamp DAC/AMP for $450 (instead of $650) http://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-VAMP-Headphone-Amplifier-Battery/dp/B008801ZFS
  7. sfoclt
    Not an all-time low.  They were 49.95 a few months back at Amazon.
  8. Burns11

    I emailed them and asked why I didn't get the code, they responded:
    automaton likes this.
  9. automaton
    Did they give you the 10% and the $15 credit?
  10. burritoboy9984
    Skullcandy's website 50% off with REDBULL50
  11. dxanex

    Must be a lot of people flooding their site, I can't even get on. How much would that make the Aviators? That's the only Skullcandy headphone I really give a hoot about...
  12. mechgamer123
    Huh, I'm going to give it a shot too. Hopefully they reply with something similar to what you got!
  13. burritoboy9984
  14. DemonFox

    Agreed, everything else is pretty much junk. Heard the Aviators at Best Buy a few weeks back and they were ok. Not $150 good but for like $75 that would be worth it. Plus they look pretty slick so wouldn't be ashamed to walk out in public with them.
    Also, site is down for me too...
    It's moving slow but I kind of have it working right now..
  15. littlexsparkee
    I checked it out; the rep said that the marketing team was in charge of it and he couldn't do anything / should wait for a coupon or something. Probably, he got deluged with people wanting the promo and couldn't give it to everyone naturally. Oh well.
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